So this finished the collaboration channel (which would immediately make them speak to eachother) and how near they supplied to be..they started to speak less.

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I’ll stick through friends through benefits, as that method it’s simpler to describe why castle drifted apart. (and also, explains why Charlie said‘Before Dan Phil was mine’)

Now. This is relevant since of 3 things:

1. The proves Phil had some type of‘experience’ through males before.

2. Charlie then went on come hint at Phan, i m sorry I’ll talk around later.

3. Among Dan’s an initial comments ~ above a video clip with Phil in it to be on the cooperation channel.


Thanks to Evan Edinger because that accidentally coming throughout Dan’s OkCupid profile, i beg your pardon proves, he was not v Phil in 2013. (And that he stated he was bi)


So as soon as you look in ~ that, and compare everything.

Dan is most most likely bi.

He went v that step of saying‘I’m straight!’ but it was much more because he to be insecure around his sexuality and also he had all of that shit going on too.

He pretty much figured out for years and also years the he’sbi.

Phil however.. I’m no so sure.

He’s most likely not straight but… he adjusted what he identifies as within nearly the same year gap we have in between 2009 and also 2016. (2003 and also 2009)

However as Phil was never really asked around it, and also he stated once and also didn’t have to point out it again.

Phil’s probably bi too.

He could be gay, or miscellaneous else however he’s most most likely not‘straight’, that’s for sure. Particularly due him having an obvious relationship through Charlie and with Dan. But he never really showed as much interest come females as Dan did..so.

So where does this command us?

So we recognize Dan’s bi, and also Phil most likely is too. Yet now what? How can we POSSIBLY think they got ago together?

Dan turned off his OkCupid profile.

And quit saying he was‘straight’.

He also started come act less.. Enemy in liveshows.

He began to do much more things with Phil.

They preserved living together.

They showed barely any type of interest in girls.

They had actually a radioshow (which I understand was to run before, however they maintained on at it).

They created a book.

They visited Japan.

They make a gaming channel.

They went on tour.

They made an additional book.

The perform goes on.

“B-but ideal friends have the right to do all of that!”

Yes, they can. Obviously.

However as soon as you live with your ideal friend the YOU offered TO day (there’s literally thousands of screenshots proving 2009 Phan was genuine don’t even shot to deny it), once you have actually done every one of those things together?

When you have LITERALLY made you and also your‘friend’ with each other a BRAND. (DanAndPhilGAMES, DanAndPhilCRAFTS, PINOF)

When you only really talk around and to the one person. (Dan around Phil in liveshows)

When you have ADMITTED you’re a poor person v jealousy. (Dan)

How can they not be together?

“W-what around Charlie making fun of phan in 2013! that must mean they to be together!”

It to be a joke.

Charlie most most likely knew lock weren’t together and decided come poke funny at it, because you know, world were utilizing him because that information around Dan/Phil.

So why not have actually a little bit of fun?

That’s most likely why he quit making fun of phan…because they then got back together.

(Also, Charlie apologised for what he did)

“D-Dan claimed he was straight though!”

The same Dan additionally said he was bi top top his date profile…and the very same Dan likewise called his very own fans stalkers because that retweeting old‘phan’ tweets.

I wouldn’t take what 2012/2013 Dan states as gospel.

“So, perform you ship phan?”


I don’t prefer the idea of them together, not in the slightest.

I provided to delivery it yet I just.. Ns don’t favor Dan through Phil.

It doesn’t feel appropriate to me.

Considering how Dan provided to law Phil in 2013, he might STILL do that again or he can be favor that now.

Aka why ns don’t‘ship it’.

However like I said before, you have to open your eyes.

That’s right‘anti-phannies’, open up your eyes and realise the Dan and Phil are obviously together.

They wouldn’t‘stay platonic’ for 3 years, would certainly they?

Especially with how much they’ve excellent together and also just.. Whatever else.

So i don’t ship it, but it is 99.9% real.

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If friend have any kind of questions just shoot me an ask, I’m still functioning out every little thing so if miscellaneous is wrong climate I’m sorry/I’m working on everything.