L>"Family Feud" surveys | Season 16 | 8-answer surveysName a component of her body the looks bigger as soon as you"re naked than once you"re dressed.100MY GUT/WAIST50MY WMD/PACKAGE5MY JELL-O BOOTY19MY FEET/TOES4THE guideline SISTERS10MY HIPS2MY LEGS/THIGHS8MY HEAD2Name a authorize that her girlfriend could be transforming into a cat.100MEOWS/PURRS37EATS FRISKIES4CLAWS/SCRATCHES21HISSES4GROWING WHISKERS18GETTING FURRY4GROWING A TAIL10USES LITTER BOX2We inquiry 100 women...If a man is ugly, he"d better have a beautiful what?99PERSONALITY31CAR/ROLLS-ROYCE9SMILE/MOUTH17HOUSE4HEART/SOUL17WIFE/CHICK4BANK ACCT/JOB14BOD/MAN-CAN3Name other a housefly die from that you"d dislike to be the reason of your death.98FLYSWATTER74NO AIR3BUG SPRAY6SICK/FROM EAT"G POO3STARVATION5DROWNING/IN CEREAL2HEAT3FLYPAPER2We inquiry 100 married women...Name something her husband had far better not it is in holding when you come house from work.98A WOMAN/MY BFF65PORN5THE REMOTE10A PINK SLIP3"PRINCE HAIRY"6A VIBRATOR2HIS SUITCASE5A DUDE/MY BROTHER2Nobody desires to see images of her what?98BODY/HAIRY BUTT65EX4KIDS/GRANDKIDS9FOOD/DINNER2VACATION8COLONOSCOPY2PET/DOG6HOUSE/BATHROOM2Name miscellaneous a Barbie doll has that a man could wish his mam had.98SMOKIN" BOD57COOL CAR/CORVETTE3LONG/BLONDE HAIR16HOT CLOTHES/SHOES3HOT FACE/SMILE9NO VOICE3MALIBU DREAMHOUSE5MONEY/SUCCESS2Name miscellaneous a baby does that would be i can not accept in a roommate.98CRY/AT 3 A.M.39MAKE MESS/TOSS FOOD5POO/WET SELF28FART4PUKE/ON ME9PEE IN mine FACE3BURP8NURSE/ON my NIPS2We inquiry 100 single women...Name other you carry to bed after ~ you"ve been dumped.98FOOD/ICE CREAM38BOOK9MY DOG/PET15TISSUES8TEDDY BEAR11VINNY THE VIBRATOR5WINE/BOOZE10FLING/RUGBY TEAM2We request 100 women...Name something you love doing once you"re every alone.98READING27WALKING approximately NUDE6WATCHING TV/MOVIE26EATING4TAKING A BATH18SINGING4SLEEPING10DANCING3Name something you would not it is in surprised to see grandpa and also grandma law if they provided to it is in hippies.97GET HIGH/POT74SING/PLAY BOB DYLAN3DANCE7PEACE SIGN2KISS4PLANT FLOWERS2HUMP/LIKE BUNNIES3BE BAREFOOT2Name a factor a wife deliberately fattens up her husband.97KEEP FLOOZIES AWAY67TO BUTTER the UP3HE"S THIN/COLD/SICK11HE"S SANTA!2MORE come LOVE/CUDDLE6TO KILL/EAT HIM2SHE LOOKS less FAT4SPORT/SUMO WRESTLE2Name something around her stripper daughter that a mother still would certainly brag about.97BIG BUCKS/TIPS38SMART/COLLEGE4HOT BOD/STACKED20HARD WORKER4PRETTY FACE/HAIR19PERSONALITY/NICE2HER MOVES/DANCING8FASHION/PASTIES2What would a married male hate to uncover out his mam did v his lucky pair the underwear?97THREW OUT/TRASH36USED together CLEAN"G RAG9BURNED "EM13BLEACHED "EM8WASHED "EM11RIPPED/CUT "EM UP6SHRANK "EM10GAVE AWAY/SOLD4We asked 100 solitary women...Name something you"d hate to smell once you climb right into a date"s car.97TRASH/OLD FOOD29BOOZE11CIGARETTE/CIGAR19WEED5FRESH FARTS14WOMAN"S PERFUME4HIS BREATH/B.O.11DEAD BODY4We asked 100 men...What do