Carboxylic group consists of a carbonyl group and a hydroxyl group. Carboxylic acids space weak acids which dissociate partially in the water. Carboxylic acids have the right to be prepared by oxidizing alcohols, aldehydes etc. There are aliphatic and also aromatic carboxylic mountain in the world.

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Active group of carboxylic acids

Active team of carboxylic mountain is -COOH.


Occurrence of carboxylic acids

We have the right to see carboxylic acids are in organic sources.

Formic acid (HCOOH) contains in the ant venom. Acetic acid (CH3COOH) contains in the vinegar.

Examples and also general name of carboxylic acids


Formic acid

Formic acid(HCOOH) is the simplest carboxylic acid compound.


Physical nature of carboxylic acids

Carboxylic group is a polar group. The -OH group can make H bonds. Thus aliphatic carboxylic mountain show comparable solubility pattern choose alcohols. First carboxylic mountain (five carbon atom or less) dissolve in water very well. Carboxylic acids with much more than 5 carbon atoms room not dissolve in water. Fragrant carboxylic mountain such as benzoic acid also do no dissolve in water. All aromatic carboxylic acids space in hard state at room temperature.

Carboxylic acid IUPAC nomenclature

IUPAC name of carboxylic mountain ends v oic acid. The carbon atom of carboxylic acid team holds number 1. Therefore in the nomenclature, the variety of carboxylic team is neglected. Various other all IUPAC nomenclature rules are used for carboxylic nomenclature.


Carboxylic acids aqueous solution

Carboxylic mountain dissociates partly in the water. Thus those options are weak acids in aqueous solutions. Ka worths of carboxylic acids space usually in 10-4 - 10-8 mol dm-3.

Preparing carboxylic acids

Carboxylic acids have the right to be ready by oxidizing alcohols and aldehydes.

Preparing carboxylic acids by alcohols

Alcohols have the right to be oxidized into carboxylic acid making use of acidic strong oxidizing agents such together KMnO4, K2CrO4, K2Cr2O7.

Ethanol and acidic potassium permanganate

Ethanoic mountain is offered as the product. Purple colour of potassium permanganate is readjusted into colourless or pink colour.


Preparing carboxylic mountain by aldehydes

Aldehydes can be oxidized right into carboxylic acid utilizing weak oxidizing agent or acidic solid oxidizing agents Ammonical silver nitrate( NO3 ), Fehling"s solution( includesCu(I) ions ), H2O2 are weak oxidizing agents which have the right to oxidize aldehydes right into carboxylic acids.

Ethanal and Ammonical silver- nitrate reaction provide ethanoic mountain

Ag+ ions are diminished into Ag. This Ag metal have the right to be figured out as a silver- mirror.

Ethanal and Fehling"s equipment reaction offer ethanoic mountain

Cu2+ ions are lessened into red colour Cu2O.


Ozonolysis of alkenes

When solid oxidizing agents room in the visibility with some alkenes, carboxylic acids can be provided as products. This reaction is identified as ozonolysis. H+/ KMnO4 , H+/ K2CrO4 or O3 deserve to be offered as reagents.

The double bond the alkene is braked to provide products. According to the structure of alkene compound mixture that carboxylic mountain or ketones or CO2 deserve to be given.

2-butene ozonolysis

2-butene ozonolysis gives ethanoic acid.

2-pentene ozonolysis

2-pentene ozonolysis gives mixture that ethanoic acid and also propanoic acid.

What happens as soon as ozonolysis of 3-methyl-2-pentene?

A mixture that carboxylic acid and ketone is given.


Reaction that CO2 and grignard reagent

once Grignard reagent, CO2 and also H2O react, carboxylic acids space given. The number of carbon atoms in the grignard reagent is enhanced by one
when last product is given. methyl magnesium chloride, CO2 and also water reaction

ethanoic mountain given.

ethyl magnesium bromide, CO2 and water reaction

propanoic acid is given.

phenyl magnesium bromide, CO2 and water reaction

benzoic acid is given.


CO2, grignard reagent and H2O reaction mechanism

C atom in the CO2 is polarized together positive. Alkyl team in the grignard reagent has negative charge.

step 1: C atom in the CO2 is assaulted by :CH3- in the grignard reagent.

step 2: A H atom in the water molecule is assaulted by O-.


Nitrile hydrolysis

From hydrolysis that aryl or alkyl cyanide, carboxylic acids room prepared. Any acid or acidic substance deserve to catalyse this reaction.


Reactions the carboxylic acids

Carboxylic compounds present acidic characteristics. As such carboxylic acids can react with Na, NaOH, Na2CO3, NaHCO3 as a acid. There are three main types of reaction of carboxylic acids.

breaking -OH bond in -COOH group Breaking C-O link in -COOH group Breaking C=O bond in -COOH team

Carboxylic acid and also metals reaction

Carboxylic acids react with metals such as sodium, potassium and give hydrogen(H2) and salt. Alcohols also react with Na and K. Yet carboxylic acids react an ext quickly than alcohols.

Carboxylic acids and also sodium hydroxide reaction

Carboxylic mountain react v NaOH and also give R-COO-Na+. This is a reaction of weak acid and also a solid alkali.As an example, ethanoic acid(CH3COOH) reacts with NaOH(aq) and also give sodium ethanoate and also water as products.


Sodium carbonate or salt bicarbonate reaction

Carboxylic mountain reacts through Na2CO3 or NaHCO3 and emits CO2 gas. This reaction deserve to be supplied to identify phenol and carboxylic acids. Phenol does no react through sodium carbonate or sodium bicarbonate come emit a gas or gases..


