So looking at the top names mine husband and I agree ~ above the typical thread is the they save the letter ‘v’Any suggestions to include to our list? Do friend think they sound okay with a last name that starts v ‘F’ ?Girls: Violet & Maeve Boys: Donovan, Trevor, Evander, Kevin, Everett / Maybe: Vince, Vance & Vaughn(Unfortunately we cannot use Averie/Avery, Olivia, Giovanni or Gavin)

I love Donovan, Everett & Vince. Also, Savannah.

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If the next baby is a girl, ns really favor Violet, Maeve & Evelyn.

If the next baby is a boy, I choose Violet, Maeve & Sullivan.

Without understanding the precise F-surname, I’d say any type of of those go simply fine.



I like Maeve and Everett!



The only ones ns don’t treatment for space Kevin, Vince (on the own) and Vance.They are simply a bit old.The rest are nice. They need to sound fine through an F critical name.


For the gals:VesperVandraViennaVeniceValenciaLavoraAvalonVivaViolaVivaleneVictoria

From your list, I favor Violet, Maeve, Donovan, Evander, and Everett.

I also like:AvivaAvrilCloverGenevieveJovyLaviniaSylvia/SylvieTaviValeriaVerityVirginia


Violet and also Maeve are gorgeous. No keen on Savannah.

Girls: Violet & MaeveBoys: Donovan, Evander, & Everett are all good.

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V’s one of my favourite letters. However not all the surname I favor with v’s in castle seem choose your style. I’ll reduced my list to what appears to come closest. Maybe:Girls: Viola, Vivien, Viveka, Valeria, Aviva, Ravenna, Veronica, Livia, Genevieve, Flavia, Vesper, OctaviaBoys: Corvid, Corvin, Gavriel, Zevulun, Zev, Avi, Reuven, Vincent



Wow! the was a lot much more than i expected, thanks everyone!jamjam: Genevieve, Evangeline, Vivienne & Valentina room all gorgeous, yet I think a tiny too frilly/girly because that my taste and other sibset options…Schickler: He favored Neve & Haven!

niteowl13: Glad human being seem come think an ‘F’ last name will job-related with these. I was afraid Maeve F… would certainly run together too much?Prairiekeeper: I prefer Van as the nn for Donovan. I also liked Vienna & Victoria from her girl suggestions!Mayday: I favor Avril yet hubby claims he had a like on Avril Levigne so that’d be weird because that him lol I prefer Oliver tooStriped Socks:
Some the the suggestions (for example Ever/Everly) my hubby was baffled that they exist together “real” name hahaHe is still set on Violet or Maeve & Donovan. I’d still prefer to find another boy name us love prefer we love the 2 girl choices.


thanks bpsdancer1 ! We prefer Haven!

Any more boy suggestions? Even part that don’t have a ‘v’ but would fit in v our style? So much we favor Donovan, Ronan, Colin, Trevor, Evander, August, James (I lean in the direction of Irish-origin names). Since we have 2 set girl names we’re feather to expand the boy list. Thanks!!