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Just as soon as you believed you had actually it all figured out . . ."Alex Peter Gregory, you room a moron!" Laurie slammed her palms down on mine desk and stomped her foot. I gain a the majority of that.One automobile crash.One measly little car crash. And also suddenly, I"m some kind of convicted felon.My parents are acquiring divorced, mine dad is shacking up v my third-grade teacher, I could be in love with a girl who might kill me v one finger, and also now I"m sentenced come babysit some insane old guy.What else can possibly go wrong? This is the story that Alex Gregory, his guitar, his finest gal pal Laurie, and the friendship the a life time that he never would have actually expected.

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Jordan Sonnenblick is the author of the acclaimed Drums, girl & attention Pie, After ever before After, note from the Midnight Driver, Zen and also the arts of Faking It, Falling over Sideways, and also The secret Sheriff of 6th Grade. He stays in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, v his wife and two children.

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Praise for Drums, girls & danger Pie:"A brave publication . . . Jordan Sonnenblick carries it off through such charm and also elan, you forget for a minute your love is breaking." —Frank McCourt, author of Angela"s Ashes* "Sonnenblick mirrors that even in the midst of tragedy, life goes on, love deserve to flower, and the one thing you can always adjust is yourself." —Booklist, starred review"The reader falls in love through the brothers, laughing and also crying by turns and rooting for both of them till it nearly hurts." —Kirkus ReviewsPraise for After ever After:* “As hilarious as it is tragic, and as honest as it is hopeful, don"t confused this publication with inspirational reading. It"s irresistible reading.” —Booklist, starred review* “Sonnenblick"s intimate first-person story of survival . . . Will leave an emotional, uplifting imprint.” —School Library Journal, starred review“Jordan Sonnenblick continues Jeffrey"s story in his signature format using an really teenage voice and also laugh-out-loud humor.” —TeensReadToo.comPraise because that Notes native the Midnight Driver:* “ funny, bittersweet tourism de force.” —Booklist, starred review* “Readers nodding v recognition, sighing in sympathy, and gasping through laughter—often top top the same page.” —The Horn Book, starred review* “Sonnenblick revisits several crucial themes native his debut novel, Drums, girl & dangerous Pie, to even greater impact here.” —Publishers Weekly, starred reviewPraise for Zen and also the arts of Faking It:* “Wildly funny.” — Kliatt, starred review“This light-hearted instance comedy is peppered with actual Zen insight.” —Bulletin the the center for Children"s Books“Hilarious and heart-wrenching.” —Kirkus Reviews“The writing is fresh, the personalities appealing, and it looks like the writer has one more hit.” —Oakland Tribune

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Gr 8 Up—One night, 16-year-old Alex it s okay the brilliant idea to drive over come his father"s house and also tell him off for leave his mother. However, there are a pair of points wrong through this plan. Alex doesn"t have a car, so decides to use his mother"s. Also, the doesn"t have a license and he"s invested the night drinking the vodka the his father left once he moved out. Alex doesn"t gain far prior to he crashes the car and winds increase on the neighbor"s lawn. That"s more than sufficient to gain him arrested because that drunk driving and sentenced come community organization as a volunteer companion that sorts for Solomon Lewis, a resident at a local nursing home. Solar is a cantankerous emphysema patience who has actually driven away numerous past volunteers. What appears at very first like a dreadful match—the first words the end of Sol"s mouth room insults about Alex"s posture and also intellect—becomes a strong relationship once the two bond over jazz etc music. Jordan Sonnenblick"s story (Scholastic, 2009) unfolds with Alex"s very first person narration. Narrator Peter Berkrot gives a clear and also well-paced performance as the teen. He properly navigates the more an overwhelming role that Sol, complete with his crotchety personality, Yiddish sayings, and health problems (wheezing, coughing, and difficulty breathing). Listeners are treated come a story the friendship, love, and also forgiveness told v humor and heart.—Amanda Raklovits, Champaign publicly Library, IL