Back to BiographiesRick Riordan is the author of number of popular book series" because that kids. That is most known for the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series, but also for The 39 Clues and also The Heroes of Olympus series.

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Where did rick Riordan prosper up?Rick was born ~ above June 5, 1964 in san Antonio, Texas whereby he grew up and went to high school. Together a son Rick liked to read fantasy books and mythology. Among his favorite publications was the lord of the Rings. He likewise liked to compose at a young age and also even make the efforts to gain his very first story published at the period of 13. That wasn"t effective the an initial time, yet he maintained trying and also all his tough work would certainly pay off plenty of years later.In high school he continued to write and was the editor because that his school"s newspaper. He saw college in ~ the college of Texas in Austin whereby he studied English and also history. The later gained his teaching certification and started teaching.Where did he gain the idea for the Percy Jackson series?Rick had took pleasure in teaching around mythology to his students for years. He additionally enjoyed mythology and also fantasy books as a kid. When his child Haley to be diagnosed through dyslexia and also ADHD among the few subjects that interested him to be mythology. Rick comprised the story of Percy Jackson and his adventures throughout story time to Haley in ~ night. Haley stated Rick need to write a book about Percy and the remainder is history.

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List that kids books by stack RiordanPercy Jackson and the OlympiansThe Lightning theif (2005)The Sea of monsters (2006)The Titan"s Curse (2007)The battle of the Labyrinth (2008)The last Olympian (2009)The Heroes of OlympusThe lost Hero (2010)The kid of Neptune (2011)The Kane ChroniclesThe Red Pyramid (2010)The Throne the Fire (2011)The 39 hints seriesThe Maze of skeleton (2008)The 39 Clues#Bonus Book: The Black book of hidden Secrets - (2010)Vespers RisingNote: Rick also wrote the adult mystery series Tres Navarre not included here.
Fun Facts around Rick RiordanHe likes come play video games with his kids.Rick has two sons, Haley and Patrick Riordan.Over 20 million that his books are in print and growing.His surname is pronounce Ryer-dan.Back come BiographiesOther youngsters Books author biographies:


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