Red is the final and most challenging opponent a player will challenge off against in the Pokemon HeartGold and also SoulSilver games.

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The trainer wields some very high-level Pokemon, consisting of a level 88 Pikachu. Red"s team includes some other an effective Pokemon together well, including: Snorlax, Lapras, Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise.

All this being said, it"s clear that Red is the ultimate adversary to check one"s bag Monsters against. Here"s the best team to usage in bespeak to loss him.

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Best team to use versus Red in Pokemon heart Gold and also Soul Silver


Mamoswine is the first member that the finest team come use versus Red in the games. Being an Ice/Ground-type renders it at sight effective versus Electric-types, and thus, it must be supplied to take it Red"s Pikachu out.

Teaching Mamoswine a powerful Ground-type move such together Earthquake will have actually players knocking Pikachu the end in no time.


It definitely can"t pains to have actually a legendary Pokemon top top one"s team once they"re battling versus Red. Ho-Oh, a Fire/Flying-type, renders for wonderful choice.

Ho-Oh"s superior stats and Fire-type assaults are perfect for eliminating Red"s Venusaur. The move Sacred Fire should take care of it with no problem.


The Electric-type Ampharos is the following team member essential for a player to beat Red. This Pokemon should be able to knock out both Red"s Blastoise and his Lapras v the usage of an electrical attack.

However, it"s crucial that Ampharos and every one of the player"s various other Pokemon space at high enough levels to be able to compete through the skilled Red.


Feraligatr is an exceptional pick as the Water-type Pokemon players must use on their team once battling against Red.

Red"s Charizard won"t last an extremely long if a player supplies one that the many powerful Water attacks that are easily accessible in Feraligatr"s movepool versus it.

Feraligatr boasts great defense and also attack stats. Players who decided its first evolution (Totodile) as their starter Pokemon in the games will already have a crucial advantage through the experience it will certainly have obtained throughout the regular playthrough.


Players that wish to come out victorious versus Red"s Snorlax will require to have actually a strong and sturdy Pokemon on your team.

Machamp is a great Fighting-type to get the job done. Although Snorlax is a daunting opponent v its massive HP stat, Machamp should have the ability to punch through, as lengthy as a player ensures to cure it throughout battle.

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Though this last spot might be interchangeable v just around any high-level Pokemon, Alakazam"s outstanding Speed and also Special strike stats do it a great offensive danger to add.