With not natural acid chlorides SOCl2, PCl3, PCl5

Carboxylic acids reaction with inorganic acid chlorides such as SOCl2, PCl3, PCl5 and also give carboxylic acid chlorides.

ethanoic acid and also SOCl2
ethanoic acid and also PCl3
ethanoic acid and PCl5


Carboxylic mountain react through alcohol as soon as heating and also in the presence concentrated sulfuric acid(catalyst) and give esters. This reaction is a reversible one.


Carboxylation v soda lime

Every carboxylic acids (aliphatic and aromatic carboxylic acids) space subjected come carboxylation. Hydrocarbons are given as products. CaO(s) / Ca(OH)2(s) and NaOH(s) mixture is offered as the reagent in carboxylation.

acetic mountain carboxylation
benzoic mountain carboxylation

With ammonia

Carboxylic acids react with ammonia gas(NH3) or ammonia hydroxide solution (NH4OH) to develop ammonium salt of carboxylic acid. These ammonium salts space soluble in water and also they show ionic characteristics.

3) through NaOH at room temperature. Once ammonium salts of carboxylic acid room heated, the is dehydrated and gives amide compounds.

ethanoic acid and also ammonia gas reaction
Ammonium salts of carboxylic acid and NaOH reaction
Ammonium salts of carboxylic mountain heating

Carboxylic acids and also lithium aluminum hydride reaction

Carboxylic acids space not decreased easily. Yet using a strong reducing reagent such as lithium aluminum hydride (LiAlH4) have the right to be offered to minimize carboxylic mountain to a major alcohol.

ethanoic acid and LiAlH4

Synthesis mountain anhydride

when carboxylic acid warmth with diphosporous pentaoxide(P2O5) friend can acquire acid anhydride.

Acidity that carboxylic acids

however phenol does no react through both sodium carbonate(Na2CO3) and sodium bicarbonate(NaHCO3). For this reason we watch acidity that carboxylic acids are greater than phenol

Generally we deserve to say mountain of alcohols, phenols and also carboxylic mountain are


Acidity of fragrant carboxylic acids and also aliphatic carboxylic mountain

All fragrant carboxylic mountain are much more acidic 보다 aliphatic carboxylic acids.

Example: benzoic acid is much more acidic 보다 acetic acid.

ethanoic mountain in aqueous equipment

Ethanoic acid partially dissociate in the water and kind ethanoate ion (acetate, CH3COO-) and also H3O+.

benzoic mountain in aqueous solution

benzoic acid partly dissociate in the water and form benzoate ion. And also H3O+.


In the benzoate ion, negative charge overlap through benzene ring. Therefore an adverse charge decreases. Security of carbanion is high.

But Alkyl groups repel electrons. Therefore negative charge top top oxygen atom increases. For this reason Stability the carbanion is less than benzoate ion.

Therefore equilibrium suggest of benzoic acid trends to the right. Thus acidity the benzoic mountain is higher than ethanoic acid.

Acidity the halogen substituted carboxylic acids

Halogens are an ext electro negative than carbon. Carboxylic acids form carboxylate ions in the aqueous solution. If this carboxylate ion is an ext stable, the mountain increases. In halogens, F is the most electro an unfavorable atom.


Pka values of carboxylic acids

Comparing Pka worths of acids are simple to compare toughness of acids. Once Pka is decreased, acidic stamin is increased.


Acidity that carboxylic mountain are much less than inorganic acids (mineral acids, H2SO4, HNO3).

Formic mountain (HCOOH)

Formic acid has the shortest molecular massive in carboxylic mountain range. Formic acid has special reducing agent. When oxidizing agents room in the presence, formic acid is converted to CO2 and also H2O. The H atom i beg your pardon is attached come the acidic C atom is the factor for this reduce characteristics.

Oxidizing formic acid

Formic acid can be oxidized using following oxidizing agents.

strong oxidizing agents v mercuric chlorides v tollen"s reagent Fehlingh"s reagent

Formic acid and strong oxidizing agents

CO2 and H2O are provided by the reaction that HCHO and strong oxidizing agents.

HCHO and H+ / KMnO4
HCHO and H+ / K2CrO4
HCHO and also H+ / K2Cr2O7

HCHO and Hg2Cl2 reaction

HCHO reacts through Hg2Cl2 and also give CO2, H2O and Hg2Cl2 white precipitate.


HCHO and tollen"s reagent reaction

HCHO reacts v tollen"s reagent and give CO2, H2O and also Ag(silver mirror).


HCHO and also fehlingh"s reagent reaction

HCHO reacts through fehlingh"s reagent and also give CO2, H2O and also Cu2O(red precipitate).


None of other carboxylic acids are oxidized and also give CO2 and H2O favor HCHO acid.

Questions and also Answers that carboxylic acids

what can i include to a carboxylic acid to make it less acidic?

You can add bases to minimize acidity of carboxylic acid.

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How to different alcohols and carboxylic acids

Add Na2CO3 to both solutions

CO2 gas is emitted native carboxylic acid. No any readjust or emissions of gas in alcohols.

chemical reaction of carboxylic acids and sodium bicarbonate

If we stand for carboxylic mountain as RCOOH

RCOOH + NaHCO3 → RCOO-Na+ + CO2 + H2O

What is the most acidic carboxylic acid?

Formic acid is the many acidic carboxylic acid because formic acid has actually reducing characteristics.

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