L>"Family Feud" surveys | Season 16 | 6-answer surveysName something human being do to their armpits.100SHAVE/WAX "EM63SNIFF "EM6DEODORANT on "EM10WASH "EM6MAKE NOISE/FART9SCRATCH/RUB "EM6Name something the guy picks increase on a date.100THE CHECK61STD/BURNING FEELING3FLOWERS23WINE/BOOZE2THE WOMAN/DATE6CONDOMS5We inquiry 100 married men...Name a furry animal it feels choose you"re resting with once your mam doesn"t cut her legs.100PORCUPINE50SHEEP3DOG27HEDGEHOG2BEAR13BEAVER5Name a factor you don"t sleep in the nude.100KIDS/NO PRIVACY38I"M SELF-CONSCIOUS2NOT COMFY/COLD38I SLEEPWALK2FIRE/EMERGENCY16I OOZE BODILY FLUIDS4Name miscellaneous a man might pick up on his way home native work.99FOOD/MILK55DRY CLEANING3BEER/ALCOHOL26WOMAN/FREAKY HO2FLOWERS10CONDOMS3Name something you choose hot, and also the name is the better.99FOOD/DRINK/COCOA51WEATHER/BEACH5MY MAN/WOMAN18JACUZZI4BED-ROCKIN" BOINK15SHOWER/BATH6Name miscellaneous a pirate would take turn off his wood leg come do.99BATHE/SHOWER36HIT who W/ IT8SLEEP30HOP2SWIM13SHAG HIS WENCH10If a man had actually a fatality wish, surname a component of a hippopotamus he can say looks like his wife"s.98BUTT63EYES3NOSE12EARS2STOMACH10MOUTH8Name something a woman can say she likes a man to perform to her toes.98MASSAGE/RUB "EM59LEAVE lock ALONE4SUCK/LICK "EM15TICKLE "EM2PAINT/POLISH "EM13KISS "EM5We inquiry 100 married people...What"s the worst means to discover out her spouse is cheating?98SEE IT/IN her BED54E-MAIL/TEXT4FROM their LOVER18SPOUSE ADMITS IT2FROM FRIEND/FAMILY14FACEBOOK6We asked 100 men...Name something you"d rather carry out with her dog 보다 your wife.98RUN/PLAY51CHECK for FLEAS2TAKE A WALK25GO come THE BAR2RIDE IN CAR13FISH/HUNT5Name other that could make you suspect your new house is haunted.98NOISES/VOICES50DOORS OPEN/CLOSE7MOVING OBJECTS18WEIRD ODORS2LIGHTS turn off & ON12GHOST/IMPREGNATES ME9Name miscellaneous a man likes to see a woman bouncing on.98TRAMPOLINE48HORSE/MECHANICAL4HIM/HIS LAP21CHAIR2BED/MATTRESS19EXERCISE BALL4Name something the grows faster than you desire it to.98HAIR/UNIBROW48MY NAILS6LAWN/WEEDS14DEBT/EXPENSES4KIDS/BABIES13BELLY/WEIGHT13If you"re obsessed with yourself, surname a ar you"d store your picture.98HOME/OVER mine BED44CAR/DASHBOARD5WALLET28CELL PHONE/SCREEN3AT WORK/ON DESK12COMPUTER/FACEBOOK6We request 100 women...Roses room red. Violets room blue. What sort of flowers execute cheap males buy you?98DAISIES39PLASTIC/FAKE3CARNATIONS38DANDELIONS3NONE/INVISIBLE9TULIPS6Name something that can be brewing.98COFFEE37A STORM5BEER28A PLOT3TEA17TROUBLE8We inquiry 100 solitary women...What is the best lie that a man ever told you?98I"M SINGLE29HAS fishing eye SPANKER12GREAT JOB/RICH221ST girlfriend EVER5I LOVE YOU17YOU"RE THE only ONE13We inquiry 100 men...Name a way you can tell a woman"s boobs room not real.98DON"T JIGGLE/MOVE25TOO PERFECT/NO SAG11THE FEEL/ROCK HARD24SURGICAL SCARS10THEY"RE GINORMOUS17POINTY/ODD SHAPE11Name miscellaneous you"d do if your skinny-dipping neighbors invited friend over because that a swim.97SAY NO/RUN68BLUSH2STRIP