you think is the ideal female fashion tendency of all time?97BIKINI/SWIMSUIT24THONG9SHORT SHORTS23YOGA PANTS6MINISKIRT15SUNDRESS/DRESS5HIGH HEELS12BRA3Name something a male wears to drive women wild that instead drives castle away.96COLOGNE/AFTERSHAVE66HAIR DYE3SPEEDO9HAWAIIAN SHIRT3TOUPEE6JEANS/SKINNY JEANS3LEATHER PANTS4G-STRING2Name someone a cool teenager wouldn"t desire to present up at your party.96THEIR PARENTS58ELMO/CHARACTER5LAME CELEB/SNOOKI11GRANDPARENTS4A NERD/GEEK9A CLOWN2POLICE5PRINCIPAL/TEACHER2If it were approximately men, women"s breasts would certainly be the dimension of what kind of ball?96BASKETBALL42VOLLEYBALL5SOFTBALL/BASEBALL26FOOTBALL4BEACH BALL7SOCCER BALL4BOWLING BALL6MELON BALL2We request 100 married men...Name something around your wife you"d acquire in trouble for telling various other people.96WEIGHT/MEAS"MENTS40HYGEINE HABITS5SHE SNORES18BAD TEMPER4HER AGE14EYE-WATERING FARTS3FREAK/SEX LIFE9FAKE BOOBS3We request 100 women...Name some info you don"t desire to hear however you intend a girlfriend to call you.96MATE CHEATED38"LOOKIN" OLD, GRANNY"3"YOU"RE PORKY"33SOMEONE DIED3FOOD IN my TEETH8SHE BOINKED/MY DAD3OUTFIT"S A "DON"T"5LATEST GOSSIP3Name one occupation in which the sexier girlfriend are, the much more money girlfriend make.96STRIPPER/DANCER38WAITRESS/WAITER5MODEL25BARTENDER3ACTOR/MOVIE STAR11SALESPERSON3HOOKER/GIGOLO9SECRETARY/ASST.2Name other that could happen top top a horse-drawn carriage ride that would destroy the romance.96HORSE DUMPS/WHIZZES37HORSE HURT/DIES4HORSE has THE FARTS25CART BREAKS/FLIPS4RAIN/STORM10BUMPY RIDE3HORSE SPOOKED/RUNS10BIRD drops TURD3We inquiry 100 solitary men...Fill in the blank: I"ll recognize I"ve met my soul mate once I satisfy a girl that likes ________.96SPORTS/THE BROWNS36TO EAT/WINGS10ME/MY HUMOR16VIDEO GAMES7MOVIES/STAR WARS12HOT CHICKS/IN BED2OUTDOOR/FISHING11BOOZE/KEYSTONE LIGHT2Name miscellaneous you have to squeeze really hard before anything comes out.96LEMON/CITRUS25GLUE6KETCHUP/MUSTARD25MY POOPER3TOOTHPASTE19LOTION BOTTLE2ZIT/BLACKHEAD14LIQUID SOAP/SHAMPOO2Name something many wives would perform if lock inherited a most money.95SHOP/NEW HOUSE56PLASTIC SURGERY4DUMP HUBBY14HIRE A MAID3VACAY/TO PARIS7PAY BILLS3INVEST/SAVE5GET/HIRE boy TOY3Name something a outright guy can rub top top his head.95LOTION/SUNSCREEN51HIS HAND5OIL/BABY OIL18PET. JELLY/OINTMENT5WAX/POLISH6SHAMPOO/SOAP3ROGAINE/HAIR MED5CHICK"S BOOBS2We request 100 women...Name something her husband erroneously thinks he"s hiding from you in his dresser drawer.95MONEY/WALLET46CONDOM/PIECE FLEECE3PORN/PLAYBOYS29BANKBOOK2GIFT because that ME6HANDCUFFS2RECEIPTS5SECRET second PHONE2We inquiry 100 husbands...Name miscellaneous of your wife"s you like to wear due to the fact that it"s so soft.95HER ROBE33HER T-SHIRT9HER PAJAMAS16HER COAT5HER SWEATER15HER NIGHTIE3HER SLIPPERS11HER SCARF3We request 100 married women...In one word, describe the underwear your man is wearing ideal now.95BOXERS31TORN5TIGHTY-WHITIES23UGLY5BRIEFS19BORING3NONE6SEXY3Name