Rumours case that Pepsi has actually introduced a brand-new design of have the right to that features both the realm State Building and also Pledge that Allegiance. The rumours insurance claim that the style omits the native ‘Under God‘ from the Pledge the Allegiance since Pepsi “don’t want to violation anyone”.

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These rumours are false and have actually been dispersing for well over a decade. They are simply one instance of countless different hoaxes the falsely case a company or entity has appeased another faith or decimal by acting in a controversial way in order no to offend anyone.

Some examples of this rumour can be seen listed below –

Don’t to buy the brand-new Pepsi have the right to coming out v pics that the empire State building and also the Pledge the Allegiance ~ above them. Pepsi left out 2 tiny words in the pledge: “Under God.” Pepsi claimed they didn’t desire to violation anyone. Therefore if us don’t buy them, they i will not ~ be offended when they don’t obtain our money through the indigenous “In God we Trust” ~ above it. How fast can u repost

Pepsi has a new patriotic deserve to coming out with images of the empire State Bldg. And also the Pledge of Allegiance top top them. But Pepsi forgot two little words ~ above the pledge, “Under God.” Pepsi said they walk not desire to violation anyone.If this is true climate we do not want to violation anyone at the Pepsi that company office. If we perform not buy any kind of Pepsi product then they will not receive any kind of of our monies. Our money after all does have the words “Under God” on it. Please happen this indigenous to everyone you know. Tell her Sunday School course tomorrow and also tell her Pastors so that they deserve to tell the whole congregation. Christians stand up and let her voices it is in heard. We want the words “under God” come be check out by every human being who buys a can.

Another version declared that the offending can be ~ were actually Coca Cola cans –

To drink or no to drink?Coca-Cola has actually a brand-new patriotic can coming out with images of the realm State Building and also the Pledge the Allegiance ~ above them. Yet Coke forgot two little words on the pledge, “Under God.”Coke said they walk not want to offend anyone. If this is true then we execute not desire to violation anyone at the Coke that company office. If we do not buy any Coke products then they will certainly not receive any of our monies. Ours money, after all, does have the words “Under God” ~ above it.If friend agree with this policy, please pass this word to everyone you know. Coke doesn’t have the right to rewrite the Pledge that Allegiance!! If you perform not agree, simply erase or delete this message.

This rumour fan its root to 2001, albeit back then it had nothing to perform with Pepsi, or Coca Cola. A handful of months after the 9/11 terror attacks, it to be Dr. Pepper who had revealed a new restricted edition architecture on their cans that would certainly last for 3 months (from November 2001 to February 2002.)


The architecture (above) to be intended to it is in a patriotic post of unit in response to the terrorist attacks, and featured three words indigenous the Pledge that Allegiance, One country … Indivisible in addition to an photo of the Statue of Liberty (not the realm State Building.)

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 Despite the intention, the architecture resulted in a number of complaints and also comments from people who asserted the excerpt native the Pledge that Allegiance had omitted the words “Under God“, due to the fact that those room the 2 words that show up between the indigenous “One Nation” and “Indivisible” in the pledge.

Many religious groups asserted the omission to be the an outcome of “political correctness” and also called because that boycotts of the product.

As it typical with these sorts that rumours, they started to morph, and many famous chain emails gift passed from inbox to inbox were currently claiming the Dr. Pepper had omitted just the words “Under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance (not true, because Dr. Pepper has had only 3 words from the 31 word pledge, an interpretation they skipping a complete of 28 words) and also that that decision to be made in order not “to offend anyone”, i beg your pardon again is just untrue. Also, the rumours began claiming the offending design featured the realm State Building, and not the Statue of Liberty.

Dr Pepper, in ~ one point, approve the following solution to the rumours –

The can, released critical November, features picture of the Statue of Liberty along with the indigenous “One nation … Indivisible.” The special packaging to be designed come reflect our proud in this country’s determination to stand together as one. The Statue that Liberty and Pledge of Allegiance were preferred as 2 of the greatest symbols that American freedom.Due to room limitations top top the can, just a few of the 31 words indigenous the Pledge the Allegiance could be used. The obtainable area because that graphics restricted the lot of verbiage on the can. Of the 31 native in the Pledge of Allegiance, only three were included. More than 90 percent were no included.

For factors unknown, at some allude in 2002 the rumours started claiming the it was Pepsi, from the PepsiCo company, that had printed the style omitted the indigenous “Under God” – probably the an outcome of the common myth the PepsiCo own Dr. Pepper (they don’t.)

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And native 2002, it has actually been Pepsi that has actually remained attached come this nonsense hoax ever before since. In September of that year, Pepsi authorize the following response –

FALSE RUMOR ALERT: PATRIOTIC CANSYou’ve received an erroneous email about a “patriotic can” that Pepsi allegedly produced with one edited variation of America’s Pledge that Allegiance. The truth is, Pepsi never produced such a can. In fact, this is a hoax that has actually been circulating on the net for more than 6 years. A patriotic package supplied in 2001 by Dr Pepper (which is no a component of PepsiCo) to be inappropriately attached to Pepsi. Many thanks for giving us the opportunity to clear up the situation and also please feel complimentary to share this blog post with everyone else that may have received the erroneous email.

Despite the debunks and also dismissals, the insurance claim that Pepsi created a deserve to that has omitted the indigenous “Under God” quiet circulate social media, and is a classic example that an city legend that stands the check of time and – uneven those restricted edition Dr. Pepper cans from 2001 – simply refuses to simply disappear.