DOWN17TAKE A CAMERA2WEAR SWIMSUIT4BRING ALCOHOL4Name an occupation that starts with the letter "J."97JANITOR62JOURNALIST4JUDGE/JUSTICE19JUGGLER3JEWELER5JOCKEY4We inquiry 100 women...Name a factor a stranger can mistake you because that a hooker.97CLOTHES/HO HEELS61TATTOOS/TRAMP STAMP5LOTS that MAKEUP15HE"S BLIND2I"M A HOTTIE8SAW ME do OUT6Name something girlfriend don"t prefer your dog licking.97ME/MY open up MOUTH60POO2ITSELF/FIFI THE HO26FURNITURE2THE TOILET4FOOD/CRUMBS3Name other you"ve viewed your neighbor doing external while wearing a bathrobe.97GETTING NEWSPAPER57KISSING SPOUSE2WATERING GRASS17GARDENING2TAKING out TRASH16WASHING CAR3Name something that starts with words "chow."97CHOW MEIN57CHOW DOWN6CHOWDER12CHOWTIME6CHOWHOUND8CHOW CHOW8We inquiry 100 men...Name a ax of endearment that"s great to contact a wife but negative to speak to a coworker.97HONEY/HON48LOVER/LOVE MUFFIN3BABY/BABE25SEXY2SWEETIE/CHEEKS15DEAR4Name an animal that, if it might talk, would say "I"m every ears."97ELEPHANT46FOX2RABBIT34MOUSE2DOG/DACHSUND9DONKEY/MULE4Name something genuine birds perform that you"d it is in surprised to see big Bird carry out on "Sesame Street."97POO/ON BERT"S HEAD46MATE/POKE PIGEON3FLY/FLAP WINGS31TWEET/CHIRP3EAT/WORMS8NEST/LAY EGGS6You never ever want come shake someone"s hand best after they perform what?97WHIZ/SHOOT A DOOKY45LICK IT3PICK NOSE/SNEEZE39SCRATCH BUTT2COUGH4EAT/BBQ RIBS4We asked 100 solitary women...If the were approximately your man, wherein would you go on every date?97BAR36POOL HALL9SPORTING EVENT22HIS BUDDY"S PLACE4MOVIE THEATER14THE BEDROOM12Name miscellaneous that has to be licked.97LOLLIPOP33ENVELOPE9ICE CREAM/CONE32YOUR LIPS2STAMP11POPSICLE10Name something excellent to nuts the Mr. Peanut"s wife can do to him for cheating ~ above her.96CRACK/SMASH HIM74BOIL HIM2ROAST HIM8CHEW UP/EAT HIM2CHOP HIM come BITS7GRIND/PEANUT BUTTER3When you contact in sick come work, surname something you perform to do it believable.96COUGH68GO come DOCTOR/NOTE2HOARSE/WEAK VOICE18SNEEZE/SNIFFLE2FAKE PUKE3MOAN/GROAN3A wife could say to she husband, "Okay, if you"re going come wear a Speedo to the beach, I"m going to wear" what?96STRING BIKINI/THONG60A SPEEDO TOO2NOTHING/NO TOP23A MONOKINI2DISGUISE/BAG ~ above HEAD5A MUUMUU4If they make an R-rated "Wizard of Oz," what might Dorothy asking the magician for?96GUY/"DO ME, WIZARD"59HOT OUTFIT/HEELS4GIANT JUGS/SURGERY22DRUGS/"SHROOMS3TO walk HOME/A RIDE4A GUN4Name an task that requires using her lips.96KISSING56PLAYING FLUTE/HORN4TALKING23LICKING your LIPS2WHISTLING7SINGING4Name other a pool guy can wear come tease a affluent housewife.96SPEEDO/THONG56NO SHIRT5SEXY tight SHORTS18SUIT & TIE2NADA/FREE WILLY8TIGHT SHIRT/TANK7Name miscellaneous you try to do smell as nice together possible.96MY HOME/THE CRAPPER54GARBAGE CAN4ME/MY FUNKY BREATH26GARDEN/LAWN3FOOD/MY heat PIE5CLOTHES4We request 100 men...Name something girlfriend don"t want to see autumn to the ground once a woman takes off her bra.96STUFFING/FALSIES52GUN2SAGGY KNOCKERS36FRUIT/MELONS2MY MOUTH/CHIN2MONEY/SINGLES2Name