I lost my manual for the 6.5NH when the computer took a dump. I found it on the net for free a couple years ago, but can"t find it again. Could somebody point me it the right direction? Thanks

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Unfortunately I removed the Id plate when I started cleaning this thing up to paint it. I put it somewhere for safe keeping, so it wouldn"t get lost. Well I can"t remember where I put it. It"ll turn up when I least expect it. I found its twin on e-bay. I do remember it"s a 6.5NH year is 1983 C??3 and 1600?? it is a 120v model not change to 240v. Came out of a motorhome, ThanksThis is what I got off e-bayONAN 6.5NH3CR /16004PB853 881926---------- Post added at 09:36 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:34 PM ----------Forgot the e-mail, Thanks again ponelson

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If is really a 6.5KW NH spec P, then there are a whole lot of options for which are your manuals. You said it came out of an RV, so we"ll go with those manuals. If they don"t match what you have, you"ll probably want to find that data plate, or maybe, just maybe, someone can find it from the engine block serial number. The NH spec J to R recreation vehicle gensets use the following manuals:940-0121 Operator"s manual940-0222 Parts manual900-0337 Engine, Generator & Controls Service manual940-0610 Installation manualI don"t have the 940-0121 or 940-0610 manuals. If anyone posts them, please use a download link and I"ll grab them too. But the two you need most are below. 940-0222 is here:http://www.twinslan.net/~n0nas/manu...pec J-P) RV Genset Parts Manual (04-1981).pdf900-0337 is here:http://www.twinslan.net/~n0nas/manu...FA BGA NH RV Gen Service manual (01-1983).pdfThe 940-0751 and 940-0223 manuals are listed as being for a plain NH spec A-R. They should be paired with 940-0120 Operator"s and 900-0196 UN Generator Service manual. The 900-0196 manual is here:http://www.dearteassociazione.org/forum/showthread.php?t=85628http://www.dearteassociazione.org/forum/showthread.php?t=84966The above thread is a list of literature for most Onan generators. Your NH is in post #8, second thumbnail. There seem to be quite a few different models and I"m not 100% sure which is for your NH. If you search dearteassociazione.org by model number or Google search by model number, there is a pretty good chance you"ll find the manual already uploaded somewhere you can get them. If you don"t find them when you search, ask and someone will email them to you. Good luck!