when Do Naruto & Hinata begin Dating? Naruto and also Hinata may be among the best couples that the series, however it have the right to take just one mediocre first date come extinguish the lover"s spark.

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Naruto kissing Hinata
Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga are two experienced ninjas who might not be much more different in nature, yet rather 보다 be deterred by this differences, the two instead uncover love. And what far better way come celebrate this love 보다 over a key of ramen?

Introduced in #34 of the Naruto manga as the awkward classmate that Konoha"s boisterous knucklehead ninja Naruto Uzumaki, Hinata had her eyes set on him since childhood. For much of component 1 the the Naruto manga series, the titular young ninja continued to be oblivious to Hinata"s strong romantic feelings. After almost being eliminated by her very own cousin Neji during the highly competitive Chunin Exams, Naruto"s own self-confidence instills a new sense that confidence into the initially reserved Hinata, who was discouraged from becoming the heiress of she clan largely as result of her timid nature. Hinata is no able come profess she true feelings towards Naruto till the two are well into their teenage years, while their home village of Konoha is under attack by the fearsome leader of the Akatsuki Pain, who has actually come for Naruto, and also Hinata is eventually all the ends increase standing in the rogue ninja"s way.

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The unexpected fatality of Neji during the series" climactic fourth Shinobi people War would again unite Naruto and also Hinata in a passionate manner. It was Neji"s loss of Hinata in ~ the Chunin Exams that would bond Naruto and also Hinata close come one another and now it to be his death that would carry them with each other again. Complying with the war, Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto would certainly compose a Naruto unique Extra chapter manga short story title After The Last portraying the long-awaited very first date in between Naruto and Hinata, in order to appease longtime fans of the series.

The last Naruto The Movie
Serving as a follow as much as Naruto and also Hinata"s an initial kiss in 2014"s The Last: Naruto the Movie, After The critical would help fill in the gaps between the finish of the fourth Shinobi civilization War and also Naruto"s tenure together Konoha"s hokage, particularly Naruto and also Hinata"s budding romance. Attempting to treat his new girlfriend come a pleasant meal, Naruto"s stunted funds propels Hinata to command them come an affordable popular eatery in the village, Ramen Ichiraku. Given that the Ramen Ichiraku shop offered as Naruto and also a grasp of other ninja"s favourite restaurants throughout most of the series, the seemed suitable that Ichiraku would become the very first official date spot that the collection power couple.

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Following the war in the manga"s main series, Hinata is promptly shown as the wife to Naruto in addition to their youngsters Bortuo Uzumaki and also Himawari Uzumaki after a 15-year time skip. However, having a one-shot the sorts devoted to the date phase that the connection is a satisfied treat for fans that have complied with Naruto and Hinata"s journey due to the fact that the at an early stage days of the series.