location you watch greasy legs.96BEACH44POOL/WATER PARK5RESTAURANT/KFC26GYM4CAR fix SHOP11TANNING SALON6Name something the world"s earliest stripper drags follow me the stage.96PINK-NOSED PUPPIES41HER SAGGY BOOTY6CANE/WALKER23OXYGEN TANK3COSTUME/BOA16HER FEET/HEELS7Name other a auto salesman really hopes doesn"t take place when he takes a customer because that a ride.96CRASH THE CAR40HIGH SPEED/CHASE3BREAKDOWN/STALL39FLAT TIRE3RUN out OF GAS7CUTS CHEESE/POOPS4We inquiry 100 married women...Name something you find irresistable in guys that unfortunately her hubby doesn"t have.96MUSCLES/6-PACK40NICE TEETH6THICK/LONG HAIR19BRAIN/SENSE6MONEY15CHARM/HUMOR10We inquiry 100 women...If you had actually to re-superstructure a bed with grandma, what carry out you expect she doesn"t do?96RIP EGG FARTS32HOG THE COVERS2SNORE25SPOON ME2PEE/"BAKE BROWNIES"22DIE13We asked 100 men...If you marry miss Nude America, surname a particular place you"d tell she she needs to wear clothes.96MALL/STORE25WEDDING12CHURCH22WORK/FUNCTIONS2AT mine PARENTS"21RESTR"T/CHICK-FIL-A14Name an pet a snake have the right to swallow whole.95MOUSE/RAT73PIG3ALLIGATOR/CROC.9CAT2RABBIT5DOG3Name miscellaneous Tarzan reaches for once he wants to have actually a an excellent time.95JANE/A HOTTIE52HIS LOINCLOTH2A VINE/ROPE35CHEETA2A BANANA2A BEER2Name something that would be tough to carry out if friend really had two left feet.95WALK/RUN49DRIVE2DANCE/HOKEY POKEY26KICK/A BALL2BUY/WEAR SHOES14BALANCE/STAND2Name some news the a woman would locate her ex-boyfriend come tell him about.95PREGNANT/IT"S HIS49SHE"S over HIM3GETTIN" HITCHED18WAR!/TV NEWS STORY2HAS STD/8 the THEM13SOMEONE/DOG DIED10We inquiry 100 women...What"s the most fun thing to execute with one more woman?95SHOP46LAUGH4YAK/GOSSIP31MAKE OUT3DINE OUT6DRINK COCKTAILS5If the zipper on her pants division at work, what do you do?95PIN/SAFETY PIN44STAPLE IT3COVER through CLOTHES25BUY new PANTS3GO HOME/CHANGE13NOTHING7Name a native you deserve to use rather of "woman."95LADY36BROAD6GIRL24GAL5FEMALE17CHICK7Name other a wife should find out to pat so she husband won"t invest so lot time v the guys.95SPORTS/FOOTBALL34NURSE/PERVY GAMES6POKER/CARDS31HARMONICA/INSTRUM"T3VIDEO GAMES14POOL7We asked 100 men...Name an animal your wife turns right into when she"s angry.95PIT BULL/DOG31SNAKE/VIPER13BEAR17STUBBORN MULE3LION16TIGER15A married guy shows you photos of his kids. What walk a solitary man present you photos of?95HIS CAR30MOM/RELATIVES7HIS BABE/NUDE BIMBO28HIS HOUSE/PIMP PAD2HIS DOG/PET16HIS BOD/BONY PONY12If 2 women started fighting in a beauty salon, surname something one can use as a weapon.95SCISSORS30NAIL FILE4BRUSH/COMB27HAIR SPRAY4CURLING/FLAT IRON19HAIR DRYER11We inquiry 100 women...Name a location you go v your male that"s destroyed if he bring his mom along.95DINNER/APPLEBEE"S30BAR/CLUB11HOME/OUR BED17HOTEL/NO-TELL MOTEL4VACATION/BEACH17MOVIE/DRIVE-IN16We inquiry 100 solitary women...Name something you"d dislike to see when your day takes his shirt off.95HAIR/MAN SWEATER24MAN BOOBS10PIERCED