|P0057 code possible causes

Faulty heated Oxygen Sensor (H2OS) financial institution 2 Sensor 2Heated Oxygen Sensor (H2OS) financial institution 2 Sensor 2 exploit is open up shortedHeated Oxygen Sensor (H2OS) financial institution 2 Sensor 2 circuit bad electrical connectionHeated Oxygen Sensor (H2OS) financial institution 2 Sensor 2 circuit fuseFaulty Engine regulate Module (ECM)

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|How execute I solve the P0057 code?

Check the "Possible Causes" detailed above. Visually check the associated wiring harness and connectors. Examine for damaged components and also look because that broken, bent, driven out, or corroded connector"s pins.

|P0057 code technology notes

The code method that there is a problem with the heater facet circuit that the boil oxygen sensor. Water getting inside the heated oxygen sensor connector deserve to caused the cook oxygen sensor fuse to blow, i m sorry is a really common problem for this type codes. Prior to replacing the sensor, examine for the problem of the heated oxygen sensor fuse and connectors.

|Cost of diagnosing the P0057 code

Labor: 1.0

The expense of diagnosing the P0057 password is 1.0 hour that labor. The auto repair"s diagnosis time and labor prices vary through location, vehicle"s make and also model, and even your engine type. Most auto repair shops charge between $75 and also $150 per hour.

|When is the P0057 code detected?

The P0057 is set when the ECM detects an excessively low voltage through the heated oxygen sensor heater circuit

|P0057 password description

Oxygen Sensors (O2S) or heated Oxygen Sensors (HO2S) need to reach a minimum operation temperature that 750 levels F come produce an accurate voltage signal. The faster the cook oxygen sensor reaches the temperature the much faster the sensor will start sending specific signal to the Engine regulate Module (ECM).In stimulate to achieve the require temperature, a heater aspect is consisted of inside the heated oxygen sensor. The ECM controls the boil oxygen sensor heater aspect based on signal from the engine coolant temperature and engine load. The ECM controls the heater facet circuit by enabling current circulation to ground.The ECM monitors the voltage signal received through the heater element circuit and also determines the state the the circuit by to compare the voltage detected v the manufacturing facility specifications.

|Need an ext information with the P0057 code?

Need an ext information on just how to deal with the P0057 code? Get access to Factory business Manuals

|Need help with a P0057 code?

gain the P0057 code diagnosed through a professional: discover a repair shop in your area

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|P0057 password comments

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