Tough, muscular, and also protective – that’s what you very first think of as soon as someone mentions these three breeds.

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Their mean-looking deals with plant fear in the enemy’s bones and warmth in the mind of your owners.

The truth is these huge boys and also gals have the right to be pretty substantial lapdogs in the appropriate hands.

But i beg your pardon one’s best for you? The Cane Corso or the Dogo Argentino? Or is the Presa her canine soulmate?

Let’s look at the characteristics of this dogs and what’s different between each breed so you deserve to decide even if it is or no they right your lifestyle (or just to capture an all at once glimpse).

Cane Corso vs Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino is a fierce canine regularly used for searching of large game, search and also rescue, armed forces work, and also police work.

As lot as they’re well-known to be great hunters, they have the right to be turned right into the perfect family members dog with appropriate training and also selection.

The Argentino was emerged by Dr. Nores Martinez in 1928 in the Argentinean Cordoba region.

A lot of various breeds such as Cordoba Fighting Dog, Boxer, English Bulldog, and an excellent Dane amongst others added to the development.


Cane Corso is a functioning dog the loves to obey commands and was supplied as an as whole protector in the past.

Occasionally, the police and also the armed forces train them, but there are a lot much more Cane Corso dogs that are maintained as family pets (and your popularity has surged in recent years).

The each other originated in Italy and got popular during the 1970s.

Ancient Cane Corsi greatly resembled the mastiff-type dogs and also luckily, this breed didn’t walk extinct as many others did.

Both are among the list of every 22 Mastiffs – hailing indigenous Argentina and also Italy respectively.


Although the size of full-grown Dogo Argentino and Cane Corso is give-or-take similar, Cane Corso males and also females room slightly bigger. Both each other are taken into consideration to be huge dog breeds.

You deserve to expect an adult Dogo Argentino to weigh in between 80 and 100 pounds (36-45 kg) and also have a shoulder elevation of 24-27 inch (61-69 cm).

The mean weight of Cane Corso is 90-120 pounds (41-54 kg) and the males was standing 25-27.5 inches (64-70 cm) high.

In both breeds, the females room noticeably smaller than the males.

A an extremely important aspect of keeping either a Cane Corso or a Dogo Argentino is even if it is you live in one apartment or a home with a garden (or in ~ the an extremely least have accessibility to parks, fields, forests, and so on.

For any large dog, it’s an essential to have actually enough an are and exercise although part Cane Corsi or Dogo Argentinos could be thought about Velcro dogs.


Apartment life isn’t appropriate for these dogs since the outdoors has actually a positive result on their mental and also physical state.

It’s much more likely for both Dogo Argentino and Cane Corso dogs to it is in happier the end in the open.

Lack of exercise leads to undesirable behavior, and unwanted can mean finish destruction v these 2 breeds.

Even a toy each other dog can take vengeance on her furniture once you disregard their physical requirements so imagine the outcome through these bored giants as soon as they seek alternative amusement.


Having a Dogo Argentino way you have a faithful watchdog that often tends to become very territorial.

They will safeguard their families with everything it takes if they feel threatened.

With the Argentino’s solid prey drive, it could be hard to store him in addition to any other smaller pets you can have.

Cane Corso dog are constantly ready to face any challenge mostly because of their vigorous temperament.

This properties is wherein guard dog property experience deserve to be the deciding element whether the Cane will revolve out inappropriately wild or fantastic family guardian.

Because Cane Corso dog are very intelligent and also bossy, lock will start to conquer the family when there is a absence of boundaries.

It’s an ext than apparent that the owner must administer stable leadership.

Dogo Argentino is an independent being the needs continuous training and also socialization come develop great character.

But save in psychic that even plenty of mental and physical stimulation isn’t a guarantee the they will be welcome to other dogs or strangers.

You could encounter criticism through both these breeds, regardless of your dog possibly being well-trained.

Their intimidating appearance deserve to be too lot for some people and also most dog don’t react as well well come panicking strangers so training is essential.

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Training and Exercise

The exercise needs of Cane Corsi and also Dogo Argentinos are high and somewhat identical.

Daily exercise routines are a must for a Dogo Argentino. They have actually a most stamina and will need tasks that impact their conditioning.

At the really least a healthy and balanced adult Cane Corso or Dogo Argentino must have an hour the exercise day-to-day (verging ~ above 2 hours) plus mental stimulation.