miscellaneous a squirrel might get in a fight with if the tried to take his nuts.95BIRD/CROW30RACCOON8ANOTHER SQUIRREL23DOG5CHIPMUNK12RABBIT4CAT10HUMAN3Name miscellaneous a groom hopes he doesn"t see as soon as he elevator the bride"s veil come kiss her.95SOMEONE ELSE/MOM28GIANT ZIT8STACHE/FULL BEARD16CROP that WARTS7COLD SORE15A FROWN6BOOGER9SNAGGLETEETH6Name something that"s harder for a guy to carry out if he has actually a large beer gut.94BEND OVER/TIE SHOES51FIT into CLOTHES4EXERCISE/RUN15SIT/SQUAT3POKE-N-RIDE10ATTRACT HOTTIES2SEE HIS FEET/CHODE7SLEEP/ON STOMACH2Name someone you kiss politely but never passionately.94MA/PA45SIBLING6FRIEND15CHILD3GRANDPARENT14MOTHER-IN-LAW3AUNT/CREEPY UNCLE6CLERGY2Name a small place where a big couple might have trouble make love.94CAR/VW BUG42COUCH/LOVE SEAT3BATHROOM/ON PLANE30ELEVATOR2IN A CLOSET8HAMMOCK2TWIN/SMALL BED5TENT2If grown men trick-or-treated top top Halloween, surname a treat they"d expect you"d placed in your bag.94A BREWSKI/BOOZE38PHONE NUMBER8FOOD/CANDY19COOCH PICS/PORN4ULTRA slim RUBBERS9SPORTS TICKETS4CASH/GIFT CARD9SMOKES/TOBACCO3Fill in the blank: A woman could buy a vast bra so she deserve to go to the market and shoplift ________.94FRUIT/MELONS36CANDY3MEAT/HAM24CELL PHONES2JEWELRY13TISSUE/T.P.2CLOTHES/SOCKS12MAKEUP2We request 100 married men...Name a ar your wife states she"s walk that renders you nervous.94MALL/STORE33HAIR SALON/BAD CUT7DOCTOR19SPA/HOT MASSAGE5SINGLES BAR/CLUB15OFFICE/WORK5HER MOTHER"S8TRIP/TIJUANA2We request 100 married men...You"re leaving the office and also you remember it"s your wife"s birthday. Surname something from the office you"d wrap up together a gift.94PLANT/ASST."S ROSES27PEN/PENCIL SET9COMPUTER23FAX MACHINE5COFFEEMAKER12VASE5DESK LAMP11STAPLER2Once the youngsters move away, surname something your parents can do in the residence naked.94STRUT AROUND19COOK10"SPLIT THE UPRIGHTS"17DANCE/LIKE MILEY9CLEAN16EAT6WATCH TV13SLEEP4Name miscellaneous a naughty son does come Santa.93PULLS HIS BEARD40BAD/POISON MILK5HITS/KICKS/BITES21CUSSES OUT/YELLS4WHIZ/DUMP IN LAP10FARTS ~ above HIM2NO COOKIES/EATS THEM9STAYS UP/SPIES2Name miscellaneous that might be complete of holes.93SWISS CHEESE40COLANDER/STRAINER8CLOTHES/SOCKS16GOLF COURSE2ALIBI/STORY14SCREEN2NET/FISHING NET9ROAD/STREET2We inquiry 100 single men...Name something of hair your girlfriend refuses come let friend use.93HER TOOTHBRUSH24HER EYEGLASSES8HER SOAP/FACE WASH19HER DEODORANT7HER RAZOR14HER PERFUME5HER BRUSH11HER VIBRATOR5We inquiry 100 women...Name something a man does top top a date that turns a match made in heaven right into "no means in hell."93FLIRTS/OGLES CHICKS24PICKS/EATS BOOGERS12WON"T PAY/MAKES ME15INSULTING REMARKS10BLOWS FARTNADOS14BLABS about SELF4IGNORES ME/ON CELL12GETS right into A FIGHT2We request 100 married women...Admit it: surname something her husband has actually that you"ve made fun of.93GUT/LOVE HANDLES23HAMSTER WANG8BALD SPOT19"70S MUSTACHE5LOUD SNORE16HAIRY FEET3CLOTHES/OVERALLS16BUSHY