L>"Family Feud" surveys | Season 16 | 4-answer surveysName an activity that"s easier to do when it"s windy.100FLY A KITE89SAIL7SURF2AIR-DRY CLOTHES2Name miscellaneous an athlete could break.100BONE/BODY PART80A RECORD16BAT/EQUIPMENT2RULES/THE LAW2We request 100 married women...Name other you might ask her spouse to carry out to your back.100RUB/SCRATCH IT73WASH IT18KISS IT5LOOK FOR/POP ZITS4Name something your dog can do the very same time of day as you do.100SLEEP/WAKE UP50EAT30PEE/LAY CABLE17WALK/GO OUT3Name miscellaneous that might get rained out.99SPORTING EVENT84PICNIC/BBQ8PARADE5OUTDOOR CONCERT2Name something kids line up for at school.99LUNCH/SNACK78RECESS12FIRE DRILL5SCHOOL BUS4Name the most advantageous body part that begins with the letter "L."99LEGS77LIPS12LUNGS6LIVER4Name something dirty that ends up under a teenager"s bed.99CLOTHES/SHOES76DISHES/PLATES10PORN/MAGAZINES10KLEENEX/TISSUES3We inquiry 100 married men...Name a place you"d dislike to find an additional man"s underwear.99OUR HOUSE75WIFE"S CAR14WIFE"S PURSE8ON my WIFE2If Santa applied for a summer task as an exotic dancer, surname a factor he wouldn"t obtain in.99TOO FAT/BELLY74TOO HAIRY/BEARD20TOO OLD3TOO JOLLY2Name other people shot to death by using poison.99RATS/MICE68BUGS/ANTS13WEEDS11PEOPLE/CHEAT"G MATE7Name a term supplied in a game of bowling.99STRIKE67SPARE27PIN3TURKEY2We asked 100 married men...Tell united state in a whisper, "My wife"s bottom each other a bag of" what?99POTATOES65BALLS12PEACHES12ROCKS10Name something friend did every work in kindergarten the you great you can do every job now.99NAP64PLAY/TOYS/RECESS19COLOR/PAINT12GET cost-free SNACKS4Name miscellaneous a hardcore football pan wears to the stadion on game day.99JERSEY/TEAM COLOR63FACE/BODY PAINT24HAT/CHEESEHEAD10FOAM HAND/FINGER2Name something that human being complain is clingy.99PEOPLE/KID/MATE62DUDS/NYLON PANTIES28DOG/CAT5PLASTIC WRAP4Name a word that rhymes with "honey."99MONEY62BUNNY24FUNNY7SUNNY6Name miscellaneous a male might bring on a date to save money.99COUPON61FOOD/DINNER23WINE/BOOZE12GIFT/REWARD CARD3Tell me a form of hoop.99HULA-HOOP60BASKETBALL HOOP29HOOP EARRINGS5HOOPSKIRT5Name a way you have the right to revive who who just passed out.99CPR/MOUTH-TO-MOUTH60COLD WATER20SMELLING SALTS13SMACK THEM6Name a drink that"s offered both hot and cold.99TEA59COFFEE34MILK3CIDER3We asked 100 solitary women...I deserve to tell my day is cheap just by looking in ~ his what?99CLOTHES/SHOES55CAR25RESTAURANT CHOICE12HAIRCUT7Name miscellaneous you hang up.99THE PHONE54CLOTHES/COAT/HAT38A TOWEL4A PICTURE/FRAME3Name other you dislike to view on the bottom of your shoe.99GUM49POOP/DOG DOO43MUD/DIRT4TP/TISSUE3We asked 100 men...Name something you perform with your meat prior to you put it ~ above the grill.99SEASON IT48MARINATE IT33CUT/TRIM IT11DEFROST IT7Name something civilization decorate.99CHRISTMAS TREE46HOUSE/ROOMS27A CAKE19EASTER EGGS7We asked 100 single women...Why execute you think the guy you"re dating never ever takes you come his place?99OTHER WOMAN/WIFE41DIRTY/MESSY41LIVES W/ PARENTS14HAS ROOMMATES3Name miscellaneous a baby might do once you kiss that tummy.98LAUGH/SMILE91SQUEAL/SHRIEK3LET ONE RIP2KICK2Fill in the blank: If you"re too picky, you"ll never find the right ________.98PERSON/MATE90FOOD/RESTAURANT4HOUSE2JOB2When you to be a kid, surname someone who can see ideal through your lies.98MOM/DAD85GRANNY/GRAMPS9TEACHER2FRIEND2Whether she demands it or not, what will a mrs buy just since it"s half off?98SHOES/CLOTHES83PURSE11FOOD2MAKEUP2We request 100 women...Fill in the blank: It"s no okay because that my husband come kiss women on the ________.98LIPS/MOUTH79CHEEK14BOOBS3BUTT/CRACK2Name a sort of chip.98POTATO/CORN74CHOCOLATE14POKER7MICRO/COMPUTER3Name miscellaneous an orchestra conductor requirements to do his job.98BATON72SHEET MUSIC13AN ORCHESTRA11TUXEDO2Name something a farmer"s wife might accuse him of caring more about than her.98ANIMALS/PRIZE PIG67CROPS20TRACTOR/TRUCK9MONEY2Name the most well-known ride in ~ a carnival.98FERRIS WHEEL66CAROUSEL18ROLLER COASTER12TILT-A-WHIRL2We asked 100 men...Past or present, name a very first lady you"d favor to check out in a shower suit.98JACKIE KENNEDY63MICHELLE OBAMA24LAURA BUSH6BARBARA BUSH5Name a factor a woman could pucker her lips.98KISS/BLOW KISS62APPLY LIPSTICK25ATE LEMON/SOUR6PIC/DUCKFACE SELFIE5Name something that"s difficult to hide native a dog.98FOOD/TREATS62A BONE24TOYS10A CAT2Name something that world take out.98FOOD/CHINESE61THE TRASH31MONEY/LOAN4THE DOG/PET2Name a sport where the players have the best waistlines.98WRESTLING/SUMO58FOOTBALL35BASEBALL3BOWLING2We inquiry 100 single women...Name something that"s easier to record than catching a man.98COLD/FLU58FISH26BUS11FRISBEE3Besides a gun, name something a policeman could have because that protection.98NIGHTSTICK58MACE/PEPPER SPRAY22BULLETPROOF VEST14POLICE DOG4Besides a person, surname something civilization hug.98PETS53PILLOW25TEDDY BEAR13TREES7Name something starting with the letter "B" a man could teach his dog to fetch.98BALL52BONE39BEER5BATHROBE2Name a word that rhymes through "shower."98POWER52FLOWER/FLOUR26TOWER13HOUR/OUR7Name an excuse a friend gives for not helping friend move.98WORK/TOO BUSY51BAD BACK30SICK/TIRED10GOING the end OF TOWN7Name a holiday that might be the busiest night the the year because that sex in America.98VALENTINE"S DAY49NEW YEAR"S/EVE43CHRISTMAS/EVE4HALLOWEEN2Give me a word the rhymes through "buckle."98KNUCKLE43SUCKLE28CHUCKLE22HUCKLE5When girlfriend hear a noise coming from your basement, what perform you pray that it isn"t?98PERSON/MY EX-WIFE42GHOST/MONSTER25ANIMAL/RAT FEST21FLOOD/WATER HEATER10Tell me a person"s first name that rhymes v "Fannie."98DANNY40MANNY38ANNIE17FRANNIE3Name something the starts v "octo."98OCTOMOM39OCTOPUS30OCTOBER27OCTOPUSSY2Name something that some civilization get payment to perform that mothers perform every day because that nothing.98COOK33BABYSIT32CLEAN/LAUNDRY31TEACH KIDS2Name other a magician might tap v his magic wand.97HIS HAT87MAGIC BOX6PERSON/GIRL"S BUTT2HIS BUNNY2Name something originally belonging to she grandma that a woman might wear.97JEWELRY83WEDDING DRESS9SCARF/SHAWL3UNDIES/GIRDLE2Name a place where you"re supposed to be really quiet.97LIBRARY82CHURCH10THEATER/MOVIES3BEDROOM2We request 100 married men...What attracted you come your mam in the very first place?97HER SMILE/FACE76HER SMOKIN" BOD16HER PERSONALITY3HER HAIR2If men had actually a tail like dogs do, what could they check out that would reason it to start wagging?97BABES76FOOD15BEER4SPORTS/ESPN2Name