i am acquiring a code 26 and 41 because that my car. Password 26 appears to it is in a Quad Driver Module Error (QDM A error). What room the steps to identify the repair for the Quad Driver Module? Am ns correct in thinking that because the car starts and also drives that code 41 seems to most most likely be an concern with the camshaft sensor circuit? The car starts a little rough and doesn't idle great, however drives fine at speed.

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good morning, Code 26 is for the quad chauffeurs inside the ECM. In most cases, the is the ECM the is the issue however must be confirmed.I enclosed a wiring diagram because that you together well. Verify strength to the fuses ~ above both sides because that the ECM.RoyCIRCUIT DESCRIPTION:The PCM is offered to regulate several materials such together those in the wiring diagram above. The PCM controls these devices through the use of a quad-driver module (QDM). As soon as the PCM is commanding a component "ON, " the voltage potential of the calculation circuit will be "low" (near 0 volts). When the PCM is commanding the output circuit to a component "OFF, " the voltage potential of the circuit will be "high." (Near battery voltage.) The primary role of the QDM is to supply the ground for the component gift controlled. Each QDM has actually a fault line which is monitored through the PCM. The fault heat signal is accessible on the data stream for "Scan" tool test equipment. The PCM will compare the voltage in ~ the QDM based upon accepted worths of the error line. If the QDM fault detection circuit senses a voltage various other than the accepted value, the fault line will certainly go from a "low" signal on the data stream come a "high" signal and a password 26 will set if applicable. NOTE: some QDM circuits will certainly switch native "low" to "high" normally.Examples:QDM 1(A) - If the brake is depressed. These problems are normal and no code 26 is set. This are welcomed conditions.Code 26 will set if:The device is in closeup of the door Loop mode. The PCM detects an improper voltage level ~ above a circuit linked to a QDM. The above conditions room met because that 10 seconds.NOTE: some Scan tools will cause a false password 26 to it is in set, if the engine is running and also the business brake is set.NOTE: due to the fact that of all the possible color code combinations offered on electrical wiring diagrams, always refer to PCM CONNECTOR to know under ELECTRICAL and ELECTRONIC WIRING DIAGRAMS for correct shade code to know of circuit.TEST DESCRIPTION: Numbers below refer to circled number on the diagnostic chart.1. The PCM go not know which regulated circuit resulted in the code 26 therefore this chart will go with each that the circuits to recognize which is at fault. This check checks the "SERVICE ENGINE SOON" light driver and the "SERVICE ENGINE SOON" irradiate circuit. QDM symptoms:Hot light - "ON" every the time/"OFF" throughout bulb check. Coolant pan on low speed all the moment or won't come "ON" at all. Negative driveability due to 100% canister purge.Code 41CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION:During cranking, the ignition module monitors the twin crank sensor sync signal. The sync signal is supplied to determine the exactly cylinder pair come spark first. After the sync signal has been processed by the ignition module it sends out a fuel control reference pulse come the PCM. As soon as the PCM receive this pulse it will certainly command all 6 injectors to open up for a (priming) shot of fuel in all cylinders. After the priming, the injectors space left "OFF" because that the following six fuel manage reference pulses (two crankshaft revolutions) native the ignition module. This permits each cylinder a possibility to usage the fuel indigenous the (priming) shot. Throughout this waiting period, a camer pulse will have been obtained by the PCM. Currently the PCM begins to run the injectors sequentially, based upon true camshaft position. However, if the cam signal is not current at start-up a code 41 will certainly be set and the PCM will start sequential fuel distribution in any old arbitrarily pattern. The engine has a 1 in 6 opportunity that fuel shipment is correct. Code 41 sets when the following conditions are met: Engine is running. Video camer sensor signal not got by by the PCM in critical 5 seconds.NOTE: since of all the possible color password combinations offered on electric wiring diagrams, always refer to PCM CONNECTOR to know under ELECTRICAL and also ELECTRONIC WIRING DIAGRAMS for correct color code to know of circuit.TEST DESCRIPTION: Numbers listed below refer to circled number on the diagnostic chart.1. This action verifies ideal operation of CKTs 633, 644, and also 645.2. Action validates the integrity of CKT 630 indigenous C3I module to PCM.3. If the camshaft gear magnet is interfacing v the electronic came sensor the voltage reading will it is in zero, bumping engine will reason the problem to walk away.4. If the voltage analysis of "BA12" is continuous varying and connection to the PCM is good, the PCM is faulty.DIAGNOSTIC AIDS: one intermittent might be caused by a bad connection, rubbed through wire insulation or a wire damaged inside the insulation.Check For: bad Connection or a damaged Harness examine PCM harness connectors for backed the end terminal "BA12, " wrong mating, broken locks, improperly created or damaged terminals, bad terminal to wire connection and also damaged harness. Intermittent check If connections and also harness examine OK, monitor a digital voltmeter connected from PCM terminal "BA12" to ground while moving related connectors and wiring harness. If the failure is induced, the voltage analysis will change.

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This may assist to isolation the place of the malfunction.