Sometimes you simply want to relax in ~ a chilled rooftop lounge, city hall the sunset. But sometimes you likewise just desire to placed your dancing pair of shoes on, and also enjoy rooftop party vibes while "the ordinary" life proceeds down below.

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This finish listing that the top 10 party rooftop bars in the world will take it you to venues mixing elevated vibes with elevated views. Native NYC come Singapore, from vivid day party"s come DJ sessions and also live entertainment long into the night.

1. TaKeT

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4. Somewhere i do not have anything NYC
/ brand-new York

Somewhere nowhere NYC - Photo:

Located ~ above the 38th and 39th floor of the Renaissance new York Chelsea Hotel, Somewhere nowhere NYC is among the much more elevated rooftop bars in NYC. And also it is also one of the more vibrant.

Aiming to carry out a unique all-day escape within the city, the two-level venue supplies several settings, through lounge, nightclub and rooftop pool.

The height floor open-air terrace is home to both the luxurious rooftop pool and the many impressive 360° views over Manhattan. However it is the lower indoor garden lounge that holds the top vibes.

Covering 5,516 square feet, the lounge is both magical and whimsical, v custom art pieces of gnomes and fireflies and also plenty the neon signs. Below you deserve to enjoy international and local live DJs, as well as a sky-high atmosphere, pretyy much all nights that the week.

Somewhere Nowhere perform welcome walk-ins at the bar, but for the many happening so late night events, reservations via bottle company are very recommended.


112 W 25th St, new York, NY 10001

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5. W Lounge at W
/ Amsterdam
W Lounge - Photo:

The W Hotel has constantly been recognized for its terrific service and also inviting atmosphere, and also their bars space no different.

The W Lounge Amsterdam is an excellent example the that, as its views, service, decor, and also atmosphere ensures you gain every second spent there.

With a sleek and contemporary design featuring dark greys and also blacks through accenting blues, floor to ceiling windows v privileged views of the royal Palace, a big outdoor terrace, and also a beautiful deep blue rooftop pool, the W Lounge is undeniably attractive.

The attention to detail isn"t limited to appearances either. World-class mixology, mouthwatering bar bites and also premium people spirits work-related hand in hand to ensure any kind of visit to the W Lounge is one to write residence about, and also if that"s no enough, the bar"s DJ sessions, swimming pool parties and also Social Sunday"s for sure you have a reason to store visiting.

Reservations are motivated if you"re not a hotel guest, and also remember, the W Lounge"s dress password is clever casual, so make certain to look her best.


Spuistraat 175, 1012 VN Amsterdam

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6. L.P. Rooftop Bar
/ Los Angeles
L.P. Rooftop Bar - Photo:

L.P. Rooftop Bar is not only one of the biggest roof terraces in the whole of Los Angeles, but additionally one of the many welcoming, thanks in no small part to that is gorgeous wood floors and walls lush vegetation.

Though the bar is undeniably luxurious, it has a very casual and laid-back atmosphere, finish with plush lounge areas, out heaters, live music, and open-air construction.

The bar provides fresh hand-crafted cocktails through some exciting combinations, a arsenal of home beers, closely selected wines, and also even a little menu of asian drinks, which walk hand in hand through the bar"s Asian-inspired street food.

With the motto "Where Love Lives", L.P. Rooftop Bar supplies a fun and also vibrant setup pretty lot all nights the the week, spiced up v weekend daytime events like "Bottomless Mimosa Brunch" and also "Good time Sunday"s", packed through music, cocktails and food.


603 N La Cienega Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

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7. CÈ LA vi
/ Singapore

Located on top of the human being famous Marina bay Sands in Singapore, CÈ LA using showcases some jaw-dropping views end the city and also the ocean, along with a fresh take it on modern Asian cuisine.

Furnished with colorful umbrellas, loungers and also dining tables, CÉ LA using boasts an undeniably chic format that works together with the venue"s high-end atmosphere.

Offering both indoor and also outdoor seating, a sky deck equipped with its own bar, and also a club lounge, CÉ LA by means of is as much for eating together it is because that parties, through the last being the thing most visitors space interested in.

Open everyday from noon till late at night and also packed with events, you deserve to drop by any kind of time friend want. It is in it for a sky High Brunch, a sunset cocktail or a night out partying, together this is one of Singapore"s hottest spots because that DJ concerts.

That said, friend can"t miss out on the restaurant"s mouthwatering oriental cuisine, which attributes freshly caught seafood, the pairs wonderfully through CÉ LA VI"s an imaginative hand-crafted cocktails.


1 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018971

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A large, open-air venue located 27 floors over ground, Level 27 is well-known mostly for its parties, which space widely regarded as few of the ideal in Warsaw.

While there"s a little indoor lounge where you have the right to enjoy very delicious drinks during rainy and also cold days, the actual appeal the Level 27 is its 450 square meters outdoor terrace, whereby you can enjoy not just jaw-dropping views of Warsaw but also a phenomenal party atmosphere.

Level 27 has been featured in The World"s finest Clubs at ar 92. It offers finely crafted cocktails, a large variety the drinks, premium spirits, champagne, and also bottle service and private lounges as soon as you want to party with a little an ext exclusivity.

Level 27"s party setting is complemented by firework shows, affordable drinks, generous happy hours, and an energetic group that makes this venue among Poland"s ideal when you desire to go clubbing.


Poland, al. Jerozolimskie 123A, Warsaw

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9. 12th knot
/ London

What to be once residence to Rumpus Room now residences the 12th Knot, an eclectic rooftop bar overlooking the river Thames and the Blackfriar"s Bridge.

The 12th Knot supplies a chic and contemporary atmosphere, complemented by stylish and also colorful plush sofas, dedicated lounge areas, lot of of space to relocate around, and a long and also beautiful out terrace through stunning views of the Thames.

While the out terrace has actually the ideal views, the seating is sparse and straightforward, therefore if you setup to continue to be for a while and also lounge around, indoors is wherein you desire to be. Don"t worry around the views, though, together the 12th Knot has floor-to-ceiling home windows that will let you excellent the jaw-dropping scenery just and also on the terrace.

The 12th Knot"s drink menu functions a wide selection of champagne and also wines, countless beers and also world-spirits, and finely crated cocktails with both British and American variations.

A an excellent venue because that a chilled cocktail on any given night, or because that a much more vibrant night out with friends in the direction of the weekend, through live music every Wednesday, and also live DJs from Thursday to Saturday.


20 top Ground, south Bank, London SE1 9PD

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10. 360
/ Istanbul

Commonly pertained to as one of Istanbul"s best rooftop destinations, 360 supplies a modern and elegant atmosphere, delicious food, wonderful drinks, optimal vibes and awe-worthy views that make a visit come this venue a need to whenever you"re in Beyoglu.

Located on height of a 19th-century apartment building, and offering jaw-dropping 360-degree views of the city"s historical center, 360 concentrates on delivering four things: cuisine, entertainment, vibe, and ambiance.

Up here, you have the right to enjoy very delicious Turkish food, carefully crafted cocktails v Turkish inspiration also as much more traditional drinks, an amazing entertainment program, and a fun atmosphere that renders you want to return for more.

Its popularity, luxury ambiance, and also luxurious and modern atmosphere do it a element spot for meeting regional celebrities and also one that the finest rooftop bars in the entire nation for enjoy it live acts.

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Drop by early throughout the but on the weekend to enjoy a exorbitant lounge vibe the perfectly matches the city"s inspiring sunsets, or visit throughout the weekends to reap some of the ideal nightlife in Beyoglu.