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The whole point of backward compatibility for most PS3 owner is gift able to eliminate that PS2 in the old to chat center. Yet numerous PS3 owner have had to save their PS2 devices hooked up for a few reasons, namely:Support because that our old memory map saves. Support for rumbling controllers. Assistance for the etc Hero controller.The first problem is addressed by an official Sony adapter i m sorry you deserve to buy for $15, use once, and then throw away, we suppose. The second problem is solved by the recent firmware upgrade 1.7, which included rumble assistance for old controllers hooked increase via any number of USB come PlayStation controller adapters. Yet the third and many important problem remained -- if you desire to play Guitar Hero, you should keep a PS2 handy. Pelican"s new controller adapter guarantees to settle this final problem, but the execution is less than perfect.The major innovation Pelican"s adapter has over others out there is an incorporated PS button on the converter itself. This method users can bypass the annoying "hit the PS button," message on PS2 games by doing simply that, no issue what type of distinct controller can be inserted. The PS switch functionality also enables users to assign the PS2 controller to any controller slot -- a should for multiplayer games. So far so good.The unit advertises etc Hero assistance in large letters ~ above the packaging, so us switched the unit over to its significant Guitar Hero 2 mode for a test. We were already prepared because that a less than perfect suffer -- together the unit"s accuse explain, GH2"s hammer ons/offs simply don"t work-related with the adapter, a major blow for expert strummers. What"s more, the on-screen colored jewel don"t irradiate up as soon as you press in the frets, removing an essential visual cue for finger placement. The lose of these crucial features made playing on the PS3 considerably tougher than playing ~ above the PS2. Still, the fact that we were playing etc Hero top top the PS3 at every was something to acquire excited about.

Further experimentation on other gamings revealed a surprising omission: the Pelican adapter does not support force feedback. This is a little shocking, considering plenty of online reports confirm that larger USB/PlayStation controller adapters assistance the rumble functionality simply fine. If the Pelican adapter detailed responsive, lag-free intake from our old DualShocks, the absence of rumble made united state wonder why us weren"t simply using a Sixaxis. Less surprisingly, one-of-a-kind controllers for gamings like Taiko: drum Master and BeatMania didn"t job-related with the Pelican adapter, though every the DDR mats we tried functioned perfectly.While it"s far from perfect, Pelican"s PS2 to PS3 controller adapter remains, because that now, the only method to play etc Hero ~ above a PS3. When an unified with an additional USB converter for rumble support and also a memory card adapter for old saves, you simply might have the ability to get to escape of that PS2 for good. And also really, isn"t that the dream of every PS3 owner?
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