Our raft ride ends at the ruins. Go to the right, in prior of the ruins, to find one more raft. Hit the short article to release the raft come the various other side. The item block here has a Megaflash Eekhammer. The ruins have lots the pushing wall surfaces to push you turn off places. Walk in through either door you have the right to reach. Paperize inside the damages to uncover a scrap skin off. Replace it after that flips approximately so you can reach another door. Inside is aFlashy Jump over a trap door. Go to the right for a shining Clone Jump. Peel the Flashy jump from the side.. Next are saw blades. Relocate with caution. Relax the saws through hitting the stake through the hammer. There"s a door attracted above. Go to the right, then down the stairs, and through the doorway for a pair of hearts and two Baahammers and a Chillhammer. Go back up the stairs and hit the 3 invisible blocks to the left of the ShinyPOW Block. This will enable you to ride on height of the saws to the mystery Door. The an enig Door leads to a room v a breeze. Struggle the back wall surface a few times to do the air Conditioner fall down. Journey the next saw to reach a doorway come the outside. Peel the Bowser tape below and get the 6 stickers in the two item blocks. Store going to the rightand fight the wall to punch it under so you can reach the heart Block. To the ideal are more pushing walls over a pit the Spike Tops. Prior to going through the doorway top top the various other side, fight the three invisible block under the large Baahammer. Inside, fall down and peel turn off the Bowser tape to expose a collection of stairs. There"s something absent to the left, so we head to the right. Walk under the walkway and to the left for a covert pipe. It leader to a room v Megaflash Hopslipper, Megaflash Hurlhammer, and Megaflash Baahammer. As soon as you go back to the room, hop on peak of the pushing walls to reach the other side. Beware the the catch doors close to the wall. In the following room, peel turn off the scrap through eyes and also replace it. This will allow you to reach the doorway as the pushing wall will be greater up now. Go exterior to obtain the RuinFloorscrap. Struggle the wall surface panel nearby for the D-Cell Battery. Go back inside and replace the scrap close to the saw.Hit the dashboard under the saws for a catch door. There are twoHammer Bros at the peak of the stairs. Quickly hop on top of the pushing walls and ride the experienced to the Flashy Infinijump. With the doorway to the outside is a save Block and two waterfalls. Strategy the best waterfall and use your hammer in the gap for three invisible blocks. Enter the dark spot in the waterfall because that the Teapot. Struggle the stake come drop the bridge across the waterfall. Throughout the waterfall at the peak of the stairs is a gigantic Chomp. Fight its state and approach the to begin the battle with a fight Spin. The huge Chain Chomp has 99 HP and is asleep. Naught will harm it, so just use weak sticker labels you don"t want till it wakes up and also it will certainly run off, then tear down the wall, revealing the comet piece.

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This opens the route to 5-5.
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