nose HAIR3Name other a woman with a like on Santa can leave the end for him rather of cookies.93CANDY/BETTER FOOD23SEXY PICS/NUDES12LINGERIE/EDIBLE14BOOZE/WHISKEY9HER call NUMBER13MISTLETOE6HER hot LI"L SELF!12LOVE LETTER4Name other a guy could ask his girlfriend to lug him in prison.93MONEY16FOOD/CAKE13SMOKES15BOOK/MAG/HUSTLER9PIC/OF her HOO-HOO15FILE/LOCK PICK5DRUGS/CRACK15UNDIES/HER PANTIES5Name a location where if she husband took she there for her anniversary, a wife would be mad.92TACKY RESTAURANT43BOWLING ALLEY4STRIP JOINT19HIS PARENTS" HOUSE4SPORTING EVENT12THE MOVIES2BAR/CLUB6CAR SHOW2In bespeak to conserve time, surname something you might do while you"re ~ above the john.92READ BOOK/MAG43COMB HAIR3CHECK E-MAIL19SING/PLAY MUSIC3PHONE CALL/TO LOVER12PAY BILLS/TAXES3BRUSH TEETH6TEXT3If a baby can talk, he could say, "Hey, you"re doing" what "all wrong"?92MY DIAPER, DUDE42DELIVERING ME/WAAH!4FEEDING ME17DANG shining LIGHTS3BURPING ME11STUPID infant TALK3PICKING UP/HOLDING9DRESS"G/ONESIES SUCK3We request 100 women...Name other you"d see on a man"s challenge that would certainly make girlfriend not desire to kiss him.92FOOD/TARTAR SAUCE17EXPLODING ZITS11COLD SORE/BLISTER17CAULIFLOWER WARTS8BEARD/MUSTACHE15DIRT5BOOGER/SNOT TRAIL14BOILS5Name miscellaneous snowmen might have nightmares about.91SUN/BEACH WEATHER62SNOWPLOW/SHOVEL3FIRE/FLAMETHROWERS14DROUGHT2BLOW DRYERS3SNOWBALLS2RAIN3PEEING DOGS/PEE2Name other in your house you"d hate to discover your pet line swallow.91ANOTHER PET41MY PHONE8RING/JEWELRY12MY KID6THE REMOTE9MONEY4KEYS9FAVORITE VIBRATOR2Name miscellaneous a man conveniently learns no to argue around with his brand-new wife.91MONEY/BILLS37DECOR/FURNITURE7FAMILY/THEIR MOMS15HOW long SHE PRIMPS6CHORES/CLEANING12FASHION/CLOTHES3MEALS/COOKING8THE EX3Fill in the blank: There"s nothing far better than a bag the ________.91CHIPS/CHEETOS35COOKIES4MONEY21POPCORN4CANDY/CHOCOLATE14WEED3NUTS8GOLD2Name something a brand-new doctor can practice his circumcising method on.91BANANA32CARROT7HOT DOG/SAUSAGE22CORPSE/CADAVER4DOLL10HIMSELF3CUCUMBER/PICKLE10PERSON/HIS BUDS3Name other of the bride"s the groom might wear top top a wild wedding night.91GARTER31RING/JEWELRY3PANTIES/THONG27DRESS3VEIL/HEADDRESS17BRA2NOTHING6HAT2Name other a cranky old guy at a nursing home can throw in ~ a nurse.91BEDPAN/GIANT TURD19HIS TEETH11DRINK/CUP16PILLOW7FOOD/TRAY15CANE6SHOE/SLIPPERS12MEDS/PILL BOTTLE5When you obtain up and look in the mirror, surname something you don"t desire to see on her face.90ZIT/NORTH STAR55DRIED DROOL4WRINKLES14BOOGER3BLOOD/OF my VICTIM4BEARD/WHISKERS3FOOD/MUSTARD4BAGGY/RED EYES3In fear movies, surname a place adolescents go whereby there"s always a killer on the loose.90CABIN/CAMP/WOODS49THE CLOSET5GRAVEYARD12BATHROOM/SHOWER4MOVIE/DRIVE-IN6BEDROOM/BED4BASEMENT/CELLAR6A PARTY4Name a factor a mrs barely eats as soon as she"s top top a very first dinner date.90TO no LOOK PIGGISH41AVOID FOOD IN TEETH6TOO NERVOUS16TOO liven YAPPING4ON A DIET9KEEP price