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Walk with Walls


It"s a type 6 code. It allows you to walk over any kind of obstacle favor trees, houses,rocks, and also to walk on water. With this code, you"ll still be able to interactwith the game (enter doors, speak to people, take items, etc...). The 2 thingsyou can"t execute are:

Walk directly from ground come water (and water come ground). To perform this, you require either to use the SURF move, or to walk indigenous ground to water native an unauthorized place (like walk on a tree and also from there walk ~ above the water, or if you are on the water, to walk on a rock and from over there walk on the ground). Go out of the map limit. Each map (each route, room, etc...) is a rectangle that tiles. V this code, you"ll have the ability to move everywhere within the rectangle, however you won"t be able to cross its limit (unless you enter another map). The means, because that example, if you get in a house, you won"t have the ability to walk in the "dark". Yet anyway, there is nothing in the dark

Wild Pokémon Genders

Enter among these codes and also you"ll set the gender of the next wild Pokémon you"ll watch (if that has any kind of gender the course).Note : It have the right to still be Shiny, with a possibility of 1/8192. Always Female Pokémon Code: B917F77E0FD658EBAlways masculine Pokémon Code: 3537AAD42B010F73Gene Maxed out (value that 31) because that wild Pokémon (only usage one at a time):HP Gene: 60C7C028 82820B6FAttack Gene: 2CEFA3FD 3A1F566DDefense Gene: 871BD5C0 05576B47Speed Gene: 04DB5910 0AA12920Special attack Gene: 20DAB881 C1E06EF7Special Defense Gene: 6568BC1F 64A183EEOverwrite HM Moves

When this code is ~ above you space able come "overwrite" any kind of HM move that your Pokémon learned.960CBF3C 14553BAE

Thanks to Irrevilent for all of these codes!

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op di 07 aug 2007 20:55:09 UTC.
how execute you acquire a gameshark? ns really should no!!!!!by the way, ive played pokemon on a GBA all my life to!
evandeck op di 18 sep 2007 19:26:50 UTC.
the walk through walls code is an activity replay code
Guest op di 27 okt 2015 10:17:14 UTC.
It it"s not working
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