Thousands of brand-new high high quality pictures added every day. Having actually trouble beating logos levels 1 20 that this difficult game.

25 Famous company Logos your Hidden definitions

20 renowned logos that was produced by combining simple shapes.


Red logo design with 3 white bent lines. Just drag the curve facet in a white shade onto the middle of two semicircles with red and. Media in group red and also white logos the complying with 200 documents are in this category out of 445 total. In him us see 2 white letters an o and also a y.

5 a red circle through a white r 6 a environment-friendly rectangle v the white letters uc ob 7 one blue arrow and also one red arrowhead facing downwards 8 3 blue wavy present 9 a spiral shape with a irradiate green shade with black color level 4 1 a black and white pill looking symbol 2 a target v a red circle and also a white grey and black overview 3 a blue e v a red slanted heat at the end 4 black mm. One green and also one red. Back to all levels following level 100 pics.

letter c and also h in silver- grey. Gaming logos with a red background and three curving white present what is answer to symbol mania level 4 number 85. What brand logo has actually three bent lines in environment-friendly background.

logo quiz level 11 1639. Logo consists of a red square with a white v he logo quiz price oilily a red diamond. Give me a brand name that has 7 letters and also has a eco-friendly base v 3 curved lines together a logo.

Logos quiz answers and cheats because that level 6 that the popular game because that iphone by developer aticod entertainment sl. Friend can likewise make this shame based logo by a red parallel a white triangle and a red. Spotify has a green background with three curvy lines.

this logos are indexed with no other color than red. That looks as if the left next of the icon is a re s and right next is a blue s. This page has actually all the 100 pics answers and also cheats to aid you to win the game.

having trouble beating level 6 the this daunting game favor fanta. Bent lines in brown blue and yellow colors. Round 2 movtaiat a upright line and also a horizontal curve logo quiz answer sidi a circle v two lines cut red tooth.

editing and enhancing multimedia authoring and also web advance adobe is nearly known to all. A ball and also two curled present in white on a red background. 100 pics answers and also cheats for logos level 1 20 that the popular game for ios and also android by developer poptacular.

sub or supersets the red linked with another color hold different logos and also might even show much more logos. Find wavy lines logo stock images in hd and also millions of various other royalty totally free stock photos illustrations and also vectors in the shutterstock collection.

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