Check the end our overview for everything about Pokémon Gold and Silver, from wherein to find the EXP share to getting through ice Path!

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Trainer call Numbers, Trading and More

Essential phone call Contacts

While the Poké equipment is a advantageous addition, it have the right to only host up come 10 numbers, and also that’s a shame. Your Mum’s number additionally cannot be deleted, no that you’d ever want come delete your very own mother’s number. Below we’ll perform the finest of the remainder – the best because they offer much more than just battles! most of this trainers call to tell you once rare Pokémon room able to it is in caught.

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Fisher Ralph – path 32 (north the the Pokémon Centre). He calls once Qwilfish can be uncovered on the exact same Route.Hiker Anthony – path 32 (close come Slowpoke Well/Union cave south side). The calls as soon as Dunsparce can be uncovered in Dark Cave.Bug Catcher Arnie – route 35 (south-east of national Park near a reduced tree). He calls as soon as Yanma deserve to be discovered on the very same Route.Bill – well, he’s no a Trainer, yet he phone call you once your pc Box fills up. This is useful, as if your computer Box is full, you can’t catch any type of more Pokémon till you adjust Boxes. You’d dislike for the to take place if you fight a legendary — or worse, a Shiny Pokémon.Schoolboy Chad – path 38 (middle-north). That calls when Snubbull is accessible in the exact same Route.Lass Dana – route 38 (middle). She calls once Tauros is accessible in the same Route.Fisher Wilton – path 44 (east that Mahogany Town). That calls when Remoraid is available in the exact same Route.Hiker Parry – course 45 (middle the the Route). He calls once Marill is obtainable to capture in Mt. Mortar.

Transferring Pokémon to other games

You have the right to trade between Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow and Pokémon Gold and Silver. You need to reach Ecruteak City very first and talk through Bill in its Pokémon Centre. Climate you deserve to use the time Capsule (found in Pokémon Centres) come trade in between these games. Over there are constraints — Pokémon or moves that did not exist in the first-generation games (the an initial 151 Pokémon, and also the many brand-new moves added to the game) cannot be moved over. Additionally, if they room not lost, held items can not be detached native a Pokémon in a first-generation game.

If you have a first-generation Pokémon with a move that did no exist in Red, Blue or Yellow, friend cannot transfer it over without very first deleting the move, one of two people by replacing the relocate with another TM relocate or making use of the relocate Deleter. The move Deleter deserve to be uncovered in Blackthorn City, and it will be important to use his solutions if her Pokémon knows a HM move like Whirlpool or rock Smash.

Connecting come Red, Blue and Yellow is similar to a regular trade. Gold, Silver and Crystal individuals use the moment Capsule come connect, and also the first-generation games will connect via the Cable Club, lot like if they to be connecting to various other first-generation games. If you have actually Pokémon or moves the cannot it is in transferred, you will be unable to use the moment Machine.

Due come a cool side-effect of how first-generation Pokémon data has been implemented, you may discover that a Pokémon recorded in Red, Blue or Yellow may be holding an item!

Pokémon can likewise be transferred straight to Pokémon Bank. Check the article below for the details with how stats space calculated! Poké Transporter compatibility has actually been announced, however was not easily accessible at the moment of publishing.

exactly how Pokémon stats native Red, Blue and Yellow are recalculated

Duplicating Pokémon

We haven’t confirmed if this is feasible in the virtual Console execution of Pokémon Gold and also Silver, however in the original game Boy versions of the games, it’s possible to duplicate Pokémon. If you’re old enough, you could have heard this trick in the schoolyard, however it’s a an extremely useful glitch that provides it more feasible to profession away strong, rare or legendary Pokémon. Or, together you could affix items to your Pokémon, you can duplicate items like Rare Candy and also Master Balls too! just make sure to execute it right, or you might risk erasing your Pokémon (or worse, your conserve file).

To duplicate a Pokémon:

Ensure that you have actually two empty boxes. Move Pokémon around so that you have two empty boxes available.Move the Pokémon (and/or hosted item) you’d choose to duplicate right into your party.Using the adjust Box feature, change to one of the north boxes. The video game will conserve upon an altering the box, displaying the article “SAVING… DON’T rotate OFF THE POWER.”Deposit the Pokémon you’d choose to duplicate into this empty box.When use the readjust Box feature, you’ll start a move to the various other empty box — once switching to this box, almost immediately after ~ the blog post “SAVING… DON’T rotate OFF THE POWER.” appears, switch the strength off.When you open up your PC, examine your party and the north box. You’ll find the Pokémon you want to duplicate in her party, and that very same Pokémon (and an item, if it’s stop one) in the an initial empty crate you deposited it into.

You deserve to use the Duplicate cheat to gain all three Starters in Pokémon Gold and Silver! save the game prior to getting your an initial Starter, play until you capture a second Pokémon, placed your Starter in the box and also perform the trick. You will certainly be taken earlier to your selection of the Starter Pokémon. Repeat once much more and you will certainly hence have two Starters in the PC and also one with you!

Changing the time and day

While playing, you may uncover that you want to change the time or day of the game. You may want to see Pokémon that appear during the morning, or do it Friday to acquire a Lapras.

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There room two means to adjust the time and also day. One is to simply readjust the time and date on her 3DS system, and also then rotate the 3DS off completely before restarting your game. The second involves noting her in-game trainer name, i would number, and also current money on-hand. Visit’s virtual Password Finder webpage and input those details to get a code. On the game’s key menu screen, push Select, Down and B in ~ the exact same time and also enter the code in. The video game will climate restart and also you have the right to put in the new time and also day.