I stated "Sometime this week" which can mean this particular day ok. I have a many spare time. Now, before we start, make certain you did whatever in the previous chapter (guide here: https://www.dearteassociazione.org/r/ProfessorOak/comments/bcroi3/pokemon_tower_defense_flash_chapter_3_oaks/ ).

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OK, therefore the an initial thing you have to do if girlfriend didn't currently is this..

Vermillion difficulty Achievement: for this you need to defeat the Vermillion Gym through level 50 or much less Pokemon and without losing any candy. It sound crazy however don't issue the strategy you supplied to win this gym in the an initial place need to work well. From the wiki, "you deserve to use six Gyarados through Aqua Tail and Earthquake. Collection them around the middle with Aqua Tail selected until the Pikachu waves come, once you move to Earthquake, which must kill every little thing that comes till the an extremely last wave, once you should adjust back come Aqua Tail, because it's comparable to the an initial ones, once there are Flying-type Pokémon. Remember that Earthquake hits every solitary Pokémon in the screen, but the Flying-type ones, such together Gyarados. With six Gyarados around level 38, it is possible to success without shedding candy. Simply beware of Tentacruel since they use Reflect." A systems for the Tentacruel is Rain dance + Thunder. Have actually one Gyarados usage Rain Dance and also a pair with Thunder. The prize is a zero Voltorb, i beg your pardon is cool and also possibly (edit: it's not) the only method to obtain one in the fourth chapter. Voltorb Lv30 -> Electrode.

OK now we begin.

Diglett's Cave: level 20 (all wild Pokemon). There are two new ones here.

Diglett: Diglett has actually a 35% opportunity of showing up here. Naturally there's Diglett here. An extremely easy come catch, just use False Swipe native MissingNo. Diglett Lv26 -> Dugtrio.

Drowzee: Drowzee has a 5% possibility of appearing here. Harder to find, however not that tough to catch. Drowzee Lv26 -> Hypno.

A strategy because that beating this level is "to have your normal 5 attacking Pokémon in the earlier slots and in the last possible slot on the level have actually a user that Whirlwind or Roar. This gives you three chances to death a boss Pokémon, Arbok gift the hardest one to kill."

Rock Tunnel: Level 20 (Machop, Voltorb). Ns didn't perform every level because that everything, just the vital ones. There's actually only one brand-new Pokemon below if you obtained the Voltorb achievement. Also you require a Pokemon with Flash simply to enter. Ns recommend MissingNo as always.

Machop: This guy. There's no % provided on the wiki. I know from suffer that Machop waves room either rarely or nn-existent, so your best bet is farming Zubat waves until one appears at the finish of it. Machop Lv28 -> Machoke.

You aren't obtaining out of below alive with my wits alone. This should assist a lot. Https://pokemontowerdefense.fandom.com/wiki/Rock_Tunnel

Lavender Town: No brand-new Pokemon here, but it is the first level where Pokemon deserve to fight back. I don't understand of any certain strategies.

Route 8: level 20 (Eevee) & 36-39 (everything else). One new Pokemon. It's torture.

Eevee: Eevee has a 0.2% chance of appearing here. And also you require three. Smacks lips..welp you're dead. False Swipe power activate. Eevee (Water Stone) -> Vaporeon or (Fire Stone) -> Flareon or (Thunder Stone) -> Jolteon.

Celadon Gym: The last level. Don't do this till you've gotten everything else. You're probably familiar with this if friend did the challenge levels. This is a advantageous strategy that helps you acquire the achievement (scroll down for an ext info) the obviously works typically too. "Put Clefable in the former spot for each wave v Cosmic Power. Monitor Me is optional. Clefable will take 2-4 damage, even from Celebi. Ar Fire-type through Fire Blast in the 2nd spot adhering to Clefable. Place Parasect v Fury Cutter in the the next Grass point out (green square) adhering to the Fire-type. Lastly put a Pokémon with Helping Hand (Like Nidoking) all over (use the resummon/move technique to reactivate helping Hand). Move your team because that each wave following this strategy."

Game Corner: Level 1 (everything). Five boy this thing. It was a tad tricky to number out how the rules for it work.. Type of. Basically for this an obstacle use it as normal but without the random Shadow Pokemon thing, since that would finish up having you have the ability to get everything before chapter 5.

Pinsir: Pinsir costs 2,500 CC, through the shining costing 50,000.

Dratini: Dratini prices 2,800 CC, v the shiny costing 100,000. Leveling it up is a bit of a pain.. Dratini Lv30 -> Dragonair Lv55 -> Dragonite.

Scyther: Scyther prices 5,500 CC, with the glowing costing 120,000. No idea why it's more expensive climate Pinsir.

Porygon: Porygon expenses 6,500 CC, with the shiny costing 150,000. The many expensive non-shiny.

In short, you're gonna be grind coins for a while.

Trades: there is one brand-new trade here.

Mr. Mime: once you to win Diglett's cavern you get access to HM Cut. Teach it to a Pokemon and also then acquire an extra Abra if friend haven't already. Then, go earlier to path 2 and also put the reduced Pokemon alongside the tree choose you walk to obtain Flash. Then just do the level usually with the Abra the end on the field. At the end you'll b available to profession for a Mr. Mime. This is the only means to acquire it.

Achievements: There's one new Achievement.

Celadon Challenge: for this you must beat Celadon Gym through Pokemon level 60 or less and without losing any candy. Use the over strategy in the Celadon Gym thing to learn how to do it. The prize is a zero Oddish. You don't even need to carry out this if you determined Red version. unlucky me I made decision Blue. Oddish Lv21 -> Gloom (Leaf Stone) Vileplume.

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And that's the end. A bunch of brand-new Pokemon this time around. Chapter 5 overview maybe this week.