In the computer system game “Sims 3,” players who want to imitate real-life situations, consisting of teenage pregnancy, have the right to do so with the assist of a cheat. Although the option to make your center a statistic is not had with the game, you can use a mode to accomplish your goal of impregnating your teenaged Sim.

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Pregnancy in “Sims 3”

In “Sims 3,” pregnancy is highly regarded. Pregnant Sims who were on the verge of becoming an elder do not age throughout the pregnancy. A pregnant center does no die. Even if you use a cheat the would generally knock off her Sim, she will certainly not die. Throughout the pregnancy, the sim stays home until the is time to offer birth. Once the baby"s due date arrives and the Sim mom goes into labor, she will certainly drop everything and also hurry come the hospital.

Pregnant Teens

Normally, pregnant teens are not permitted in “The Sims” games. Teens are not permitted to “WooHoo” or “Try for Baby,” which leader to pregnancy. In ~ most, a teen can kiss and also hug her secure boyfriend. Teens are encouraged to have a partnership through aspirations and also wants, but teenage relationships end at walking steady. After a teenager i do not care a young adult, she can become engaged to and also marry her steady boyfriend.

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Mod the Sims

If you are set on your teenaged Sim having actually a baby, you deserve to use a cheat come impregnate the girl. A mode is necessary for a teen to have a baby. Mods permit you to alter the settings of the game and also perform actions girlfriend normally can not do. A pregnancy mod is accessible to download and install on your Windows-based computer system that will enable you to tinker with the “Sims 3” pregnancy settings.

Using the Mod

Save the mod document to your computer"s desktop. After ~ the download completes, relocate the document into the "Sims 3" folder on her computer. The folder"s path is "C/Program Files/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3." create a new folder in the game"s folder and title that "Mods." open up the newly created folder and create a new folder title "Packages." Extract the mod files into the "Packages" folder. Begin the “Sims 3” game and open your sim household. The teenager should now have actually the choice to “Try for Baby.”

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