Nitrrogen has "5" valence electrons, hydrogen has actually "1" valence electron and chlorine has actually "7" valence electrons.

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Therefore, the total variety of valence electron in ,

= 1(5) + 2(1) + 1(7) = 14

According to electron-dot structure, there room 6 variety of bonding electrons and also 8 number of non-bonding electrons.

Now we have to determine the molecular geometry the .

=4" title="5f4d9">

As, the number of electrons in is 4. So, the hybridization will be and also the digital geometry that the offered molecule will be tetrahedral.

But, together there are three atoms present roughly the central nitrogen atom and the 4th position will certainly be lived in by lone pair that electrons. That means the repulsion between lone and also bond pair of electrons is an ext and therefore the molecule geometry will certainly be trigonal pyramidal.

The Lewis-dot structure and also molecular geometry of are displayed below.


The lewis dots structure is given in the photo attached. The molecule geometry of the offered compound is trigonal pyramidal.


We are provided a molecule the

Lewis dot framework is defined as the framework which help in the decision of number of bonded and non-bonded electrons. In this structure, the electrons are stood for as dots. This structure is determined by counting the number of valence electrons about the atoms.

Valence electron of nitrogen are 5, valence electrons of hydrogen are 1 and valence electron of chlorine are 7.

Thus, the total number of valence electrons that are current in the molecule of are:


From the electron dot structure provided below, that is plainly visible that number of bonding electrons room 6 and number of non-bonding electrons room 8.

Now, to recognize the molecular geometry that

, we use the formula to calculate hybridization.

" title="86ecf">


V = number of valence electrons current in central atom i.e. Nitrogen = 5

N = variety of monovalent atom bonded to central atom = 3

C = charge of cation = 0

A = charge of anion = 0

=4" title="5f4d9">

As, the variety of electrons in is coming the end to it is in 4. So, the hybridization approximately the main metal atom will certainly be and the digital geometry that the given molecule will certainly be tetrahedral.

But, the atoms roughly nitrogen atom space three (1 chlorine and also 2 hydrogen atoms), so the 4th position will certainly be lived in by the lone pair present about nitrogen atom. Thus, the molecular geometry of this molecule will be trigonal pyramidal.

Thus, the lewis dots structure is given in the photo attached. The molecule geometry of the provided compound is trigonal pyramidal.

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- lead + phosphoric acid = hydrogen + lead(ii) phosphate

since the atomic number is the number of protons in the nucleus, together we move to the left on the routine table, the electrostatic pull between the nucleus and also the valence electron shell decreases. As we relocate down a group (vertical column), the valence shell energy level gets further and also further indigenous the nucleus.