Don "DC" Curry uses some sage advice on raising kids and also dealing through dysfunctional family members in this stand-up special.

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Johnny Sanchez deals with the challenges of gift both a third-generation immigrant and also a brief guy looking for romance.

Brian Regan discusses the serving size of Fig Newtons, monster food combinations and also the efficiency of his yoga practice routine.

Arj Barker looks ago on the golden age of smoking, opens up up around his terrifying long-distance relationship and describes an enlightening pilgrimage to Ireland.

Darrell Hammond to know why ghosts don"t haunt Brooklyn, reminisces around Bill Clinton"s funny presidency and explains why German isn"t a romance language.
Jim David compares life in brand-new York come his "upwardly mobile home" upbringing in the South and also explains why civilization in your twenties don"t actually recognize anything.
Rene Hicks discusses she homophobic grandfather, remembers breastfeeding on a jumbotron and also gives tips to corridor members.
Pablo Francisco shares his appreciation for Spanish soap operas, defines his disdain for lazy R&B music and also gives an impression the movie preview voiceovers.
Adam Ferrara describes Abraham Lincoln"s demise, ethnic tensions in his L.A. Neighborhood and the absurdity that Easter.
Nick Swardson talks about the worst task he"s ever had, youngsters who space addicted to Pokemon and also his exciting future together a 90-year-old man.
Greg Behrendt opens up up around his voracious appetite for junk food, describes his an initial doomed relationship and also explains why every boy band has a token badass.
Maria Bamford weighs in on internet dating, describes grating voices and relives her time together a temp worker.
Louis Ramey opines ~ above tacky wedding tuxedos, ordering nonexistent fast-food items and lying politicians.
Tom Rhodes talks around his lack of math skills, red flags ~ above a an initial date and also humorless white supremacists.
Ted Alexandro recalls his days as an elementary college teacher and shares his dream of walking to prison one day.
Tom Papa talks around braving the risks of budget-class airlines and coming to state with getting old.
Bil Dwyer imagines opening for The roll Stones, admits he"s jealous of divorced dads and also realizes petting zoos are means more horrific 보다 he remembered.

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Zach Galifianakis prefers come be particular when the cheers at concerts, discovers the root of his unexplained sinus problems and recalls a shameful night of drink in L.A.