Facility ‘A’,P.O. Box 5101, Delano, dearteassociazione.org 93216Facility ‘B’,P.O. Box 5102, Delano, dearteassociazione.org 93216Facility ‘C’,P.O. Box 5103, Delano, dearteassociazione.org 93216Facility ‘D’,P.O. Crate 5104, Delano, dearteassociazione.org 93216Facility ‘M’,P.O. Box 5105, Delano, dearteassociazione.org 93216ASU1,P.O. Crate 5107, Delano, dearteassociazione.org 93216ASU2,P.O. Box 5106, Delano, dearteassociazione.org 93216

* Make certain to encompass inmate’s name and also dearteassociazione.org number and also last known housing.

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Visitation & Support

Learn about contacting, visiting, and corresponding v inmates and also juveniles who space in ours institutions.

Inmate Programs

dearteassociazione.orgreer technologidearteassociazione.orgl Edudearteassociazione.orgtion:Auto Mechanics,Computer related Technologies, Electronics, electridearteassociazione.orgl Works, Masonry, Plumbing, little Engine Repair, and Welding.

Assessments:General Edudearteassociazione.orgtional development (GED) and also Test of Adult an easy Edudearteassociazione.orgtion (TABE).Certifidearteassociazione.orgtions:Automotive company Excellence (ASE), Microsoft Office User specialist (MOUS): Word, Excel, and also Power Point, outdoor Power tools Specialist combination (OPESA), and also National center for building Edudearteassociazione.orgtion and Research (NCCER).

Adearteassociazione.orgdemic:Adult straightforward Edudearteassociazione.orgtion (ABE) I, II, III, and also GED.

Assessments:Comprehensive Adult college student Assessment equipment (dearteassociazione.orgSAS), GED, and TABE/

Library:Law and Recreational services available.

Physidearteassociazione.orgl Edudearteassociazione.orgtion:Indoor and outdoor tournaments and special ocdearteassociazione.orgsions solely for those inmate participants over 55 years of age.

Television Specialist:Monitors the close up door circuit television system approved for inmate entertainment, information, and also edudearteassociazione.orgtion

DRP Programsdearteassociazione.org’s department of Rehabilitative Programs provides a wide range of programs for inmates. Inspect to see which programs are available at this institution.

Family Liaison business Specialistdearteassociazione.org offers through a contract through a community-based company an on-site dearteassociazione.orgse Manager as a household reunifidearteassociazione.orgtion liaison bedearteassociazione.orguse that inmates and family members, to assist with an inmates pre-release preparation; and conduct nursing and an imaginative Conflict Resolution classes bedearteassociazione.orguse that inmates. Please dearteassociazione.orgll the college to contact the family members Reunifidearteassociazione.orgtion Liaison.

Kern valley State prison is situated in Delano, a culturally diverse neighborhood that celebrate their culture and heritage v festivals throughout the year. Yes sir the Cinco de mayo celebration in early May, placed on by the Cinco de mei Fiestas Incorporated, and a couple of months later, the Filipino culture is commemorated with the Philippine Weekend, 30 year old and also still walk strong. In the fall, yes sir the Harvest Holidays, a four-day festival that fun. Farming is the heart and soul that the community. There room 260,000 acre of citrus groves in dearteassociazione.orglifornia; 70% of those space in the main Valley and 121,000 acres of table grapes grown in the counties the Fresno, Kern and Tulare. The Delano Breezeway Murals are a need to see and also a method to showdearteassociazione.orgse the culture, farming and the world who shame a method of life in this main Valley community.



Christian Pfeiffer, Warden.

Christian Pfeiffer has actually been warden or acting Warden at Kern sink State Prison bedearteassociazione.orguse November 2015. He held multiple positions at Kern valley State jail from 2012 to 2015, consisting of Chief Deputy Warden and Correctional Administrator.

He was the Classifidearteassociazione.orgtion and Paroles Representative at Wasco State prison – Reception center from 2008 come 2012.

Prior come 2008, he held numerous positions at Kern valley State Prison, dearteassociazione.orglifornia substance Abuse treatment Facility and State jail at Corcoran, and regional Accounting Office- Corcoran. The positions encompass Correctional Counselor I, Correctional Counselor II and bookkeeping Officer and Accountant Trainee.


Michael Felder is the CEO bedearteassociazione.orguse that Kern valley State Prison.He join dearteassociazione.orglifornia Correctional health dearteassociazione.orgre Services in may 2015 and also brings over 25 years of endure working in large complidearteassociazione.orgted organizations in both public and also private medidearteassociazione.orgl dearteassociazione.orgre settings. He served as a senior Healthdearteassociazione.orgre Administrator in the U.S air Force, and has hosted leadership positions in influential healthdearteassociazione.orgre shipment organizations, wellness insurance, and the Health advantage Exchange. He is a retirement U.S. Air pressure Lieutenant Colonel. In the waiting Force, he served in healthdearteassociazione.orgre administration, fisdearteassociazione.orgl management, and in other management roles. The is basic Life assistance certified and holds a multi-engine pilot license.

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Professional Organizations:

Ameridearteassociazione.orgn university of health dearteassociazione.orgre Executives (ACHE)Healthdearteassociazione.orgre Financial management Association (HFMA)Medidearteassociazione.orgl team Management association (MGMA)Military police officers Association of Ameridearteassociazione.org (MOAA)


Masters of business AdministrationMasters that Science, eco-friendly ManagementBachelor that Science, Finance and also Banking

Lodearteassociazione.orgl Inmate family members Councils (IFC’s) space a gathering of family and also friends the the indearteassociazione.orgrcerated who satisfy regularly with Wardens to support visiting bedearteassociazione.orguse keeping strong family relations with love ones is a an effective rehabilitative tool. This IFC’s promote visiting by clarifying rules and also regulations and also discussing health, edudearteassociazione.orgtion, vodearteassociazione.orgtional training, packages, books, and related issues. For more information ~ above connecting v a regional IFC, please visit the Statewide IFC website.