Cricket bats require some TLC from time-to-time. To save your bat in optimal condition, there room a couple of basic skills that you need to learn.

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When civilization think that bat maintenance, they generally think the “knocking-in”. This is component of the process, but oiling comes first. In this guide, us look at exactly how to oil a cricket bat appropriately to ensure the you can obtain a season of use out the it.

Why perform We Oil Cricket Bats?

This isn’t a vanity thing favor waxing your car. Oiling a cricket bat serves a useful purpose. If you invest long enough out in the middle then her bat will watch a most sunlight. This have the right to dry the bat out. Over time, it i do not care much much more likely come crack and split, and this have the right to mean hundreds of pounds down the drain.

Oiling a bat helps to stop the dryness that can turn her expensive bat into kindling.


What Oil should I Use?

Getting her hands on some oil is the very first step. You will certainly be utilizing raw linseed oil to treat the bat. Linseed oil keeps the bat’s fibres bound and also performing at your best, and keeps the bat strong.

You have the right to buy linseed oil native a sporting activities shop, wherein it will be branded as “bat oil” or miscellaneous similar. However, if it is cheaper to buy in ~ a DIY keep then this is perfectly fine, too.

Linseed oil is frequently used on various other wood assets such together furniture, so that isn’t hard to find.

When must I Oil mine Bat?

It’s possible to end oil a bat. This makes the bat too moist and doesn’t administer the right “crack” off the willow.

Most world agree that once a season (in between seasons) is the ideal time come oil her bat. Girlfriend shouldn’t must do it again till the following off-season. Once a calendar year is fine, as lengthy as the bat is preserved in good condition in the meantime. If it shows up to it is in getting particularly dry climate you can need to lug forward the oiling.

Most people oil and knock-in their bat in the same pair of days. Act it yourself is a great way to conserve some money, however you can likewise choose to pay who to execute it. Sports shops usually have actually someone who can oil and also knock-in her bat if you no confident.

How come Oil her Bat

Apply 2-3 teaspoons that oil come the face of the bat. You have the right to use one old piece of rag however it doesn’t matter if you use your fingers. Make sure you don’t oil the splice, or in ~ a cm of the splice. The oil should cover the face of the bat, the edges, the heel, and about 4 centimeter from the edge on the ago of the bat. Spanning the whole back can reason the bat to feeling flat and also dead.Lay the bat face upwards top top a surface, in a dry area. If you can, put something under the bat to prevent it tipping, as the oil can drainpipe from one leaf this way.If every one of the oil has actually been took in 24 hours later, friend can add a tiny bit more. Repeat this process until it’s no soaking up any more oil.Wipe off the staying oil and also you’re all set for knocking-in.

Knocking-in is the procedure of utilizing a mallet to progressively “knock” the bat, compressing the fibres and also keeping that in a strong condition.

Once you’ve knocked-in a bat (you have the right to follow our guide for knocking-in, too) climate it is a an excellent idea to take it the bat out and hit some balls. Use older, softer balls to start with to examine that all is well with your freshly oil bat.

At The end of The Season

When the finish of the season rolls around, you deserve to sand your bat. This need to be done an extremely lightly. That a way to prepare the bat because that the oiling and knocking-in procedure that you will certainly do prior to the following season starts.

Use 180-220 grit sandpaper to really cautiously sand the face, edges, and also the hoe of the bat. All you space trying to carry out is remove any kind of dirt, marks, or splinters.

Keep that in a bat cover while friend aren’t making use of it, till your bat is all set to it is in taken out and also prepped because that the following season as soon as more.

A little maintenance can go a long way. Most village cricketers have to learn part level that bat care, but luckily, with the village Cricket Bat, girlfriend don’t have to spend hours oiling and knocking in before you also start playing.

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In in between seasons, follow our guide on exactly how to oil a bat ready for all those hrs out in the middle racking up the operation (or in the melted wondering wherein it every went wrong).