Taking a cruise from port Canaveral? Or probably you room on a expedition that functions a job in the port? No matter just how you gain there, among the well-known things to perform from the harbor is to head about 45 minutes west come Orlando.

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Of course, girlfriend likely know that Orlando has actually turned right into a household playground. It’s house to Disney World, global Studios, and also a variety of other attractions including whatever from SeaWorld to miniature golf.

No issue your factor for wanting to head into the city, friend won’t be alone in going over there from the port. And you won’t be alone in trying to number out the best means to get to Orlando from port Canaveral.

The reality is that getting to the city have the right to take part time and also effort. Port Canaveral is located on Florida’s eastern coast and it is a little bit of a drive into Orlando. Unfortunately, over there is no viable public transportation in between the 2 points.

The an excellent news is that a number of options carry out exist to acquire you indigenous the port to the layout parks and also back. Below are a couple of of the choices to assist you plan…

(Wanting to gain from the Orlando airport to harbor Canaveral? See our post here for her options.)

Car Rental

If you’re looking for the most flexibility, climate a vehicle rental is your finest option. There are several automobile rental agencies the cater to cruise passengers, including significant brands prefer Enterprise, National, and also Hertz. By making a preventive ahead that time, you can book your car and be top top your way soon after girlfriend arrive.

Why rental a car? Getting successfully to — and around — the Orlando area requires a car. The distance between points of attention is normally far, making a car a requirement convenience. Together well, with the constrained time you have in harbor it’s essential that you have the ability to get approximately quickly (and no wait on a ride).

If you room interested in renting a car, you can gain started by exploring the complying with companies close to the cruise port:

National | Enterprise | Hertz | Thrifty | Avis

Independent spaceship Services

A small cottage industry has sprung increase to carry out transportation choices to cruise passengers right into the Orlando area. This independent spaceship services market rides to significant points that interest including the airport, Disney, SeaWorld, global Studios and also more.

The shuttles room convenient, yet keep in mind the the prices have the right to quickly include up. Many shuttle companies charge a flat rate because that 1-4 passengers. For this reason if you are simply a couple traveling, you might be paying the same price as a household of four. That’s why it’s crucial to shop around and also compare the price of a shuttle to the other alternatives available. You might be able to pay less and have more flexibility walk a different mode that transportation. The course, if you space uncomfortable control in the area, a shuttle renders a great idea.

For some idea that price, we’ve seen prices at $150 each means for a shuttle for increase to four people.

If you’re interested in spaceship service, below are a couple of options to acquire you started:

Space port Transport | Port Canaveral Connection | Star infectious diseases worldwide VIP


Rideshare services prefer Uber and also Lyft have actually soared in popularity during the previous several years, and for great reason. In ~ the insanity of her phone, you can request a ride and also be picked up within minutes. Meanwhile, rates are similar — if not reduced — 보다 taxis and many take into consideration the experience to it is in much much more pleasant.

Uber and Lyft both run in the harbor Canaveral area and Orlando. That way you can capture a ride native the harbor all the means to the theme parks despite it being a pretty long ride. As well, the cars are personal (you don’t share castle with other parties) and also several people can ride for the price charged.

Uber shows an approximated fare of in between $105-135 for a one-way drive from harbor Canaveral to Disney World. That’s a small lower than a shuttle and it’s a personal ride that’s ready once you are. Lyft shows approximated rates that are slightly less — around $100 each way.

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Note: If you space a first-time Lyft user, we’ve arranged for cost-free ride credit for your first rides. Sign up right here to case your credit transaction now. (Please save in mind we obtain a little commission through this link, at no charge to you.)

Have more questions around getting from harbor Canaveral come the Orlando template parks or other points of interest? allow us understand in the comments below.

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