1. Metals are malleable : Metals deserve to be hammered or beaten right into thin sheets there is no breaking. Malleable way that metallic bond in the metals do no break easily. Yellow (Au), silver (Ag) are very malleable elements. Metals have the right to be made right into thin foils due to the fact that they room malleable.

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2. Metals are ductile : Metals can be melted and also drawn into thin wires. As such property, metals are known as ductile. The ductility property follows from the malleability property. When being attracted into wires, steels are stretched. Since of the solid metallic bonds, the metal atoms execute not different easily. Silver (Ag), copper (Cu), aluminum (Al) are really ductile, an extremely thin wires have the right to be made the end of this elements.

3. Metals are an excellent Conductors that Heat and also electricity : In metals, the binding are developed by overabundance or totally free electrons moving around big array the atoms. These electrons room able to conduct electricity and also heat. Silver- (Ag), copper (Cu), aluminum (Al) are great conductors of heat and also electricity. Amongst metals, lead (Pb) is a bad conductor the electricity.

4. Metals have actually lustre : Metals typically can be very polished. The digital structure of metals is such that the metals are able to reflect event light. This gives metal the characteristic metallic lustre. Gold (Au), silver (Ag), copper (Cu), platinum (Pt) have the right to be polished and also give turn off a an excellent lustre.

5. Metals are very tensile : Due to their ductility and malleability properties, metals are very strong. Your bonds execute not break easily as the electron are mutual over range of steel atoms. This provides metals a really high tensile strength, and also metals carry out not break easily.

6. Physics state : Metals are solids in ~ room temperature. Mercury (Hg) is the only exception - the is liquid at room temperature. Thickness of metals is high. Just sodium (Na) and potassium (K) have actually densities less than water. Therefore all metals are difficult materials except sodium and also potassium which room soft metals. Command is also considered to be a soft metal.

7. Brittleness : steels are not brittle. But Zinc (Zn) is one exception. Steels do no break easily since of your metallic bonds.

8. Melting and boiling point out : all metals, various other than sodium (Na) and potassium (K), have high melting and also boiling points. The melting points of sodium (Na) and potassium (K) are below 100°C. The melting suggest of stole is about 1540°C.

9. Solubility of metals : Pure steels are insoluble in solvents like water or in any type of organic solvent. Metals deserve to be dissolved only in acids.

10. Steels are sonorous : Metals make a characteristic sound once hit through an object. Thus metals space sonorous. The sonorousness of metals depends ~ above the temperature and also density.

11. Metals are solid in ~ room temperature other than mercury i m sorry is liquid. Gallium and also caesium have an extremely low melt point. These two melt when held in hand.



Non-metals space not simple or brittle: Non-metals can not be hammered or beaten into thin sheets there is no breaking. Non-metals break right into pieces when hammered or stretched. Sulphur, phosphorous room powders and also cannot be made into a sheet. Brittleness is a characteristic building of non-metals.Non-metals are not ductile: Non-metals cannot be melted and also drawn right into thin wires. Non-metals perform not have complimentary electrons. Hence the bonds between atoms in the aspects are weak and also they snap once stretched. The non-ductility property complies with from the non-malleability or the brittleness property.Non-metals are poor conductors the heat and also electricity: In non-metals, the bonds developed are weak together there space no totally free electrons to share. Other than graphite, which is an allotropic form of carbon, no one of the non-metals are an excellent conductors that heat and electricity. Graphite is may be to conduct electricity because of its distinct crystalline arrangement.Non-metals have no lustre : Non-metals space in the kind of flour or are gaseous. For this reason they cannot be polished and they carry out not have any type of lustre. Most of the powders space dull in colour. Only graphite can be polished to part degree. Iodine shows some lustre together it has much more electrons.Non-metals space not strong: due to their non-ductile and also non-malleable properties, non-metals space not solid at all. Your bonds break easily, together the electrons space not shared.Physical state: Non-metals may exist in solid, fluid or gas state at room temperature. For example sulphur and carbon room solid in ~ room temperature, bromine is liquid and also nitrogen, oxygen are gaseous non-metals.


Melting and also boiling points: All non-metals, have actually low melting and also boiling points. The melting suggest of sulphur (S) is 115°C. Graphite and also diamonds have actually high melt points, however these room exceptions in the non-metals.Solubility of non-metals : Non-metals space soluble in some chemical or necessary solvents. For example iodine (I) is soluble in alcohol.Density of non-metals: Non-metals have low densities as contrasted to metals, which have actually high densities. This method that in non-metals, the atoms space not strong bound. The crystalline volume of non-metals is small.Non-metals room not sonorous: Non-metals perform not make any characteristic sound when hit with an object. Thus non-metals space not sonorous.





Physical Properties

1. State

Metals room solids at simple temperature other than mercury,which is a liquid.

Non-metals exist in every the three states, the is, solid, liquid and gas.

2. Lustre

They own lustre or shine.

They own no luster except iodine and graphite.

3. Malleability and also Ductility

Metals are usually malleable and also ductile.

Non-metals are neither malleable nor ductile.

4. Hardness

Metals are usually hard.

Alkali metals are exception.

Non-metals possess differing hardness. Diamond is one exception. It is the hardest substance well-known to take place in nature.

5. Density

They have actually high densities.

They generally possess short densities.

6. Conductivity

Metals are great conductors of heat and electricity.

Non-metals are bad conductors of warm are electricity. The only exception is graphite i beg your pardon is a good conductor that electricity.

7. Melting and boiling point

They usually have high melting and boiling point.

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Their melting and also boiling allude are usually low. The exceptions space boron, carbon and also silicon.