Imagine you space a teacher and also there are some products in different size and also you questioning a pupil to placed them in a stimulate by putting the smallest an initial and climate the next bigger and then following bigger and also finally the biggest one.

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I would choose to ask just how to ask that in proper means by utilizing this structure ? or have the right to I say it in different way?

Could you put the fruits in bespeak of their dimension by putting the the smallest first?

Could you put the number in bespeak of ...... ( from smallest to best )

Could you put your friends names in order just how much you love them?

These room the example sentences involved mind but I cannot figure out how to compose the part coming from after words order properly.

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asked Jun 11 "15 in ~ 22:00

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Your sentences aren"t much off. I would say:

Could you put the number in stimulate of size (from smallest to biggest)?

Could you placed your friends names in order of how much girlfriend love them?

Personally, ns would favor some alternative expressions:

Could friend arrange the fruits by size, from smallest to largest?

You could likewise use "sort" instead of "arrange" here.

Could you rank your friends according to exactly how much you love them?

"Arrange" isn"t quite ideal here, uneven you are having actually your friends queue up physically (and that could really strain part friendships)!

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reply Jun 12 "15 at 2:45

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The first sentence provides sense. However, you have the right to rephrase it as follows:

Could you put the fruit in ascending order of (their) size?

The 2nd sentence doesn"t sound idiomatic. That can also be put in the same method as the one rephrased over such as:

Could you placed the numbers in ascending order?

I think the third sentence will be yes sir if you include the preposition "of"after "order", together commented by Michael.

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