NIPS21ZITS/BACNE9BEER BELLY18TATTOO/OF CLAY AIKEN13We asked 100 married women...Name a lazy animal that reminds girlfriend of her husband.95DOG/HOUND DOG21TURTLE15HOUSE CAT19ELEPHANT5SLOTH18BEAR17Name something specific in an aquarium that the fish can be as well stupid to establish is fake.94PLANTS51SCUBA DIVER5CORAL14TREASURE CHEST4CASTLE13ROCKS7Name a factor a guy could not break up through his psycho girlfriend.94FEAR46HE LOVES THE LOON5CRAZY = great SEX19HE"S PSYCHO TOO4THE WACKO"S WEALTHY11THAT FREAK IS FINE9We request 100 solitary women...If your day never mirrors up, surname something girlfriend hope taken place to him.94CAR CRASH/DIED38FELL ASLEEP8GOT LOST16CAR damaged DOWN4STUCK IN TRAFFIC15HAD come WORK13Name something friend see exterior that would certainly make you desire to continue to be inside.93WEATHER/TORNADO71FIRE/SMOKE2BEAR/ANIMAL13BAD CELEB/BIEBS2ZOMBIES3APOCALYPSE2If the were up to dogs, what would people taste like once they lick them?93BACON/MEAT69SALT4A BONE7DOG BUTT3CANDY/SWEETS6DOG FOOD/TREAT4Name something small a male stripper can have.93THONG/COSTUME51HANDS/FINGERS2INCH-LONG DONG26TIPS/$2WAIST/BELLY9BUTT/MAN-CAN3Name something the twins should never share.93SPOUSE/LOVER42FIRST NAME2TOOTHBRUSH31SILVERWARE2UNDIES/CLOTHES14TOILET PAPER2We asked 100 women...Name something friend would carry out if you found your next-door ar peeping in her window.93CALL THE COPS42CONFRONT HIM4SCREAM21TELL mine MATE3CLOSE BLINDS15FLASH BOOBS/MOON8We inquiry 100 men...If her dog could talk, surname something the 2 of you would talk about.93HOTTIES40CARS5LIFE/OUR DAYS17THE COMFY COUCH5FOOD15PEE/POOP/OUTSIDE11Name something specific about Mickey mouse that other mice could make fun of.93GIGANTIC EARS36BESTIES W/ A DUCK3CLOTHES/GLOVES29HONKER/BIG NOSE3WUSSY VOICE/LAUGH19HIS large FEET3Name miscellaneous a male finds in the home that provides him suspect his wife can kill him.93POISON/ARSENIC33HITMAN"S INFO5GUN29"HOW TO" RESEARCH4INSURANCE POLICY11KNIFE/MACHETE11Fill in the blank: Raging what?92BULL74RIVER3WATERS7RAPIDS2FIRE3HORMONES3What go the brand-new wife do once she to know the ex is avoiding by?92DOLL UP/LOOK SEXY59HOVER/STAY CLOSE3LEAVE/HIDE13GET A GUN2CLEAN HOUSE12CALL HUSBAND3Name miscellaneous a detective can find at a crime scene that would make that think the culprit was a circus clown.92RED RUBBER NOSE58BALLOONS2MAKEUP/SMUDGES12MASK2BIG FOOTPRINT/SHOES11WIG/ORANGE HAIRS7Name something at a supermarket a man might squeeze a little too romantically.92MELONS57PEACHES5LEMONS10TOILET PAPER4TOMATOES9BREAD7Since friend can"t take it it through you, name something one 80-year-old man could spend every his money on.92GAL/FERTILE MYRTLE45GAMBLING5CRUISE/TRIP17A BOAT2CAR14FAMILY/KIDS9Name something it must be versus the regulation for civilization to undertake if they"re the end of shape.92BIKINI/SPEEDO34SHORT SHORTS7SPANDEX/LYCRA20TIGHT JEANS7BUTT FLOSS/THONG16LEGGINGS/TIGHTS8Name something you expect the nurses aren"t saying around you as soon as you"re out during surgery.92WHAT A DINKY WINKY29HAIRY/CHEWBACCA4WHAT A