Special agent Caitlin "Kate" Todd (portrayed by Sasha Alexander) is a fictional character in the CBS drama NCIS.BiographyCaitlin was a former an enig Service unique Agent; she to be hand choose to defend the President. She broke the rules by dating a co-worker, and chose to resign, prior to she to be fired. NCIS special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs make a quick move and hired Caitlin right after she resigned.Cailtin had a good relationship through Gibbs, the was her mentor and also believed she could end up being a an excellent agent. Kate had a many respect because that Gibbs, and also worked well v him.Kate and Tony DiNozzo were always bickering prefer a pair of school kids or brother and also sister; and yet they were really fond that each various other as has been shown in plenty of episodes. For example, In the episode "SWAK", Kate feeling upset when Tony was infected with Y. Pestis from a letter and they were forced to it is in in quarantine together until it was found out which of the two were infected. Another example the this is as soon as Kate died, Tony felt upset over her death and also pretended that he might see her and talked come her together if she was there<1>.Kate was also Roman Catholic and in plenty of ways a little prudish, as result of her strictly upbringing. The said, she was the winner that a wet t-shirt challenge in 1994, i m sorry Tony found hilarious and tormented she with.Not lot is known around Kate"s family, but she has actually said that she has actually three brothers, whom she mentions are "practically insane", and also a cousin named Maureen Ingalls. She additionally had a sister life in Miami who she was closer to. She claimed she always lists she sister together her emergency contact.She to be a talented sketch artist; an early episode verified she had attracted accurate caricatures that the team: reflecting Tony lusting after ~ a pretty girl and Abby together a bat. She additionally drew among Gibbs as well, however managed to adjust the subject before it was revealed because she had likewise sketched specific likeness that a suspect. In the episode "Twilight", McGee witnessed her together she was illustration Tony. In Season three when Ziva David join the team full-time and also moves into Kate"s cubicle, she gift Gibbs with Kate"s lay out pad i m sorry is presented to incorporate a map out of Gibbs. She delighted in working ~ above the NCIS team although she to be a bit surprised to find herself bending rules favor Gibbs and Tony to get the details they necessary to trap some suspect or other. For example, in the episode "A Weak Link", she argued they hack into a device to get the information they required for a certain case.Kate had an possibility to death Ari when he broke into the NCIS autopsy lab, and shot Gerald, however found she to be unable to perform so since of the look at in his eyes. Gibbs review her the lytic act for this. (The episode finished with the tip she could have experienced a minor situation of Stockholm syndrome i m sorry prevented her from acquisition action)<2>.Kate and Tony used to gang up top top McGee and also tease him, although he eventually realized it to be just part of gift a probie. However, in season two, Kate began to have much more respect because that McGee and also started come treat him an ext kindly than in earlier episodes. Kate and also Abby were best friends together they to be the only two females on the continuous team.Tony offered to nose with Kate"s an individual effects consisting of her mobile, PDA and even trash, which annoyed her.DeathKate passed away in the illustration "Twilight" when she was shot in the head by Ari Haswari. The staying members of the team originally thought Ari had actually intended to kill Gibbs however Ari shot and killed Kate since he want to reason Gibbs pain. In the two episodes adhering to her death ("Kill Ari" components 1 and also 2), her teammates every started having fantasies around her and talked to her. Gibbs initially saw visions of Kate blaming the for her death, but at she funeral in "Kill Ari (Part 2)" once Gibbs looks under at she casket and sees a vision of she smiling and also saying "You"re late for my funeral Gibbs", the smiles ago and realises Kate would certainly not blame him for she death.Trivia perform of miscellaneous info should it is in avoided. You re welcome relocate any relevant information into appropriate sections or articles. (April 2009) Her password name as soon as she was in the secret Service to be "Rosefern". She go not prefer to be referred to as Katie. In among the episodes whereby they have an obstacle getting authorization for some info, she suggests they hack into the system. No sooner had she claimed this, she to be shocked to also have said the idea, and said this to be what working with NCIS had done come her, i.e. Expropriate it to be OK to bending the rules now and also again. She to be afraid that the dentist.

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She essential a source canal and kept placing off the appointment until Tony acquired her to walk to a hypnotist, which aided her and also she eventually went come the dentist. Ducky would constantly call her Caitlin, i m sorry she didn"t seem to mind.