DOWN4CLOTHES as well TIGHT7SO WON"T FART/POO3Name something you"d execute if the human being you"re sitting alongside you on an plane had B.O.90CHANGE SEATS39SPRAY PERFUME6COVER NOSE/MASK24"YOU REEK, YO"3TURN HEAD6SLEEP3ENDURE/ENJOY IT6HANG IN BATHROOM3We inquiry 100 women...Your man could ask you to dress as a sexy maid in the bedroom. What could you asking him come wear?90BIRTHDAY SUIT33BOXERS/SILK6COWBOY DUDS/CHAPS22G-STRING/THONG4SUIT & TIE/BUTLER13APRON3FIREMAN OUTFIT6TARZAN LOINCLOTH3We inquiry 100 men...Fill in the blank: ns wouldn"t want to date a woman who had more ________ than me.90HAIR/WHISKERS33COJONES/GUTS8FAT/BELLY10LOVERS7MUSCLES10BRAINS7MONEY9KIDS6Fill in the blank: ns told mine family, "Don"t traction the plug ~ above me as lengthy as I deserve to still ________."90COMMUNICATE/BLINK25THINK7BREATHE/ON OWN23TAKE A WHIZ3WALK/GET AROUND14MAKE my WORM SQUIRM3EAT/FEED SELF12RECOVER3Name something specific men buy hope they"ll look at sexy in it.90HOT UNDIES/THONG23SHORTS/DAISY DUKES9SUIT/TIE15DRESS PANTS/SHIRT9BUTT HUGGIN" JEANS10MUSCLE/T-SHIRT9SPEEDO/TRUNKS9CAR6Name other a father could keep in his baby"s diaper bag that he shouldn"t.89PINT that JACK/BEER34FOOD/SODA6SMOKES16DRUGS/POT5GUN10CONDOMS4CELL PHONE10DIRTY CLOTHES/SHOES4If there was a save that offered husbands, most civilization would try to buy one that came through a good what?89JOB24BANK ACCOUNT10PERSONALITY/HUMOR15BOD/BUTT9WARRANTY/GUARANTEE14HEAD the HAIR3HEART/CHARACTER12BRAIN2Name other a mrs might think about trading she husband because that if that was offered to her.88MONEY/50 BUCKS38DOG/PET4BETTER MAN/2 the "EM20DIAMOND/JEWELRY2HOUSE/MANSION10A ROBOT2CAR/CUTE VOLVO10COOK/MAID2Name something parents would certainly hate to watch their daughter"s date wearing.88PIERCING/NOSE RING33WILD HAIR/MOHAWK8TATTOO11DRESS/MINISKIRT7THONG/BUTT FLOSS9LEATHER6BAGGY/SAGGY PANTS9GUN5Name other a stripper could do if a man only tipped she a quarter.88SLAP/KICK HIM29IGNORE/SEE following GUY7THROW it BACK19FART IN HIS FACE6LEAVE/WALK OFF11SPIT LOOGIE top top HIM4PUT on CLOTHES8CUSS OUT/FLIP OFF4Name miscellaneous of yours the you like even though it"s type of ugly.88MY CLOTHES/SHOES24MY CAR/MOM VAN8MY BOD/HAMMERTOE22FUNKY FURNITURE5MANGY MUTT/PET16MY HOUSE2MY FACE/BEAK9MY HAIR/BUTT HAIR2Name something a wife could have to pressure her husband come wear.87TIE/TUX/SUIT56WEENIE BEANIE4HER PANTIES/BRA6WEDDING RING4A SWEATER5A SHIRT4HIS UNDIES/THONG5HER DRESS3Name something done to you together a baby the you"d dislike to have actually done come you now.87DIAPERED/WIPED42SPANKED6FED/FROM MOM"S NIP11CIRCUMCISED4TICKLED/RASPBERRY9BATHED4CHEEKS SQUEEZED8TAKE TEMP increase BUTT3We inquiry 100 women...Finding out your man is cheating is bad. Finding the end that he met her wherein is also worse?87STRIP JOINT36WORK5BAR/CLUB19HO HOUSE4CHURCH11ONLINE3MY/OUR PLACE6HOTEL/MOTEL3Fill in the blank: I"d need to be yes, really thirsty come drink milk indigenous a ________.87COW"S UDDER29BABY"S BOTTLE6CARTON/JUG21CHICK"S