Asking myself what I believe is like asking myself come look ago on my previous experiences while ns reminisce on my past. All my beliefs I have actually today space from the obstacles I walk through during my younger years. I remember waking increase every morning speak a prayer and also giving mine life come God. One morning ns watched “A Cinderella Story” and heard a quote on there that stuck to me for life. The quote says “Never permit The fear Of to mark Out keep You From play The Game.” This quote had actually multiple definitions to me that i knew sooner or later I’d share with other young adults who went through comparable things as me. It had actually really opened my eyes and also made me realize the stamin i have gained through mine troubled experience of mine past.

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To placed it the end there, i was beat and also raped multiple times by family member who I called my lifetime finest friend. I had to face this man everyday after that did those points to me. During these events I realized i was the only human that could reach out to those roughly me and inform castle of what was being done. Being raped do me realize i was the just one who might actually speak up and also take action. Speaking up to be my best fear since I didn’t want to get another person that was so close to me in trouble. This man simply walked back into my life come abuse and rape me. Ns couldn’t handle it anymore. I’d go to school and have bruises everywhere my arms.

This has actually taught me that running to who for aid is no striking out but saving yourself from gift hurt and raped. Since this did occur when i was such a young age and also went on for years I now see the action I can have taken and didn’t due to the fact that of fear. I am thankful that my id was one of hurting someone else rather then protecting myself. I think our lives reflect our past experiences. I believe that me being together a compassionate human being kind of conserved my life. To this particular day I look in ~ myself in the mirror and see the reflection of the male who raped me. To now I keep telling myself that exact same quote native tat same movie. “Never allow the fear of striking out save you from play the game.” an interpretation don’t ever be fear to speak up and express what’s yes, really on your mind.

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