Third-Person Omniscient Narration: Stockton supplies a third-person omniscient narrator, an interpretation the narrator to know the thoughts of all of the characters and the background of the world in i beg your pardon the story take away place. The narrator speak the story together a fairy story (“A long time back in a land far, far away…”), i m sorry lends the story a feeling of whimsy. The narrator additionally directly addresses readers. Through elaborating on the princess’s plans, commenting on prior facets of the story, and difficult readers’ interpretation of the story, the narrator places the duty of the decision of the lover’s fate on the readers. Due to the fact that of the omniscient narration, the reader receive details from all characters, making that to stay unbiased at the finish of the narrative.

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Fantasy Setting: The story takes location in an imaginary time and place, in a kingdom with a “semi-barbaric” ruler. This ruler’s greatest creation, which likewise serves as the main setup for Stockton’s story, is the arena. A colossal structure, the arena has tiers upon tiers the seating because that the citizens of the kingdom. That is a labyrinth of corridors and galleries. In ~ the floor floor, there room doors draped by curtains i beg your pardon occlude what lies behind them. Behind one door waits a hungry tiger that will devour the sinner on trial. After ~ this, rental mourners in the audience will certainly erupt into tears. Behind one more door is a lady, a suitable bride handpicked by the king’s judges. Should the prisoner choose this door, priests are at the ready to marry the two, and also citizens wait in expectation because that a celebration. This arena is modeled ~ the roman inn Colosseum, wherein criminal trials—as well as gladiator matches—took place.

Literary devices Examples in The Lady, or the Tiger?:

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"barbaric idealism...." watch in text(The Lady, or the Tiger?)

This is an example of an oxymoron—two contradictory or incongruous words that create a an ext nuanced or deeper meaning. Here, it describes the king “semi-barbaric” nature, as his idealism is tempered by his barbaric instincts and also heritage. This phrase additionally serves together a criticism the the farming connection between violence and culture in the tale.

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