Ok, I recognize this worry was an extremely common a year indigenous now however all the solutions on the forum didn"t deal with my problem. First, once I open the video game either on Ubisoft connect or vapor there"s a BattleEye window telling me that dlls space blocked(each times various dlls) and then occasionally the game launches and after the cutscene I acquire a article telling me to inspect my ethernet cable which works perfectly ~ above every various other services yet sometimes the video game won"t also open. I am really fed up and I require help. Ns am on home windows 10 I"ve tried come uninstall and also reinstall battleEye, Ubisoft Connect, the video game itself, restarting my computer,my connection, veryfing the documents with Steam, launching ubisoft connect and also BattleEye top top administrator, unlink mine Uplay and heavy steam account, checking because that updates etc etcAfter delinking the accounts it worked once but then after trying again the was earlier to the very same issue.

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Hey, darkksultimate!Welcome come the forums and also sorry come hear that you are experiencing this issue. Say thanks to you for all the steps that you have tried so far.I have actually looked into the issue on our side and also this is the actions I have actually been recommend to questioning you to try:o usage newest version of BattlEye -> Reinstalling the video game will reinstall the latest variation of BattlEyeo Whitelist BEService.exe, BEService_r6s.exe and also BEService64.exe in firewall -> files are located inside the BattlEye folder in the R6 installation folder and also in this folder C:\Program papers (x86)\Common Files\BattlEyeo Make certain BEService64.exe has admin legal rights with stepso Clean boot up and deactivate background application.o Reinstall the whole game.o find for home windows updates and also make sure your system is approximately date.Personally, this sounds choose a potential conflict in between Anti Virus or Firewall so you re welcome 100% perform that step above.If this issue continues, please let us know and also we will investigate more with you.Thank you for your time.
Originally posted by darkksultimateFirst the all, say thanks to you for your answer, unfortunatly i took the moment to test every one of your suggestions and it didn"t allow me to fix my difficulty though now the post I acquire is different because I only gain one dll the is blocked which is constantly pdh.dll and my video game doesn"t start at every now. I hope to find a method to get approximately this problemThank you because that trying those steps! can you also shot verifying your video game files:UPLAYEPIC gamings LAUNCHERSTEAMThis could assist resolve this however if that doesnt please let us know.

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Hello!Apologies for no being maybe to return to you sooner. I"m happy to view your concern is now resolved I hope you"re enjoying Siege!