Praying in ar 2 VTG Oval images metal/convex glass ANGELUS Millet house Interiors Vintage Pair of images with an extremely ornate antique brass-like frames One owner -- Non-smoking atmosphere My wife purchased these in the 70's, and they have actually been hanging top top our living room wall.This is because that a collection of 2 HOMCO home Interiors vintage photos in corresponding oval metal really ornate antique brass-like frames. Jean-Fravcois Millet painted "The Angelus" in 1857 or 1858 and also the man and also woman native Millet's paint are in this collection of pictures, one v a man and the other with a woman praying in a field. I think this might be defined as a man and a woman, who have actually been working in a field, acquisition time indigenous their occupational to pray after lock hear the church bell phone call them come prayer.Approximate measurements: 17 inch long and 12 inches wide Condition: wonderful condition. I carry out not find anything wrong with them. They have actually been hanging on our wall. No rips in the feeling on the ago and no scratches on the front of the pictures. Please check out 12 photos. You have the right to view my various other listings by Shipping: To safeguard the floral arrangements, every sconce is in a different box with both boxes put right into one for shipping. Typically, we mail packages with shipment confirmation the morning after receiving her payment. Please form your zip code in the shipping calculator to identify the shipping dues to her location. Once your item has actually shipped, we will inform you and give you a tracking number. Payment: PayPal and its approved credit cards and also e-check are the only form of payment that we accept. We will appreciate receiving her payment within 5 work after the auction ends. If you need much more time, please be sure to contact us since we use the unpaid items assistant for assist with collecting and/or to recoup our fees. Returns: If an object you receive is damaged in shipment, or not what you to be expecting, please refer to our return policy in the Shipping and Payments section. Feedback: together a seller, we constantly wait till we receive optimistic feedback from a buyer prior to leaving positive feedback for the buyer. If over there is a difficulty we suppose you to contact us an initial to solve the issue before leaving us feedback of any kind. Please read the listing fully, so you know what you space buying. As soon as the issue is solved to your satisfaction, please leaving feedback accordingly. If you room happy with your purchase, then we hope you will leave us a full five throughout all DSR issues. Please and also email united state if girlfriend have any type of questions. We have been marketing ~ above the internet for fifteen years and also take proud in our client service.

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