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By ssj_goku22
Super Saiyan goku 22 (ssj_goku22) (hotmail) (com)

March 30, 2007 Pokemon EmeraldGAMEBOY-ALatios and also Latias : The legend Birds the HoennIn stimulate to catch either of these uncatchable Pokemon you first must win the Elite 4 then go back to your house and watch the T.V. The T.V. Will certainly say what color was the Pokemon. Red = Latias and also Blue = Latios. Girlfriend may an alert everytime you walk to look because that either of this Pokemon they will run away from you.In bespeak to catch one you must have a Wobbuffet (Lv.32 - 40) first in her Pokemon party ( make sure it knows winter Coat). Have about 60 Hyper Potions or Max Potions in your bag. Have a Pokemon that knows paris in her party. Additionally be certain to have about 40 Ultra balls and also 40 Timer balls. Then walk to Lilycove city and stand in former of the Pokemon center. Check your Pokedex to uncover out what area Latios / Latias is in. You what either among them to be on route 120.In order to do this have actually one of your Pokemon usage fly. Fly right back to

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Lilycove city. Check your Pokedex to view if Latios / Latias flew to 120. If the haven't, keeping flying ago to Lilycove until there top top 120. If they room on the path walk (DO no RUN OR BIKE, THIS may SCARE the AWAY!!!) through route 121 check the grassy patches because Latios / Latias constantly move. This will allow you come cross courses with the Pokemon. By act this you need to definitly run right into it.Once you've discovered Latios / Latias do Wobbuffet go out first. The attack Wobbuffet should use very first is mirror Coat. Latios / Latias will get to assault first. The very first attack that Latios will shot to use will one of two people be Luster Purge or Psychic. This will certainly do tiny damage to Wobbuffet however it will reduced Wobbuffets one-of-a-kind Defence. Currently Mirror Coat will certainly kick in and also attack Latios / Latias with twin the pressure of Psychic or Luster Purge. This have to take Latios / Latias HP down to very little yellow or even red. Now stop attacking the Pokemon.Next rotate use a hyper medicine to lug Wobbuffets HP back to full. Latios / Latias next assault should be Psychic, Luster Purge, Protect, or Refresh. If its one of two people Psychic o r Luster Purge use one more Hyper medicine on Wobbuffet. Girlfriend may notice that one of two people of these assaults are doing more damage every time. This is due to the fact that they space lowering Wobbuffets special defence with each attack. If the assault is either defend or refresh they will fail due to the fact that Wobbuffet is no much longer attacking. If Latios / Latias assault fails throw Ultra balls repeatedly. If the Pokemons attack keeps failing keep throwing Ultra balls. After numerous turns start throwing Timer balls. The Timer ball has been acquiring much power during this fight because the the numerous passing turns. The Timer sphere should catch the Pokemon bring about your battles succesion. You now have actually one of the most an effective Pokemon in the game.