There’s a lot of blue blended in this outfit mostly due to the fact that he can also be paired v Mareep, yet there are an ext than sufficient Raichu referrals here. The orange vest through the white shirt under representing Raichu’s stomach pattern. The scarf through the gradient lightning pattern provides it look like power is coming off him. Even the huge hat helps convey Raichu’s chunkier body.

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I love the fact that they walk with much more of the old institution thicc Pikachu and also Raichu because that Hanbei as well because Hanbei constantly wants to sleep. He’s constantly played off together being exhausted to the allude of expressing his jealously mid-battle if his Pokemon fall asleep. ~ above a dark note, this and also his substantial low attack stat, room actually both subtle references to the fact that in the real world, Hanbei to be sickly and also ended up dice of tuberculosis but, let’s no think around that also much.


Masanori and also Krokorok

I understand it’s dumb but one the my favourite tropes in Japanese pop culture is the delinquent trope. Even if it is it’s Kakeru Kotaki native Blazing move Students, Ryuji in Persona 5 or Masanori in Pokemon Conquest, i love these idiots. Specifically if they gained a pompadour. Perfect. And also you don’t get more of one idiot than Masanori, provided how his wisdom stat is accurate the lowest in the entire game. Yet his look through his Krokorok is one uncharacteristically genius choice.

When Masanori’s Krokorok evolves into a Krookodile, Masanori’s look alters with it. His pompadour gets longer and he gets Krookodile’s signature shades, yet that look is as well flashy and over the top. The Krokorok watch though? Perfect. The black bands ~ above the nose. The triangle sample trim ~ above his clothes representing Krokorok’s triangle spikes. The black roughly the elbows and waist like Krokorok’s pattern. So lot work entered making these 2 look favor patterns.

Even the ethereal bits room great. The cold silver of the armor to enhance the silver of Krokorok’s eyes. The reddish minor accents to represent Krokorok’s stomach shading. Also the way his mouth is stretched and exaggerated to match that of a crocodile. It’s brilliant. They’re a perfect pairing and they could have just end up being my favourite by having actually to explain it.


Kenshin and also Mewtwo

This one is bizarre. I’m no talking about the fact that the presence of Mewtwo in feudal Japan would mean that someone in the time duration was capable of hereditary manipulation, no, I’m ignoring the bit. I’m talking around how you get Kenshin to look favor this. Their type changes based off your bond or “link” with a specific Pokemon. And also if you want Kenshin to acquire this Mewtwo influenced look, you should raise his link with…Gallade. Yeah, I’m perplexed too.

The similarities are fairly obvious here. The headwrap bunched increase on the next in a way that each other Mewtwo ear-thingies. The mostly white with purple accents to the armor. Even if girlfriend didn’t have a Mewtwo ready to throw down behind him you’d probably be able to guess who Kenshin right here represents.

There room some subtle points on below though that ns love. Because that one, his cuirass is an extremely bulky giving off the exact same sort that silhouette as Mewtwo’s weird bulky top thighs helping offer the 2 a comparable body shape. Mine favorite subtle nod is the large loops ~ above Kenshin’s shoulders. Castle don’t seem favor anything the matches Mewtwo till you realize the from a next profile, Kenshin would certainly look prefer he has that spinal cord ~ above the back of his neck as Mewtwo does. That’s SUPER subtle considering the truth that you never ever see these personalities from the side. That’s some thought best there.


Nobunaga and Rayquaza

I know. I know. If friend were acquainted with Pokemon occupation you were either waiting for Nobunaga and Rayquaza because you were really hoping I’d add him, or were wait on me to point out Nobunaga so friend could contact me basic. One of two people way, I’m adding Nobunaga. Nobunaga is the poster boy for Pokemon occupation literally taking up prime real estate on everything from crate art come promotional materials regardless of the truth that you carry out not encounter this dude until late in the game. However look in ~ him, there’s a reason he’s the cover model.

First off, this dude has a shining Pokemon! He’s the just one in the video game that has a shiny and boy howdy is that the finest shiny. It’s a Rayquaza. So you have actually this amazing black and also gold dragon and you’re still coming in v armor the is equally awe-inspiring? Come on, that’s not also fair come Masanori.

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Nobunaga has a most purple the isn’t found on Rayquaza i beg your pardon is mostly because his main Pokemon is a Hydreigon. But the rest of his outfit mirrors Rayquaza an extremely heavily. Special, things like the shining yellow trim and also the big points coming off the elbows showing the plate extended nature of Rayquaza’s scales. Also Nobunaga’s hair is unkempt on the sides, pointing up similar to the method that the tufts come turn off Rayquaza’s hair. The pair standing together in matching black and also gold is just so regal and cool it’s wonderful.