FATTY29DIRTY/STINKY4THEY"RE A GONER15UGLY/FUNNY-LOOKING11Name something just an you are fool would carry out if a cop vehicle was driving best behind him.91SPEED61FLIP THE BIRD3SLAM on BRAKES12DRINK3RUN LIGHT/STOP SIGN7LITTER5Name something people stick their fingers in that they shouldn"t.91FOOD/DRINK46GARBAGE DISPOSAL3NOSE22THEIR/OTHERS" MOUTHS3ELECTRIC SOCKET14EARS3Name something the shakes, rattles, and also rolls.91OLD CAR31DANCING BOD/BOOTY4A RATTLE/TOY29DICE4A RATTLESNAKE15MUSIC/SINGERS8You should never phone call a mrs she looks... What?90BIG-BONED/FLESHY71LIKE she MOTHER3OLD6FACIALLY CHALLENGED3TIRED4PREGNANT3Name an animal starting with the letter "C" that you"d never ever want to eat.90CAT64CHEETAH3CAMEL8COYOTE3COUGAR8COW4If the groom"s dog is his ideal man, surname something he hopes Fido doesn"t carry out at the reception.90WHIZ/DUMP61EAT THE CAKE/FOOD5BARK8PUKE3HUMP/MOM-IN-LAW7EAT THE RING6We request 100 solitary women...Name something her parents always ask about the guy you"re dating.90JOB/RICH?51WHAT RELIGION?5HOW OLD?13CRACKHEAD/DRUGGIE?4PERSONALITY/NICE?12GOOD FAMILY?5Other than feet, name something the runs.90WATER/TOILET37PANTYHOSE8ENGINE/CAR24CLOCK3REFRIGERATOR10NOSES8We asked 100 men...Fill in the blank: Someday, I"d favor to be known as the world"s biggest ________.90LOVER31WRITER7PARENT20MUSICIAN/SINGER5ATHLETE20TEACHER7Name a reason you think men prosper beards.90LAZY/HATE SHAVING30LOOK OLDER3LOOK MACHO/SEXY30NO HAIR top top HEAD3COVER FLAWS/FAT12KEEP WARM12Name other you"d be surprised your grandma go to her hair.89DYED IT/PINK62STRAIGHTENED IT4SHAVED/MOHAWK10BRAIDED/CORNROWS3CUT IT5PERMED/CURLED IT5Name miscellaneous of grandma"s you expect doesn"t finish up in the cookies she bakes you.89TEETH/DENTURES54TOBACCO/ASHES2HAIR/WHISKERS18RING2PILLS/EX-LAX10SNOT3We request 100 single men...Name something her girlfriend start talking about that makes you nervous.89MARRIAGE36SHOPPING5HAVING KIDS25OWNING A HOME3GUYS/PAST LOVER15REDECORATING5Name something you"d it is in surprised to hear Brian Williams to be wearing under his desk.89SHORTS35PANTIES/LACY ONES6HIS SKIVVIES/THONG20FLIP-FLOPS3A KILT/SKIRT16NADA/BARE-BUTTIN"9Name something a person might keep in a cellar.88WINE54FURNACE2FOOD/CANNED GOODS23GUN2DEAD BODIES4TOOLS/A HOOK3Give me one more word people say because that "rear end."88BUTT/BUTTOCKS54BOTTOM3ARSE18HEINIE3BACKSIDE6DERRIERE4You"d more than likely be also scared to run with the bulls. Yet what pet would girlfriend be it s okay running with?88DOGS/PUPPIES53CHICKENS3CATS/KITTENS22RABBITS/BUNNIES2TURTLES4HORSES4Right now, surname something her body"s informing you come do.88EAT/MORE COOKIES38EXERCISE, WUSS!4SLEEP/REST29GO top top A DIET, FATTY!3DRINK/A 407PEE/PINCH A LOAF7Name a factor a woman might choose to be v a chubby man.88FATTY gained MONEY!34HE"S WARM/CUDDLY6SHE"S FAT/DIGS FOOD23HE WON"T CHEAT4SHE"LL watch BETTER12SHE"S IN LOVE9We inquiry 100 married women...Name something her husband erroneously thinks he"s great at.88FIX"G STUFF/REPAIRS30COOKING4TAKING ME to