I’ve spent practically 20 years helping thousands of successful artists of every disciplines and also working come make the arts much more accessible. (One girlfriend likes to speak to me “the art enabler.”) from 1999-2012 I worked at The MacDowell Colony, the nation’s oldest artist colony, but I"ve also done time in ~ an arts magazine, a library, an art museum, and a raptor rehabilitation center. In might of 2012 ns left MacDowell to pursue writing, speaking, curating, and creative projects full-time.In 2015 I was called a “Top 100 Artist, Innovator, Creative” by beginning magazine. I"ve appeared as an art and society commentator on new Hampshire public Radio, and also in 2017 ns was the receiver of the Wampler art Professorship at James Madison University. I to be the founder that the dearteassociazione.org salon series, which connects artists like DJ Spooky v rural audience in the Monadnock region. In 2017 my collaborator Corwin Levi and also I will publish our first book, winter Mirrored, which combines Grimms’ fairy tales v vintage illustration remixes and the work of modern-day artists like Kiki Smith, Carrie Mae Weems, and Amy Cutler.I prospered up in Atlanta, Georgia, but have called brand-new Hampshire home because 1999. Mine studio is located in the historic, mill village of Harrisville. I miss out on fried okra, the early on southern spring, and also restaurants the stay open up past 9:00 p.m., yet rural life agrees through me. In brand-new Hampshire I have the right to see the stars, go kayaking or snowshoeing, clock bald eagles fish in the lake, and also focus ~ above my creative job-related in silence. I no longer need to worry about traffic jams; deer, wild turkeys, and also frost heaves space the major road hazards here. Although i live in the country, ns fortunate sufficient to be component of a vibrant arts community that extends past this small new England village. The quiet days are punctuated by regular travel and frequent access time to museums, theaters, readings, arts events, lectures, and open studios around the country. (You can read my complete CV here.)Thanks for visiting dearteassociazione.org. I hope you"ll be in touch.

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