Pretty tiny Liars: Why Jason DiLaurentis was Recast In Season 2 attracted Van Acker play Jason DiLaurentis because that the duration of Pretty little Liars, but Parker Bagley to be the an initial actor come portray the character.

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Parker Bagley attracted Van Acker
attracted Van Acker notably illustrated Jason DiLaurentis in Pretty small Liars, yet he wasn"t the very first actor cast in the role. Other American gibbs Parker Bagley to be initially actors as Jason, appearing in a grasp of episodes before Van Acker took over. Developed by I. Marlene King, Pretty tiny Liars focused on the disappearance of Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) and also the fallout the ensues among her group of friends when they start to be harassed by a secret villain called "A." Jason was Alison"s older brothers who became thrust right into the drama surrounding his sister and friends.

Based ~ above the books by Sara Shepard, the story the a renowned girl"s loss turned right into a complex web that lies. Together Pretty tiny Liars continued, the twists and turns became much more mindblowing. As soon as Alison to be revealed to it is in alive, much more secrets were unearthed. The turned out that Jason was the child of Peter Hastings (Nolan North), the dad of Alison"s close friend and neighbor, Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario). This intended that Jason was actually Alison"s half-brother. Despite all of the secrets and also lies within their family, Jason and also Alison prospered closer before the collection came come a close.

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Bagley play Jason as soon as the personality was presented in Pretty tiny Liars season 1. He returned to his hometown to help with his sister"s memorial before revealing the he was sent photos from "A." Bagley only appeared in two episodes in the debut season and also when the character changed in season 2, Jason to be played by valve Acker. The gibbs then held the gig till the collection ended v season 7 in 2017, showing up in a total of 35 episodes. King proclaimed that the recast was necessary because of the direction the the role, and looking back, the made sense.

Jason"s existence in Pretty small Liars greatly increased in season 2. After appearing in simply two illustration in season 1, the personality was existing for a total of 13 out of the 25 illustration that made up season 2. Jason ongoing to be a bigger item of the puzzle together he became connected in the resides of the core group of characters. The larger role meant that the needs were amplified so a recast was deemed necessary. Bagley didn"t have numerous acting credits come his name when he join Pretty tiny Liars prior to the show"s 2010 debut. Valve Acker, on the various other hand, had multiple TV credits come his name, consisting of a leading duty in Cartoon Network"s Tower Prep.

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The decision substantially paid off for valve Acker, however the same more than likely couldn"t be said for Bagley. His last exhilaration credit came in 2011, the exact same year that significant his last appearance in Pretty little Liars. In 2013, Bagley to be charged with larceny charges ~ stealing money, jewelry, and also electronics indigenous a friend"s apartment in Manhattan, NY. In June, those supposedly close to Bagley asserted that the previous actor passed away at the age of 30 yet the death hasn"t been confirmed by any kind of credible news resource yet.