NIPPLE4GOAT"S TEAT12TOILET3SHOE9DIRTY GLASS3We asked 100 women...What space you tempted to do once a building and construction worker whistles at you?87SMILE/LAUGH29FLASH/MOON HIM6WHISTLE BACK14WAVE4FLIP THE BIRD14IGNORE/KEEP GOING4WINK13CHECK the OUT3What walk a woman carry out for her children that she won"t execute for she husband?87COOK/PACK LUNCH24CLEAN UP/LAUNDRY9FEED/BREASTFEED14HELP DRESS8WIPE/DIAPER11DRIVE/TAKE PLACES7GIVE BATH9PICK/WIPE NOSE5Name miscellaneous Eve can do come Adam"s fig sheet that would make the angry.87PULL IT/OFF21BURN/SMOKE IT6RIP/CUT IT19COOK/EAT IT5STEAL/HIDE/LOSE19STARCH IT4WASH/SHRINK IT10DECORATE/ADD LACE3Name an chance for i beg your pardon you might wear your lucky underwear.86HOT DATE30WEDDING/NIGHT7JOB INTERVIEW16ANNIVERSARY5CASINO/GAMBLING11VALENTINE"S DAY4SPORTING EVENT9EXAM/FINALS4When you"re young, friend shake her booty. When you"re old, you shake her what?86HEAD27FINGER8PUDGY PAUNCH12SAGGY MELONS8FAT, FURRY FANNY11METAMUCIL/MEDS6CANE9HAND/FIST5Name something you wouldn"t want to sit on in ~ a naked beach.86A CRAB23A JELLYFISH8THE SAND21PUBLIC CHAIR/BENCH5CACTUS/THORN11AN ANT HILL5ROCK/STONES8TURNED-ON NUDIST5If they do a movie dubbed "Bad Grandma," what might you view grandma do?86DRINK/BODY SHOTS15DRUGS/POT COOKIES10STRIP/VACUUM NUDE14STEAL/ROB BANK10CURSE/YELL14KISS/SLUT it UP7SPANK/CANE PEOPLE11FART/ON GRANDKID5Name miscellaneous the ladies could do if a masculine stripper performs at the nursing home.85LAUGH/CHEER36DANCE6$$$/MAKE the RAIN14DIE6HANDLE GOODS/SPANK8FAINT4HAVE love ATTACK7BLUSH4Name something a lonely male in Alaska could cuddle increase to.85BEAR/POLAR BEAR34PILLOW5DOG/A warm HUSKY23BLANKET4A quite FIRE7A WET, heat SEAL3FUR/ANIMAL SKIN RUG6SEXY ESKIMO/BABE3If your dog ran away, surname something you"d be surprised that took v him.85THE CAT23CLOTHES/SHOE6LEASH/COLLAR17BED/PILLOW6FOOD/BOWL16FAVORITE TOY4HIS BONE9WALLET/MONEY4Tell me a word the rhymes with "election."84SELECTION32PROTECTION5ERECTION23REJECTION4PERFECTION6COLLECTION4DETECTION6SECTION4Name something of yours girlfriend hope her friends aren"t making funny of behind her back.84BODY/5-FOOT FANNY26MY STUPID/UGLY MATE4HAIR/RAT-LIKE FACE25MY low IQ4CLOTHES/SHOES11CRAPPY/DIRTY HOUSE3CLUNKER/"73 NOVA8MY weird VOICE3We inquiry 100 women...Some guys have actually buns that steel. It is in honest: What do your man"s buns feeling like?84JELL-O25ROCKS7DOUGH/BREAD15PLAY-DOH5MARSHMALLOWS14RUBBER5STEEL/IRON9MASHED POTATOES4If you constructed a snowwoman, surname something you"d put on it to make her look at sexy.83SNOW BOOBS32DRESS/SKIRT5LINGERIE/THONG22LONG LASHES3BIKINI9HAT/NURSE"S CAP3LIPSTICK/MAKEUP6HOT HAIRDO3Name something girlfriend do when you desire to placed yourself in a romantic mood.83MUSIC/TITANIC SONG30SHOWER7DRESS UP/SEXY12PORN/DIRTY BOOK6CHUG BOOZE11LIGHT CANDLES5DINNER/CHOCOLATE8THINK about MATE4Name an task during i beg your pardon a wife could tell her husband to move to the left.83SUGARING THE COOKIE27HANGING PICTURE7DANCING/ELEC.