The daily amount of activities can be divided into 2 30-40 minutes walks a day through an occasional video game of fetch or tug-of-war.

They additionally make an ideal companion for hiking due to the fact that they can walk in any terrain and also will bond v you even more during the trip.

Athletic and also muscular – the Cane Corso has high exercise needs befitting their appearance.

Conditioning walks and also jogs deserve to be merged with canine sports and also games for full impact on the dog’s well-being.

The relatively an excellent dog attention expectancy makes Cane Corsi great training candidates.

They space eager to please and once they learn something they have tendency to retain the knowledge.

Training a Dogo Argentino takes a bit an ext consistency.

They room intelligent, but additionally often stated to be stubborn dog so the cultivate procedure will be center easy.

The training of both dog breeds have to start as at an early stage as possible at 8 weeks of age.

Start with simple training and simple commands before you relocate on come more complex things.

Training the puppies will certainly ensure theirs and other people’s safety and security in the future.

Cane Corso vs Presa Canario

When it comes to the Cane Corso vs the Presa Canario, lock share a lot of similarities in appearance, temperament, and also exercise needs.

Developed in the Canary archipelago in the XIX century, the Presa Canario was generally used together a farm yard dog to safeguard the livestock native predators.

Most that its traits are from Bardina Majero, now an extinction breed, and also the English Mastiff.

The general appearance of a Presa Canario resembles that of the Cane Corso. Both are strong, muscular, and also even have similar coat structure in part cases.

Because Cane Corsi have a wide selection of coat colors, only the brindle ones look similar.


The typical weight the full-grown Presa Canaria dog is between 80 and 100 pounds (36-45 kg). This dogs can be 21 come 25 (55-65 cm) inch high in ~ the shoulder line.

Although they’re significantly shorter than Cane Corsos (even much shorter than Dogo Argentino) they’re much more equal on the load scale.



The Canario is one affectionate and docile being.

Even despite they have been bred for working functions they can make great family companions and guardians at the very same time.

Expect your Presa Canario to it is in alert at all times and defend girlfriend if necessary.

The dog is quiet most of the time and also its sometimes bark is an extremely intimidating for various other people and also animals.

In nature, a Presa is distrustful the strangers but if the owner accepts them, the dog have to accept them also with the appropriate amount of exposure and also positive reinforcement.

Training and also Exercise

If friend can’t walk at the very least an hour of outdoor activities to your Presa Canario a day, you must reconsider obtaining this breed of dog.

They need plenty of daily exercise to spend every one of that extra energy.

Two 30 minute to walk a day is the minimum practice time to store the dog fit and also away from damaging behavior.

Cane Corso and Presa Canario room pretty comparable when it concerns exercise needs, except that the couch-potato reproduction lines may be satisfied through usual walking/running/hiking many of the time.

The Canario needs to it is in trained and socialized indigenous a very young age.

The owner must show consistency and leadership come avoid finishing up with an aggressive and also unsocial dog.

Unfortunately, Presa Canario is not that basic to train. Most human being will even say the they room very, really hard to train.

Their outgoing and stubborn nature is tough to deal with, especially for people that have tiny to no suffer in dog training.

When it involves training, Cane Corsos are a lot more rewarding than Presa Canarios. Top top the various other hand, a Presa Canario who hasn’t been trained frequently seems a lot calmer than a Cane Corso the lacks the ideal training.

But then again, the Corso is just far an ext popular and you can just an alert them finishing up in the not correct hands more often.

Should You gain a Cane Corso or a Dogo Argentino or Presa Canario?

You might find the many resources on the Cane Corso if the Presa Canario can be much less well-suited for families or families with lots of pets.

Dogo Argentinos room commended because that their ability to patience down around their family yet don’t ignore the hunting background.

There are few key points to remember as soon as you do the final decision even if it is or not to gain one of this breeds.

If friend live in a small apartment, don’t have sufficient time or financial resources, both can not be your wanted choice.

The bigger the dog, the enlarge the prices of food, accessories, medical care.

A substantial amount of her family spending plan will be invested on the dog’s needs regardless of which of these breeds you walk for.

One point is certain – only experienced or committed dog owners must go for Cane Corso, Dogo Argentino, or Pesa Canaria.

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Aside from gift big, these dogs room also very protective and need a strong-willed and self-confident handler.