Spelling rule - Words finishing in Y

On this page are rules because that spelling indigenous that finish with the letter y in addition to examples of indigenous that finish in y.

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Change of y come i:

Words ending in y preceded by a consonant, readjust the y to ns and include es or ed.

Words: puppy - puppies military - armies supply - gives sky - skies party - next library - libraries depend - relies marry - marries concept - theories study - studies use - applies
Words ending in y preceded by a vowel, just add s Words: boy - boys toy - toys employ - employs sink - valleys delay - delays convey - conveys pray - prays continue to be - remains
Adding a suffix: Words ending in y before a consonant usually adjust the y come i prior to a suffix.

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Words: happy - happiness beauty - beautiful liven - business mystery - mysterious luxury - luxurious fancy - fanciful envy - envious mercy - merciless ordinary - ordinarily vary - variance apply - appliance
But some verbs finishing in y perform not drop the y prior to ing Words: research - studying hurry - hurrying relay - forward pray - praying portray - portraying apply - applying

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