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For women anywhere the world, PANDORA charms have come to be a method for them to express your own unique style, pay homage to love ones and honor distinct memories—as well as include a tiny extra flair to whatever outfit they’re wearing.

From sizing a bracelet to just how much charms expense to principles for structure the perfect charm bracelet, below we dive into a number of different object to offer you every little thing you need to know around PANDORA charms.





PANDORA Sterling silver Charms

PANDORA sterling silver- charms are possibly some of the most famous charms in our collection. From an easy to fancy and level to ornate, over there are practically 200 sterling silver- charms to choose from, and all are 92.5% (.925) pure silver and also nickel free.

PANDORA silver & gold Charms

Two-tone silver and gold PANDORA charms function a charming mix that both beautiful metals, and also bring a unique shimmer to any kind of bracelet or necklace.

PANDORA Murano Glass Charms

PANDORA Murano charms room hand-crafted indigenous Italian Murano glass and include a unique pop that color and also design to your jewelry. All the colors and also designs room actually in the glass, no painted on the outside.

PANDORA Disney Charms

one of the many popular varieties of PANDORA Charms space PANDORA Disney charms, which record all the magic and also imagination that your favorite Disney characters have motivated in her life. From Tinkerbell and also Minnie computer mouse to eye White and Winnie the Pooh, this collection features nearly 80 various charms to select from.
Typically, the many affordable charms are openwork sterling silver charms. A an excellent example is the renowned Motherly Love Charm. At just $25, this charm features an setup of hearts neighboring the word “Mom.”
The many expensive PANDORA charms room gold charms, which space all make from 14K gold. The most expensive charm is the Pave brilliant Heart yellow Charm featuring genuine diamonds priced at $620.

How much does a PANDORA charm bracelet cost?

Much favor PANDORA charms, the cost of a PANDORA bracelet varies depending on the material and style. Before adding charms, the shortest priced bracelet in the PANDORA collection is the black Multi-Strand Bracelet at $35, and also the many expensive bracelet is the PANDORA yellow Charm Bracelet in ~ $1,415. However, most PANDORA bracelets, favor the people below, are priced in between $45 and also $80.

How to size a PANDORA Bracelet

PANDORA arm bands come in a variety of lengths. To recognize the bracelet size you need, take the following steps:

2. Add 1 extra customs to the measure to give you the room you need to add charms. 3. Choose the size that is the next to your measurement.Sizes are:• 16 centimeter / 6.3 customs • 17 cm / 6.7 inch • 18 centimeter / 7.1 customs • 19 cm / 7.5 inches • 20 cm / 7.9 inches • 21 cm / 8.3 customs • 23 cm / 9.1 inches

How numerous Charms fit on a PANDORA Bracelet?

Depending top top the size of the charms you choose, your bracelet length, and how you want your PANDORA bracelet come fit, girlfriend can commonly fit 17 come 22 charms. This number has two clips and any spacers you pick. In addition, if you pick to add a safety chain, this will take up the space of 2 charms.

How to placed Charms ~ above PANDORA Bracelets

Most PANDORA charms are designed to screw onto arm bands so the in the unlikely event that her bracelet clasp to be to come unclasped, your charms will not fall off.

Most standard sterling silver and also gold arm bands are separated into 3 sections separated by threaded areas.

To add brand-new charms1. Gently open the clasp. If her bracelet has actually a barrel clasp, insert her fingernail in the groove and gently twist to popular music it open, or use the comfortable PANDORA clasp opener.2. Then gently screw on her charm end the threading. Once it is end the thread, it will loosely slide right into the non-threaded area.3. To move your charm farther follow me your bracelet, repeat step 2 at each threaded area.

How to select the Perfect Charm

There are an ext than 800 PANDORA charms to pick from to develop a beautiful and unique item of jewelry. Even if it is you’re in search of a distinct gift or ready to start your an initial bracelet, listed below we dive right into some tips because that picking the perfect charms.

How to select Charms for a Gift

No matter if you’re looking for a gift for a distinct occasion or just because, PANDORA’s huge choice of offers you seemingly endless alternatives for finding a something the is beautiful and also meaningful.

To aid you make your selection, listed below are some charm ideas for few of the people who may be on your list:


Your Sister

The love and friendship in between two sisters is like no other. Even if it is you want to it is in sentimental or remind she of a funny memory, yes a PANDORA charm that have the right to say simply the appropriate thing. Above are some of our suggestions.

The sporting activities Fan

If you have actually an athlete or an avid sporting activities fan on her list, PANDORA sports and also hobby charms have the right to represent the love and passion they have. Over are few of our favorites the showcase the wide selection of sports and also recreation charm available.

How to pick Charms for an currently Collection

Whether you’re looking to add to an developed bracelet as a gift, or expand your very own collection that charms, right here are a couple of ways to decision which charms to choose.

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PANDORA charm bracelets are a representation of the points we love and also hope for in life. Choose charms that have actually special definition to the gift recipient or yourself. One more easy way to means to coordinate charms is through a one-of-a-kind bracelet theme. Some concepts include:


Places Traveled

The experiences us have and also the memories we create during our travels end up being important piece of that we are. From cruising the open up seas come digging her toes in the sand in ~ a tropical beach, create a PANDORA bracelet that captures your favourite traveling memories. Over are few of the most popular travel charms to give you some

Holidays or Seasons

native Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day to summer and also fall—the possibilities for developing a bracelet it is the perfect accessory on your favorite vacation or periods are seemingly limitless with the thousands of PANDORA charms in our collection. Over are few of our favorite winter season and holiday charms to provide you part inspiration.