If friend haven’t viewed the Pretty little Liars Season 7A finale yet, believe me — you’re walk to desire to clock it prior to you read this, because the spoiler aren’t stopping. Not just was Noel Kahn decapitated by fallout’s on a large medieval axe, but also Spencer was shot in the chest, mary Drake revealed she was Spencer’s mother, and the Liars to be able to evade Jenna Marshall simply by holding their breath as she walked past. But the many shocking component of the Pretty tiny Liars finale was Toby"s potential death. He acquired into a car accident ~ above his way up to Maine v Yvonne, his fiancée, and also the critical we saw them, they were both unconscious and bleeding in the front seat of his car. And though numerous fans doubt the Liars" very own attacker to be behind this, I. Marlene King has revealed the A.D. Didn"t attack Toby, therefore if he does die, it will be a completely unrelated tragedy.

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My penchant because that conspiracy theories has acquired worse together I’ve watched Pretty small Liars, therefore I need to admit that I assumed A.D. Was taking out his or she anger on Toby and also may have sabotaged the car. I mean, we’ve watched A drill into Hanna’s teeth to deliver a message, therefore I’m not really surprised by any kind of of the hijinks of Pretty little Liars villains anymore. What if A.D. Killed Toby to get back at Spencer, that is obviously still in love through him? perhaps it has something to do with mary Drake being Spencer’s mother and also wanting come hurt Mary v Spencer… or something. The possibilities are endless. But prior to I loss deep right into a spiral that Tumblr theories and Reddit dreams, Pretty little Liars creator I. Marlene King is here to traction me earlier to the surface.

When inquiry in a post-finale conference contact if the automobile crash was just that — a random vehicle crash — she had actually a lot to say. "There was definitely nothing nefarious going on there," King told reporters. "The auto crash yes, really is kind of, ns think, saying that no one ever really does leave Rosewood, specifically not from this group, and it"s really an ext of a metaphor than noþeles else."

So A.D. Didn’t cut the brake currently of Toby’s truck? I"m definitely shocked come hear that, yet that doesn"t change the truth that if Toby go die, it will have vast consequences for the show. Those aftermath just could not tie into figuring the end the identification of A.D.

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Unfortunately, King might not give any kind of clues regarding whether Toby and also Yvonne will survive the automobile accident, but she did to speak it would certainly be daunting to kill him turn off — and to let actor Keegan Allen know. "I don"t want to talk around where it goes, yet ... He"s among my favourite on this show," she said. "It would be tough for me come make that phone speak to to ."

Of course, i think it would certainly be hardest because that Spencer. The ripples that his fatality would it is in felt every over, from Jenna to Spencer. If Spencer wakes up from being shot to discover that her an initial love is dead and that the mrs she thinks is her mommy isn’t she mother, every in usually the exact same episode, ns think she"ll it is in gearing up for a failure when Season 7B returns this April. I’d likewise miss Toby on Pretty small Liars, and I’m not certain if it"s far better or worse that he wasn’t struck by A.D. Arbitrarily deaths make whatever feel chaotic — if it wasn’t Toby, would it have actually been Aria? Ezra? Emily? even if it is he lives or dies, Toby’s accident shows us simply how delicate life is, even when it’s just on television.