Answer: the only letter that’s not in any kind of U.S. State name is “Q”

This previous week we consisted of some hard-hitting journalism in the sports ar of ours newsletter. Follow to Deadspin sources, who asked for anonymity for are afraid of retaliation, no NBA team has actually an “F” in its name. That’s appropriate – out of the thirty teams that at this time comprise the national Basketball Association, no conference has any teams v the letter F in their name. Below is the full list of teams in situation you must see this phenomenon v your very own eyes. If the gravity of the case is, that course, satirical, among our readers sent us an exciting factoid that is strikingly similar, other than instead that NBA teams, it needs to do through U.S. State names. That being said, there’s only one letter that’s no in any U.S. State name, and after finding out what that is, one can absolutely see why it provides sense.

As mentioned by Meghan Jones the Reader’s Digest, the only letter the is no in any type of U.S. State surname is the letter “Q”. “That’s right”, claims Jones.” 50 different names, and not among them contains the letter Q. Every various other letter of ours alphabet reflects up at the very least once (well, uneven you counting these 6 letter that dropped the end of our alphabet). Now, there room a handful of various other rare letter that only show up in a couple of state names for this reason if “J”, “Z”, “X” or B” came to mind, you were close. As Jones mentions:

“If you guessed J or Z, though, you to be close—and probably don’t live in new Jersey or Arizona, since those space the only states the contain J and also Z, respectively. There space a pair of various other rare letters, too, that only show up twice. No states other than Alabama and Nebraska have actually a B in their name, and also California and also Florida are the just state names the contain F. If X was your guess, you were additionally close—the rare letter renders an figure in only brand-new Mexico and Texas.”


The just letter that’s no in any kind of U.S. State name is “Q”

One last letter that’s a bit shy when it comes to state surname is the letter “P”. It’s only in Pennsylvania, brand-new Hampshire, and Mississippi, where it it s okay the most love. Puerto Rico obviously has the letter “P” in it, but it’s a U.S. Territory, and also not a U.S. State, although there have been pushes because that it to obtain statehood. At the finish of the day, uneven the joined States provides Qatar a state (which has actually a negative percent chance of happening), then don’t host your breath for the letter “Q” to go into the alphabet that state names.

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Qatar, by the way, is among the only nations with the letter “Q” in that name. The others room Equatorial Guinea, Iraq, and Mozambique.