When the Saints walk Marching In is a renowned old track that has actually only five NOTES - appropriate for a young musician! 


the piano paper music, or lead sheets here, free.

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This arrangement may look at difficult, but if you research it carefully you will check out that the hands "take turns" - simpler than play together.

"When the Saints" has gained three big things going because that it:

It is a strong, acquainted melody with several repetition.It uses just 5 notes!  5 notes i beg your pardon sit nicely right into the 5-finger scale place of the beginner pianist"s hand...Once the melody is learned, it can be "jazzed up" with straightforward or more facility left hand chord trends - or turned into a duet with an easy boogie chords!

Here is the level melody through alpha-notes added for the more quickly beginners: 


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Sometimes youngsters who aren"t supplied to chord symbols (in this song, the capitol Cs, Gs, and F) are confused when they show up over the melody line, and suppose the they indicate what the note is! 

Because the this organic assumption, I generally will suggest at among the chord icons in a brand-new song, and say to mine student, "What execute you think that is?" 

This is valuable to them - and additionally to me.  I find out just how much my college student is understanding!

Here is the same arrangement, however with only a few of the letters-in-the-notes to provide confidence come timid newbies:


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Check out a an elaborate version of the Pachelbel Canon that even elementary students deserve to play!

If you desire a plain key of C arrangement with no letter in the notes, download the C variation of the command sheets below:


The web links for the piano arrangements:

Download when the Saints for two hands, jazzy primary school arrangement

Download easiest setup of when the Saints, v letters in the note-heads

Download "helper" plan of as soon as the Saints

The web links to the leadsheets:

Download once the Saints lead sheet in A

Download when the Saints command in Bb

Download when the Saints in C

Download command sheet in D

Download "Saints" in Eb

Download when the Saints lead in F

Download Saints command in G

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