After 6 seasons, it"s ultimately time for Aria, Emily, Hanna and also Spencer ultimately get the hell out of Rosewood. It"s not simply Rosewood the girls will certainly be leave behind when Pretty little Liars choose up after a five-year time jump, though: they"ll additionally be saying goodbye to high school. With every one of the lying, sleuthing, and evading "A" the the Liars have achieved during their time in high school, it"s pretty amazing that any kind of of them made it to graduation at all. Probably that"s because Rosewood High college isn"t anything prefer your usual four-year sentence — would anyone really mean a town as weird together Rosewood to be able to give its college student a timeless high institution experience?

In short: no way. Let"s no forget the Rosewood is the ar where faking her own death is a common Tuesday occurrence, murder is a good solution to your problems, and also if you haven"t to be thrown in jail at the very least once in her lifetime, you"re the odd girl out. It"s yes, really no surprise at all the the city high institution isn"t your conventional "pep rally and bad cafeteria food" sort of experience.

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But what really separates Rosewood High from real high schools? right here are just a few major things...

REAL HIGH SCHOOL: expels The Student that Systematically Tortured four Other Students

Mona may have (sort of) won the girls over eventually, yet her post-Radley return to Rosewood should have raised significant eyebrows. Did nobody on the school board think that maybe, just maybe, inviting Mona earlier to Rosewood could make the students she tortured (and nearly killed!) a bit uncomfortable?! There needs to be a exclusive school top top the main Line Mona can have attended instead.

REAL HIGH SCHOOL: Fires The Teacher Hooking Up v A Student... And also Calls The Cops

I will never recognize Rosewood"s student/teacher relationship policy. It was painfully noticeable that Ezra and Aria had a thing — the principal even questioned Aria about her relationship with Ezra — yet no one believed it appropriate to actually face Ezra around his icky behavior? How many parties walk this guy have actually to show up v as Aria"s date before a parent phones the cops? If this went under at mine old high school, it would certainly be the just thing anyone speak about, ever.

REAL HIGH SCHOOL: Punishes Students for Skipping Class

In the genuine world, girlfriend can"t just skip physics due to the fact that you have actually a really great lead top top A"s identity.

REAL HIGH SCHOOL: Considers that A conflict Of attention For Your parental To Teach her Class

Obviously it"s no okay because that Aria come be teach by her own mother, but it"s additionally a little sketch for Ella come teach any of Aria"s BFFs, too. I mean, Ella quite much aided Emily cheat on her exams so the she would pass her course, which is precisely why these cases don"t occur in real life.

REAL HIGH SCHOOLS: Doesn"t put Non-Students In The Yearbook


Okay, for this reason I acquire the photographer no realizing that CeCe wasn"t actually a student... But wouldn"t who on the Yearbook Committee an alert that no one actually knew that the so-called prom queen was?

REAL HIGH SCHOOL: Doesn"t have Students who Were Resurrected indigenous The Dead

I suppose these room rather certain circumstances, but if your college mourned the lose of 2 students only for them come reappear in homeroom a couple of months later, it would raise a whole lot an ext eyebrows 보다 it did at Rosewood. An excellent to have you back in French Club, Mona.

REAL HIGH SCHOOL: Is All around Sweatpants, Hair Tied, Chilling through No makeup On

Do you have any idea how many girls wore straight-up pajama pants in mine high school? (Thankfully, messy buns were chic at the time.) however at Rosewood? Perfect hair, heels, and fab accessories are the signature the every college student at that school, not simply the persons vying for ideal Dressed in the yearbook.

REAL HIGH SCHOOL: has actually Scrubs

Hey... It"s not all bad.

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You might love the town hall Pretty small Liars, yet maybe be thankful that you to be educated outside of Rosewood High School: the school"s drama isn"t virtually as fun when you in reality live with it.