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SLIDE18TWISTER/GAME7DRIVING8TAKING PHOTO5SPORT/BOWLING7MOPPING/CLEANING4Name miscellaneous a hospital nurse might threaten to perform to a misbehaving male patient.83SEDATE/GIVE SHOT23CATHETER/YANK IT8STRAP the DOWN12GIVE the ENEMA7SLAP/SPANK/PINCH11NO FOOD because that YOU!6CALL BACKUP/HIS MOM11CUT turn off HIS NUGGETS5If you could go to the soil of Oz, name something you"d questioning the magician for.82$$$/MAD CHEDDAR37PEACE/ON EARTH4HEALTH/NEW HEART17LOVE/NUDE DOROTHY4A BRAIN7HAPPINESS4HOT BOD/BIG BANANA5MAGIC POWER/TO FLY4We asked 100 married women...Name something friend shouldn"t enable in your bedroom or you have the right to kiss romance good-bye.82TV/FOOTBALL18PET/DOG10FOOD/FUNYUNS13CONDOM/HOG HELMET8SEPARATE BEDS11FLANNEL NIGHTGOWN7COMPUTER10CURLERS5Name something a mind surgeon would hate to have happen in the middle of one operation.81SNEEZE/COUGH34HEART ATTACK/STROKE6HAND/ARM PROBLEM11DROP/LOSE SCALPEL5PATIENT CROAKS8EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA5POWER OUTAGE8PATIENT WAKES/MOVES4Name a fruit that"s the dimension of a hemorrhoid.80GRAPE42BLUEBERRY5CHERRY8RASPBERRY4PLUM7KIWI4RAISIN6STRAWBERRY4We asked 100 women...Fill in the blank: Is that a ________ in her pocket, or are you just happy to see me?80BANANA28ROLL the QUARTERS6GUN/PISTOL14SOCK6PICKLE/CUCUMBER9WALLET5SAUSAGE/SALAMI7ZUCCHINI5On a wedding cake, a bride and also groom organize hands. What might they it is in holding ~ above a divorce cake?80DIVORCE PAPERS24LAWYER/BILL4KNIVES18MONEY/BANKBOOK4GUNS16THE KIDS4AXES6THROATS/NECKS4Name miscellaneous a tiny dog can have that"s very big.80TAIL18"TUDE/PERSONALITY6EARS18MOUTH/TONGUE/BITE6BARK15DONG/PUPPYMAKER5BONE8HEAD4Name other in a bakery a baker might call his wife.79HONEY/BUNS32MUFFIN7HIS OVEN9SUGAR5SWEET/SWEETIE9DONUT5CUPCAKE8DOUGHY4Name something a wife can wait to do until after she husband falls asleep.79READ17PIG OUT9TWIDDLE her TWANGER14CALL FRIEND/LOVER8FART/MAJOR DUMP9ONLINE SHOP/SURF8TV/CHICK FLICK9TAKE BATH/SHOWER5Name a details word to define a baker"s buns the might likewise describe the baker"s buns.78SOFT23TASTY5HOT22FATTY3ROUND10FIRM3BIG9SWEET3Name a kind of home you"d never ever want to be in.76HAUNTED HOUSE27SMALL HOUSE/HUT7JAIL/BIG HOUSE11GLASS HOUSE6DOGHOUSE8CAT/HO HOUSE5CRACK HOUSE7OUTHOUSE5Tell me a candy bar a stripper might use as a phase name.75MILKY WAY19BUTTERFINGER8SNICKERS11KIT KAT6BABY RUTH10TWIX6MOUNDS10PAYDAY5Name other that have the right to make a kiss one that you"ll never forget.74TONGUE ACTION23PLACE/IN A CASTLE5PASSION/LOVE15LONG/LINGERING5IT"S her FIRST11PETTING/FONDLING3THE PERSON9LEADS TO hot SEX3Name something a guy doesn"t care that a woman has as long as she"s hot.71A BRAIN27PETS/100 CATS6A KID/14 that THEM8TEMPER/"TUDE5MONEY/JOB8TATTOOS/ON FACE5BAD HAIR7GIANT MOLES5Name a means your spouse is choose your feet.68STINKY20SUPPORT/STABILITY6ROUGH/CALLOUS13A PAIN5SOFT/SMOOTH8UGLY4SWEATY/STICKY8ALWAYS TIRED4Back come index