The Beatles were among the most famed rock and also pop teams in history. The “Fab Four”, as the Beatles were called, came from Liverpool, England. Many of the song were composed by john Lennon and Paul McCartney. George Harrison play the lead guitar and also Ringo Starr play drums. In the past 50 years the Beatles have sold end a billion records and CDs. Lock had much more number one access time than any other British popular music group.

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Towards the finish of the 1950s man Lennon formed a group dubbed the “Quarrymen”. Approximately 1960 they changed their name a few times but finally dubbed themselves the Beatles. In the early on phase the Beatles were influenced by American rock and also roll musicians like Chuck Berry and also Elvis Presley. In 1961 a Liverpool record store owner, Brian Epstein, ended up being their manager. The very first hit single Love Me Do became an immediate success. Adolescents all end England went crazy when they saw and heard the new stars, not only due to the fact that of the music but due to the fact that of your personality and new hairstyle.


The Beatles man Lennon (top left), Paul McCartney (top right) George Harrison (bottom left), Ringo Starr (bottom right)

In 1964 the Beatles toured the United states for the an initial time. A TV appearance in the legendary Ed Sullivan Show, one of the most popular TV reflects at the time, do them stars at once. Hundreds of young Americans visited the concerts and also mass panic broke out wherever the Beatles appeared. Beatlemania to be born.

In the center of 1960s the Beatles started an altering their music. That became much more poetic, melodic and also meaningful. Lennon and also McCartney began to compose lyrics about many the society’s problems. The Beatles additionally started come experiment with digital music and other instruments. In 1966 lock played their last concert and also concentrated on making music in a studio.

Although the second component of the 1960s was an extremely successful and the Beatles released a variety of hit singles, including Hey Jude, let It it is in or Get Back, the members that the band started to quarrel and pursue their very own interests. In 1970 they ultimately broke up ~ 8 effective years. Every one of the Beatles began solo careers: john Lennon sang through his wife Yoko Ono, Paul McCartney began a new group referred to as the Wings. Ringo Starr and George Harrison also began to sing alone.

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Fans around the civilization hoped for a reunion that the “Fab Four” however when john Lennon was shot to fatality by a fanatic exterior his apartment in brand-new York in 1980 the civilization knew the the Beatles would never perform with each other again. George Harrison was died of cancer in 2001.

also though their active career lasted just for a brief time the legendary Beatles tho live top top in the mind of millions of pop music fans about the world.