O-TOWN20SHOPPING/GROCERIES3DRIVING/DIRECTIONS20DANCING11We asked 100 men...Name someone you"d hate your mate to say friend reminded she of.87HER EX54POLITICIAN3HER FATHER/MINE16BOZO/A CLOWN3HER BROTHER6HER MOTHER/MINE5You"ve fallen and also you can"t get up. What"s your dog doing?87LICKING mine FACE34STANDING over ME5SLEEPING/LYING DOWN20PEEING/ON ME3STARING18BARKING/WHINING7Name something you favor to it is in real rather of fake.87CHESTICLES/BOOBS33FLOWERS/PLANTS7FOOD/SUGAR17MONEY6JEWELRY/DIAMONDS13PEOPLE/EMOTIONS11Tell me a nickname someone gives their lover that starts with words "sugar."87SUGAR PIE27SUGARPLUM8SUGAR BEAR27SUGAR LIPS5SUGAR BABY/BABE12SUGAR DADDY8We asked 100 married women...Fill in the blank: In the bedroom, mine husband"s superhero name would be ________ Man.87IRON MAN25BATMAN11SUPERMAN24SPIDER-MAN2MINUTEMAN14MACHO MAN11We inquiry 100 men...Name a specific word you"d usage to explain a peach and a woman.87FUZZY20DELICIOUS9SWEET17SOFT8PEACHY17JUICY16Name something grandpa can use grandma"s big underwear for.86CLEANING/RAG58SACK/BOWLING BAG4TO WEAR/AS DO-RAG13TO SAIL/PARASAIL3TOWEL/WASHCLOTH4FLAG/SURRENDER4Name miscellaneous most guys do in the morning that a caveman wouldn"t have actually done.86SHAVE/MANSCAPE49USE TOILET/WIPE5BRUSH TEETH15STYLE HAIR3SHOWER9MAKE COFFEE/BRKFST.5Name something a guy discovers around his fianc�e that would certainly make him call off the wedding.86SHE"S CHEATING46BI/CRAZY 4 COOCHIE4IS/WAS A DUDE20EX-CON/KILLER4SHE"S MARRIED7SHE"S A HOOKER5We inquiry 100 married men...If you chose to live a easier life, name something you"d acquire rid of.86MY PHONE24MY ROTTEN KIDS9MY mam FROM HELL18MY CAR7MY JOB14MY HOME/APARTMENT14Name miscellaneous you talk to that can"t talk back.85DOG/ANIMALS52MIRROR/REFLECTION5TV/MOVIE11COMPUTER5CAR6PLANTS/TREES6Name something Steve Harvey will more than likely never operation out of.85JOKES/LAUGHS51CHARM2MONEY13HEAD SHINE/WAX2SUITS/TIES12ADVICE/STORIES5Name a component of Steve Harvey"s body that"s probably really smooth.85SHINY outright HEAD49PERKY PECS3FACE/JUICY LIPS15GUNS/ARMS3BUTT CHEEKS11BACK4Fill in the blank: road what?85ROAD RAGE39ROADRUNNER5ROADKILL14ROAD CLOSED4ROAD TRIP12ROADBLOCK11During a concert, what can a grandma toss onstage to a sexy old rock star?84BRA35FLOWERS5GRANNY PANTIES24SUPPORT/PANTY HOSE3DENTURES11HAIR/WIG6Name something a woman desires a matching collection of.84EARRINGS/JEWELRY35SHOES10DISHES12TOWELS4UNDERGARMENTS12HOOTERS11Name a U.S. City that starts with the letter "P."84PITTSBURGH31PASADENA3PHILADELPHIA31PEORIA2PORTLAND10PHOENIX7Name someone you"d dislike to realize you drunk dialed last night.84MY EX26911/COPS6MY MOM/DAD18MY IN-LAWS5MY BOSS17PASTOR/THE POPE12We asked 100 men...If you had actually x-ray vision, name a location you"d be certain to use it.84STORE/MALL23THE OFFICE8GYM/LOCKER ROOM23STOCK EXCHANGE7RESTROOMS14BEACH9Name other you"d carry out if a waitress retained sneezing while taking your order.83LEAVE/WALK OUT43COVER mine FACE/FOOD4NEW WAITRESS/TABLE12SPEAK come MANAGER4SAY "BLESS YOU"11OFFER NAPKIN/TISSUE9Give me a word