Name Robert Tim Yeager
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Gender Male
Birth Country Charles City
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Businessman
Net worth $1 million
Marital Status Married
Spouse Robin Meade
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Education university of Iowa

Tim Yeager, came to be a public photo after the married 1992 miss Ohio, Robin Meade. Since then, writer Tim and also Robin are well-known as a celebrity couple. Tim’s mam Robin is the present lead news anchor for CNN owned cable news channel HLN’s Morning Express through Robin Meade.

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Born in Iowa’s Charles City in 1970, Tim belongs come the white ethnicity. Charles’s City is well known as the birthplace that renowned engineer Louis Brady. Later, he join the university of Iowa, wherein he deserve a level in history and the Russian language.

Tim’s Celebrity Wife, Robin

Unlike Tim, Robin pursued a level majoring in radio/television production, programming and also performance and additionally minored in political science. Robin to be the graduate that Malone University and also Ashland university in 1991.

After being miss Ohio in 1992, she tried she luck in the nationwide pageant-Miss America but ended in semi-finals. She was the former reporter at WMFD-TV located in Mansfield, Ohio. Her second job together a reporter and anchor was at WCMJ-TV in Cleveland. After that, she joined WSVN-TV together a morning news anchor, noon anchor, and also health reporter. Subsequently, she worked with WMAQ-TV, HLN, Oprah Winfrey Network.

Versatile Robin to be awarded the 1995 regional Emmy Award for covering the 1995 Fox river Grove bus-train collision. She was the Lycos height 20 most popular TV news personality in 2002. Moreover, Ashland college awarded her with 2005 Ashland college Young Alumnus award and appointed her together the commencement speaker because that the 2005 graduation ceremonies.

Robin released her first studio album Brand brand-new Day on June 21, 2011, and later published the second album counting Me top top on June 11, 2013. Besides that, she likewise wrote the publication Morning Sunshine!: exactly how to Radiate Confidence and also Feel that Too, which was released ~ above September 10, 2009. The book’s genre is varied as non-fiction, motivational, inspirational, how-to, autobiographical novel. That was detailed in the brand-new York Times best Seller list.

Tim married Robin in 1993

When Tim met Robin for the first time, she was currently a celebrated image in the public and media. Tim began dating Robin, who was from new London, Ohio, and the distant cousin of one American country singer and television personality Blake Shelton

Eventually, Tim and Robin agreed come be each other’s life partner, and they got married on November 6, 1993. Tim wore a black color suit paired with a white waistcoat, conversely, Robin’s wedding gown had actually a little bit of glamour. Her veil through a jeweled crown added more glitz to she wedding gown. She walked under the aisle with a big wedding bouquet in she arms. They were pronounced husband and wife in ~ church in the visibility of families and also friends.

Tim Yeager and Robin Meade image Credit: Pinterest

Tim has actually proved himself together a love husband in the 26 years lengthy married life with Robin. The couple has flourished in being every other’s love the life amidst various problems and depressing times. Moreover, Robin proudly appears with her husband, who she regards as Mr. Cool in publicly events and also shares his photos on social sites. They are rumored to it is in a childless couple as castle don’t have children yet.

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Net worth 2021

Tim owns a net worth of around $1 million in 2021. His wife has actually a network worth of an ext than $3 million, which is relatively an ext than Tim’s.

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Initially, Tim to be the treasurer and also financial secretary that an company based in Chicago. That is the present member the Anglican and also International tranquility with righteousness Concerns. Besides, Tim is a expert writer prefer his wife, Robin. Tim stays with his wife and also three rescue dog in Atlanta, Georgia.