KNOXVILLE, Tenn. ( — because that the very first time in over a year, the Tennessee Theatre will welcome back guests inside the 92-year-old entertainment venue.

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The Tennessee Theatre will when again host its classic Cinema Matinee movie series. It will kick turn off June 4-6 with free showings the Meet Me in St. Luigi starring Judy Garland. The movie will start at 8 p.m. Top top Friday and Saturday, and also at 3 p.m. On Sunday. Doors will open up one hour prior to the showing. Capacity is minimal for COVID-19 safety. Patrons who attend space not required to stay a mask.

The classic Cinema Matinee movie series will continue later this year with showings of The Phantom the the Opera (1925 version) in October and also It’s A wonderful Life in December.

You deserve to find an ext information about upcoming occasions at the Tennessee Theatre on your website.

10-year-old thankful because that skateboard gift from Lafollette Police officer

by Don Dare, Hannah Moore / Sep 22, 2021

LAFOLLETTE, Tenn. ( — Gabe Burris is brand-new at skateboarding, but he yes, really enjoys it. Earlier this month, family friend Joshua Hicks brought him come a skatepark in LaFollette. While in the park he i found it a police officer pull up in his patrol car.

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"When ns pulled up, Mr. Hicks to walk over. The asked if it"s yes to be here. I said, Yes, I"m simply watching skateboard. We began talking a little bit. Then Gabe, the young man, came over and also we were talking around school. We kept talking a tiny bit, and also I noticed when he to be skateboarding that his board was a little worn out," LaFollette patrolman Anthony Mahar said.


Residents voice involves over propose Pellissippi Parkway extension

by Kristen Gallant / Sep 21, 2021
BLOUNT COUNTY, Tenn. ( — concerns over congestion, safety, time, design and an ext were brought up Tuesday night at the Tennessee room of Transportation"s publicly meeting around the propose Pellissippi Parkway Extension.

The conference was asked for by the Blount county Commission ~ the community raised its pertains to to the governing body. The idea for the project has been in the works for years,

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Dolly Parton surprises Hardin sink marching band

by Hannah Moore / Sep 21, 2021
KNOXVILLE, Tenn. ( — The marching tape players in ~ Hardin valley Academy got a large surprise indigenous a music legend.

The students are playing few of Dolly Parton"s song for their halftime present that"s based on the emotion of home. Their show is called "These four Walls" and includes a medley of tunes featuring "God only Knows" and also "Jolene."