that rhymes with "heart."83FART31PART6CART18TART6SMART16DART6Name a word that rhymes with "pump."83HUMP23BUMP10LUMP15RUMP9DUMP15JUMP11Name something her friend go in your automobile that irritates you.82SMOKES CIGS50TALKS/DIRECTS ME6PLAYS v RADIO8THROWS UP4LITTERS/INSIDE CAR7EATS/TUNA7Name other you"d never want to be sprayed with.82MACE/PEPPER SPRAY34PEE/DIARRHEA BLAST6EAU DE SKUNK22PESTICIDE6ACID8PAINT6We asked 100 married women...Name miscellaneous a wife can put in the cake she bakes for she cheating husband"s birthday.82LAXATIVE30RAZOR BLADE8POISON/ARSENIC23HER WEDDING RING3SALT/PEPPER10DIVORCE PAPERS8Name something the swings both ways.82DOOR/GATE30ROPE/VINE4A SWING21BALL BAT/BATTER3PEOPLE/ANNE HECHE13PENDULUM11Name miscellaneous you"d choose to have actually with you at a nude beach.82BIG TOWEL25AN UMBRELLA6SUNSCREEN25HOTTIE/JESSICA ALBA4A CAMERA13MY CLOTHES9Name miscellaneous a mrs gets when she access time the huge time.82MONEY/GOLD20BOOBS/NIP & TUCK8CLOTHES/JIMMY CHOOS17EGO/"I"M every THAT"6DIAMONDS/JEWELRY16NEW CAR/BEEMER15If you winner the lottery ~ above Monday, what would certainly you hate to have happen on Tuesday?81I absent THE BUCKET34WAKE up FROM DREAM3LOSE THE TICKET21WORLD ENDS3PAY count ON IT11GET SICK/HURT9Name other a pirate could be unpleasant to recognize he didn"t know exactly how to do.81SAIL/NAVIGATE SHIP26TIE A KNOT4SWORD FIGHT20SHOOT GUN/CANNON4SWIM18STEAL/GET TREASURE9At a game, surname something you wouldn"t desire to be recorded doing ~ above the Jumbotron.80PICK/BLOW"G NOSE46SLEEPING5SCORE residence RUN/SEX10SCRATCH"G/MY BUTKUS5EATING8KISS"G/BUD"S DATE6Other 보다 a woman, name something a guy likes for this reason much, he must put a ring ~ above it.80HIS CAR34HIS DOG7REMOTE/TV/SPORTS19FOOD4BEER8HIS "MAGIC JOHNSON"8Name a native or phrase that starts with "hip."79HIP-HOP40HIPPIE6HIPSTER12HIP REPLACEMENT6HIP-HUGGERS9HIP i know good HOORAY6Name other a woman might swing.79HER PURSE31A GOLF CLUB6A BAT16HIPS/MONEY MAKER6A FRYING PAN10HER HAIR/PONYTAIL10If love were really blind, surname something ladies wouldn"t stroked nerves doing to tempt men.78PUT on MAKEUP38DIET6DRESS SEXY/CLEAVAGE13GET NAKED4SHAVE your LEGS9THEIR HAIR8Name something world swallow by accident.78GUM34A TOOTH4COIN16NEEDLE/PIN4BUG/SPIDER15CANDY/LOZENGE5What present do friend think Santa would favor for Christmas?77REST/VACATION32HOT TAIL/MRS. CLAUS4NEW CLOTHES/SUIT18HAND/FOOT WARMERS3FOOD/COOKIES16BOOZE/WHISKEY4Name miscellaneous that have the right to go really wrong at a funeral.77DROP CASKET/BODY32NO BODY/MISSING4WRONG CORPSE16BAD WEATHER4NOT DEAD/SITS UP14MOURNERS LAUGH7Besides the U.S., surname a nation that has the ideal music to dance to.76MEXICO25SPAIN6JAMAICA15RUSSIA6BRAZIL13ENGLAND11Name a component of the body that might pop out.75MY BELLY/BUTTON32MY KNEE CAP7MY EYEBALL11MY ARM/ELBOW5MY RACK/NIPPLE10MY SHOULDER10Name other you host in her hand that helps friend relax.75A stiff DRINK22REMOTE CONTROL6BALL/STRESS BALL21A good BOOK5SOMEONE"S HAND13MONEY8After a face-lift, surname something a human being gets come