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I"m thinking around buying a 1996 Sportsman 400 4X4 and also it is a 2 stroke. Any type of opinions on buying a 2 hit or need to I look for a 4 stroke.Thanks
Definatly have actually it watched by a an excellent mechanic before you buy. 2 strokes make great power and are lightweight, but can it is in costly when they need rebuilding. Not that 4 strokes dont have actually problems, however 2 strokes need engine work far an ext often. Also make certain there are lots of parts available.
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I have a 94 sportsman 2 stroke and an 01 sportsman 4 stroke and I constantly ride the 2 stroke. It has actually so much an ext power climate the 4 stroke and the streight axle makesit much more fun to power slide roughly corners.

I owned number of two strokers for countless years. The 350-400 versions use a counterbalancer that needs to be preserved lubricated or the counter shaft bearings will fail. Because it"s not very accessible, it"s regularly neglected. Repairing this is expensive. If the engine is quiet and also doesn"t rattle at idle (and/or has relatively low miles), it should be okay. If you buy it, make sure you top up the oil appropriate away and check that at least seasonally. Other than that, I"ve gotten very great service native the two strokers I"ve owned and wouldn"t counting one out if the price was right. - MarkC

I agree w/ 1of7627.I rebuilt my 400 ,top and bottom-end and it starts and also runs anywhere, anytime.You could run a compression inspect on the one you"re spring at and also if it"s 115 or an ext ,you need to be good to go for awhile.With the older layout front-end ,you will have some chain maintainence to transaction with.
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Get a 4-stroke. The 2-strokes execute make more power because that the very same displacement but they SMELL! Every time you ride the point you need to adjust you clothes and also take a shower.HONDARACER: a 4 stroke is going come be more costly than a two stoke to rebuild. To add its got numerous fewer components to go wrong.

Get a 4-stroke. The 2-strokes carry out make much more power because that the exact same displacement yet they SMELL! Every time friend ride the thing you need to readjust you clothes and also take a shower.HONDARACER: a four stroke is going come be an ext costly 보다 a 2 stoke to rebuild. Add to its got plenty of fewer components to walk wrong.
I don"t know about you however when ns go riding i come ago covered in mud and also dirt and need to shower head and change my apparel anyways.

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^Well, we use our an equipment mostly because that plowing snow and also getting firewood. So gaining covered in dirt isn"t one issue.
I don"t know around the remainder of you however I don"t ride in reverse very often therefore the exhaust is generally behind me?Couldn"t stand up to
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