Every now and also then tiny snippets of songs pop right into my head — songs, for the many part, i remember to sing in elementary school. Over the past couple of months numerous of these have actually popped ago up because that one factor or another. Hope by sharing them with you ns will be able to get them the end of mine head, and into yours. Here are the seven songs, and what taken place to them.

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Pablo the Reindeer from Mexico

Santa’s sleigh is beginning to acquire a small crowded. At very first there were only eight reindeer. Rudolph make nine and Olive (See: Olive the other Reindeer) to be the tenth. The eleventh reindeer, Pablo, add Santa ~ above his trips to Mexico and let him understand if it was snowing there.

Pablo the reindeer native Mexico,He renders the youngsters laugh ho-ho,All the muchachos love the so,Pablo the reindeer from Mexico.

Without him-la la la laSanta would not understand where he’s goingWithout him-la la la laSanta would certainly not recognize if it’s snow-ingSouth that the border!

You don’t listen much about Pablo this days. Santa now uses a general practitioners to understand where is is going, and also The Weather Channel tells him if it will be snow-ing. Plus I’m pretty sure singing Christmas songs in a fake Mexican interval was removed from the “politically correct” list a few years back.

Germs mine Invisible Dog

I vividly remember singing this tune at Myers Elementary ago in the day.

My an extremely best friend is my little shaggy dogChewing on mine tennis shoes and running v the hallHe’s sort of choose my shadow, reason he’s anywhere I goHe sleeps in my bed, yet my mommy doesn’t know

I hide the in mine pocket cause he’s very, an extremely smallGerms, Germs, my invisible dog

For some reason I constantly imagined germs looking a lot choose Barkley indigenous Sesame Street, but smaller. And also invisbler. Therefore what happened to Germs? i think it was this verse the did the in:

I take it him come church but nobody ever before seesThe tiny shaggy spotted dog sitting on mine kneeHe’s learning scriptures verses and also he loves the happy songsBut he often drops asleep once the sermon is as well long

Oh boy. Negative ol’ Germs, excellent in by the separation the church and state. Not that I’m sure the church people liked kids singing about a dog sleeping through the sermons in the very first place. And what one unfortunate surname for a dog. You should accomplish my pet cat, Rabies.

Happy Birthday baby Jesus

Speaking that the separation that church and also state, back before second graders had actually rights and also parents complained about everything, we used to song this tiny ditty to the Bo Diddly beat every year roughly Christmas time. In fact, i have specific memories that performing this in the school’s Christmas play.

Well everybody has a birthday,And a cake and a party too,And all your friends come over,And sing “Happy Birthday” to you.

Happy Birthday, infant Jesus,Even once your birthday’s through,All year long we’ll remember,Each priceless gift we acquire from You.

At mine kid’s school they’re not even permitted to put up a Christmas tree anymore — it’s a “holiday” tree — therefore you deserve to bet singing tiny songs about Jesus’ birthday are appropriate out. The biggest problem with this song (besides the truth that kids aren’t allowed to cite Jesus and I’m not even sure if they’re permitted to storage birthdays anymore) is the it’s filled with inaccuracies. For example:

When Jesus has actually a birthday,The whole broad world to be there,And he gives out the presentsFor all the world to share.

I don’t understand if you’ve ever before seen a nativity scene, but the whole civilization was no there. Present were the parent(s), three wise men, and a bunch that four-legged leftovers indigenous Noah’s Ark. And 2nd of all, everybody knows Santa (and no Jesus) provides out presents for people to share. I don’t know about you but Jesus never ever left me a bicycle under my tree. Or maybe he did lug stuff to you and also just skipped my house. That would describe a lot.

You understand what rather is funny around this song? can you imagine going come Jesus’ date of birth party? What would certainly you acquire him? “Oh wow, a skateboard. I’ll shot sure to try that the end on my streets OF GOLD.” It would be sort of fun to shop for him though. I’ll gambling he doesn’t have actually a Snuggie.

By the way, this site has the complete lyrics come “Happy Birthday, baby Jesus” along with the mp3. Do examine it out. The song is an extremely catchy and also I have added it back into our continual Christmas rotation.

Shaving Cream

I have a sad story come tell you,It might hurt her feelings a bit,Last night when I walked into my bathroom,I stepped in a large pile of SH …

… AVING cream,be nice and clean,Shave everyday and you’ll always look keen.

Um, yeah. Ns think us actually just sang that around twice prior to a parent complained.

There was an Old mrs of Skin and also Bones

There to be an old mrs all skin and also bones. Ooo-oo-oo-oo!She lived under by the old graveyard. Ooo-oo-oo-oo!One night she believed she’d take a walk. Ooo-oo-oo-oo!She walked down by the old graveyard. Ooo-oo-oo-oo!She saw some bones all lying round. Ooo-oo-oo-oo!She went to the closet to obtain a broom. Ooo-oo-oo-oo!She opened up the door and also BOO!

Okay so an initial of all, this isn’t also that great of a tune really, indigenous a song-writing allude of view. Nobody of the lines rhyme (which is type of expected in a kid’s song), unless you’re saying the “Ooo-oo-oo-oo” rhymes v “Ooo-oo-oo-oo.” then you have actually two lines the both end with graveyard — apparently she both resides by one and also walks by one. Sort of redundancy really, unless perhaps she generally flies she broom house — a reality that doesn’t make sense since, two lines layer, she had to walk to the closet to gain one. Space witches really known for their tidiness? i realized they make potions and also cast spells yet I didn’t establish in every their free time they were the people who kept graveyards clean, too. And such dedication too, since she was the end for a walk at the graveyard, observed the bones, and also then went ago to her closet to acquire the broom. This ain’t no witch; she’s a saint!

And climate there’s the ending, which says to me, “I have actually no idea exactly how to finish this song.” probably that way it should not have actually been began in the an initial place.

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I have the right to Sing a Rainbow

Red and yellow and also pink and also green,Purple and also orange and blue,I can sing a rainbow,Sing a rainbow,Sing a rainbow too!

Listen to her heart,Listen to her heart,And sing everything you feel,I deserve to sing a rainbow,Sing a rainbow,Sing a rainbow too

This one might not it is in so bad if I had been singing it once I were six; unfortunately, we were made to sing this in saturday grade. Friend remember saturday grade, don’t you? every little thing was awkward, whatever was changing, and half of the kids came back after summer vacation v hairy armpits. Yeah. Nothing awkward around getting a bunch the seventh-grade boys together and asking them come sing around rainbows in falsetto. No, naught at every …

The one point that always bugged me around this song was the those aren’t the color of a rainbow. Apparently whoever composed it never ever heard of ROY G. BIV: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. THOSE space the colors of a rainbow, foo. As soon as in doubt, to trust a scientific research teacher end a drama major.

Down through The Bay

Down by the bayWhere the watermelons growBack to my homeI dare no goFor if ns doMy mother will say“Did you ever see a flyWearing a tie?”Down by the bay.

This was among my favorites ago in first or second grade. As soon as you sing the song you sing the main component over and also over and also just change the last two lines: “Did you ever see a (noun), (verb)ing a (noun), under by the bay …”

Our music teacher even let united state come up through our very own rhymes and let us attract signs explaining them. I remember mine to this day: “Did you ever before see Pac-Man, chasing Batman? down by the just …” I even had a small drawing with, well, Pac-Man chasing Batman.

So, what taken place to this classic? Sadly, ns think this line to be the beginning of the end: “Did you ever see a trucker …”