go along with their new young face.73DUDS/AT FOREVER 2123SMILE/CONFIDENCE8TRENDY HAIRDO13NEW MAKEUP5PERKY new JUGS13YOUNG LOVER11Tell me a great present because that a woman stripper.72THONG/LINGERIE27BIKINI3DOLLAR BILLS24BRAZILIAN WAX3DO-ME HEELS8REGULAR CLOTHES7Name other of yours girlfriend look at and also say, "What was i thinking once I gained that?"71DUDS/HOOKER HEELS46MY PSYCHO CAT3TATTOO/VANILLA ICE9CAR/TRUCK3HAIRSTYLE/WIG6SPOUSE/MATE/EX4Name miscellaneous you could think around getting rid of due to the fact that it"s beginning to do a lot of noise.71MY CAR31MY PET/ROOSTER6MY WASHER/DRYER11MY FRIDGE6MY FAN10MY BED7Name something that"s explained as low-hanging.71FRUIT19CEILING7TREE/BRANCH16PANTS6DUDE/HIS BROVARIES14SAGGY HOOTERS9Name an pet whose tongue reminds friend of Miley Cyrus.69GIRAFFE24DOG9LIZARD/IGUANA11CAMEL6SNAKE/PYTHON10ANTEATER9Name other you keep on doing even though you understand it"s wrong.69PIGGING OUT22DRINKING7SMOKING15GOSSIPING5LYING10SPEEDING10Name miscellaneous that"s long and also wet.68FISH/EEL22WATER SNAKE/SERPENT4NOODLE/SPAGHETTI18A RIVER4A TONGUE11A HOSE9Name an "S" native that defines how dancing makes you feel.67SEXY36SCARED3STUPID12SMOOTH3SILLY10SUAVE3If grandma ran away from home, surname something she"d take v her.66MONEY/PURSE25CANE/WALKER7DENTURES11BIBLE6FAMILY PHOTOS9DOG/PETS8Name a party video game that could take a really lengthy time come play at a nursing home.66TWISTER22BEER PONG5MONOPOLY18BINGO4CHARADES10HIDE & SEEK7If you gained a text article from God, surname something God can tell you to stop doing.65WORRYING/STRESSING18LUSTFULNESS7CUSSING/LORD"S NAME17ARGUING/COMPLAINING5SMOKING CIGS11DRANKIN"/PARTYIN"7Name a TV host who"s nearly as funny as Steve Harvey.65JIMMY FALLON16ALEX TREBEK7ELLEN DEGENERES14JIMMY KIMMEL5DREW CAREY13JAY LENO10Fill in the blank: the only hurts when i what?64LAUGH37FALL4BREATHE8PEE4BEND DOWN/BEND IT6CRY5Name a kind of bird you"d be shocked to watch someone offer at Thanksgiving.64PIGEON18EAGLE7CROW12PARAKEET/PARROT7CHICKEN/GAME HEN12OSTRICH/EMU8Name an occupation whose members might say, "I"ve seen it all."63DR./GYNO/SHRINK23LIMO/CAB DRIVER4POLICE OFFICER20LAWYER3REPORTER/JOURNALIST8NURSE5Birds execute it. Bees execute it.

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But name an animal that provides you wonder exactly how they can possibly do it.63ELEPHANT16WHALE8PORCUPINE15FLY5TURTLE11SNAKE8Name a kind of automobile you"d love to have your ex see you driving.62MERCEDES15JAGUAR8BMW11FERRARI8CORVETTE11PORSCHE9Name a native that adheres to the indigenous "high."61HIGH SCHOOL21HIGH TIDE6HIGH NOON13HIGHWAY6HIGH FIVE8HIGH TIME/TIMES7Finish this expression: Dirty... What?61DANCING18DEEDS7HARRY12DOZEN6DOG/DAWG10LAUNDRY8Name the worst point that can happen to a guy on a an initial date.58NO WALLET/CASH16FARTS prefer HORSE7GETS stand UP14PEES/POOS PANTS6PUKES/DURING KISS8SHE BOLTS7So far, name something in your life you"ve just done once.50GOTTEN MARRIED25COLLEGE/GRADUATED4SKYDIVING7FALLEN IN LOVE3PLANE/CHOPPER RIDE6HAD A BABY5Back come index