miscellaneous a vampire might ask a dentist to perform to his fangs.97SHARPEN/FILE76CLEAN/POLISH12BLEACH/WHITEN6CHROME/GOLD GRILL3Name something that requires an excellent rhythm come do.97DANCING76PLAYING INSTRUMENT12EXERCISE/JUMP ROPE5MAKING SWEET LOVE4We request 100 women...Name miscellaneous a skinny mrs complains about that"s really obnoxious.97FAT/PUT ~ above 1 LB.76THIN/CAN"T gain WT.10FAT PEOPLE7CLOTHES/DON"T FIT4Name other that"s hard to execute with her eyes open.97SLEEP/DREAM75SNEEZE16KISS3SWIM/DIVE3Name something you"d hate to check out an "out that order" authorize on.97BATHROOM/TOILET74ATM13ELEVATOR5VENDING MACHINE5We request 100 women...Fill in the blank: ns did whatever for mine guy and I never obtained a ________.97THANK YOU74NICKEL/DIME10RING/DIAMOND9KISS4Name who you"d hide your hickey from.97MY PARENTS70MY SPOUSE/MATE17MY BOSS/COWORKER18MY CHILDREN2Name something girlfriend wouldn"t desire to see your nurse picking at.97HER NOSE67A SCAB/SORES22HER BUTT/UNDIES5HER ZITS3Name something you"d discover on optimal of a poker table.97POKER CHIPS62CARDS22MONEY7GREEN FELT6Name something you hope never crashes right into your home.97PLANE/CHOPPER61CAR/TRUCK26TREE5METEOR/ASTEROID5Name miscellaneous a stupid criminal would post a take self of himself holding.97STOLEN GOODS/CASH57GUN/WEAPON30DRUGS6HIS I.D./ADDRESS4Name something the gets shredded.97DOCUMENTS/PAPER57CHEESE19LETTUCE18WHEAT3Name other you"d placed in your backyard if you want it come look choose a desert.97SAND50CACTUS39CAMEL4PALM TREE4Name other you can be glad just comes when a year.97CHRISTMAS47BIRTHDAYS37TAX SEASON9ANNIVERSARY4Name an eastern country that"s known for that cuisine.97CHINA43JAPAN24THAILAND23INDIA7Name an animal some civilization sound like if castle snort when they"re laughing.96PIG/HOG85DONKEY/MULE6HORSE3SEAL2Name miscellaneous you have to buy practically once a week.96MILK/FOOD79GAS13LOTTERY TICKET2BOTTLED WATER2Name something that could be spoiled.96MILK/FOOD78CHILD/PERSON14PET2PARTY/SURPRISE2Name miscellaneous a wife does that has her husband worrying, "Oh no -- i married my mother."96NAGS/YELLS74CLEANS/NEAT FREAK12COOKS/HEALTHY6DRESSES HIM4Name miscellaneous you"d require if you want to dress up like Dorothy indigenous "The magician of Oz."96RUBY SLIPPERS72DRESS13PIGTAILS/BRAIDS8PICNIC BASKET3Name something kids lie to their babysitters about.96BEDTIME/STAYING UP69EATING/CANDY23BRUSHING TEETH2SCHOOL WORK2Name miscellaneous a man could have at his "I just got divorced" party.96CHICKS/STRIPPERS67BOOZE24A CAKE3THREESOME2Name something duck do.96QUACK65SWIM/PADDLE20WADDLE7FLY4Besides chicken, name a bird human being eat.96TURKEY64DUCK13PHEASANT12QUAIL7Name something human being often success on game shows.96MONEY61A new CAR24TRIPS/VACATIONS9REFRIGERATORS2Name miscellaneous that makes a person"s nose run.96COLD/FLU61SPICY FOOD14ALLERGIES13COLD WEATHER8Which sin carry out you think civilization confess most frequently in confession?96SEX/LUST/CHEATED53LIED34CUSSED/LORD"S NAME5STOLE4We asked 100 men...Name something that makes a woman hot.96PRETTY FACE/LIPS45BOD/"HER BUNS, SON"40BEING ROMANTIC9THE TEMPERATURE2Name an pet whose legs room featured top top a restaurant menu.96FROG43CHICKEN35CRAB14LAMB4Name miscellaneous that"s described as "well-built."96CAR/TRUCK42PERSON/MUSCLES32HOUSE/BUILDING19TRACTOR/MOWER3Name other a guy might have in his wallet that he wouldn"t want his mam to find.96HUSSY"S phone #38NOBSTOPPER28MONEY/CREDIT CARD21PIC of GIRL/EX9Name something Mrs. Claus could leave the phibìc Pole to obtain away from.96SNOW/THE COLD33SANTA31ANNOYING ELVES29REINDEER3Name something the some civilization buy and also some world make at home.95FOOD/MEALS84CLOTHES6BEER/MOONSHINE3HOT, SWEATY LOVE2Name a reason someone"s face might revolve red.95EMBARRASSED75ANGRY12SUNBURNED6BUG BITE/STING2Name other a retired stripper can say she misses most about her job.95MONEY/TIPS73POLE/DANCING10MEN/ATTENTION9HER warm BODY3Tell me a type of ball that"s smaller sized than a baseball.95GOLF BALL70PING-PONG BALL16TENNIS BALL17GUMBALL2Name one thing civilization do to imitate a dog.95BARK67PANT/TONGUE OUT14DOWN ON every FOURS11HANDS UP/BEG3We request 100 married men...Name something of her wife"s that might fit you that you wouldn"t be captured dead wearing.95BRA/PANTIES64DRESS14HAT12NIGHTIE/PAJAMAS5We inquiry 100 women...Name the instrument you think renders a male look sexiest when he"s play it.95GUITAR60SAXOPHONE18DRUMS14PIANO3Name a reason a human might adjust their name.95GOT MARRIED60THEIR NAME"S LAME16WITNESS PROTECTION13GOT DIVORCED6Name an activity where a person might come up for air.95SWIMMING59SCUBA/SNORKELING28KISSING/BOINKING6BOBBING because that APPLES2Name something a mrs does v the picture of the ex that dumped her.95TEARS/SHREDS IT43BURNS IT33THROWS DARTS in ~ IT15THROWS that AWAY4Name something resting Beauty could do while she"s sleeping that"s not so beautiful.95SAW LOGS41HAVE speak BOOTY40DROOL11HAVE NIGHTMARES3Name miscellaneous grandma and grandpa could break if they do passionate love.94HIP/BONES77THE BED9CUP/GLASS4DENTURES/TEETH4Name something everyone knows about dragons.94THEY breath FIRE76FLY/HAVE WINGS8THEY DON"T EXIST5THEY"RE BIG/TALL5Name something girlfriend love to smell in the morning.94COFFEE/BREAKFAST75FRESH AIR/DEW11FLOWERS4MY BOO"S COLOGNE4Name other a man might ask his mommy to carry out for him prefer she provided to do.94COOK/CUT CRUSTS72HIS LAUNDRY18GIVE him MONEY2RUB HIS BACK2Name a creature human being are petrified of that starts with an "S."94SNAKE72SPIDER12SHARK7SCORPION3Name a certain place whereby you"d check out bunk beds.94KID"S BEDROOM70SUMMER CAMP11MILITARY BARRACKS7FURNITURE STORE6We asked 100 married men...The perfect mam is one that doesn"t what?94COMPLAIN/NAG/ARGUE68TALK also MUCH12SAY "NO"12CHEAT2Name a vacation that sends out a lot of civilization to shrinks.94CHRISTMAS66VALENTINE"S DAY15THANKSGIVING8NEW YEAR"S/EVE5Other than Santa, call me someone that knows if a kid has actually been cheeky or nice.94PARENTS65GOD/JESUS20EASTER BUNNY5TEACHER4Name miscellaneous a negative guy could throw out the home window during a police vehicle chase.94DRUGS/WEED55GUN/KNIFE33BOMB/GRENADE3BEER/BOTTLE3Name miscellaneous a woman can put in the shredder ~ she gets a divorce.94MARRIAGE LICENSE55PHOTOS31LOVE LETTERS/CARDS6EX"S MAGAZINES2Name something you walk the end of if it"s dirty.94BATHROOM53RESTAURANT36A MOVIE3HOUSE2Name a ar a male spends a lot of time that starts with the letter "B."94BAR51BATHROOM23BED/BEDROOM14BACKYARD6If a cheating husband desires to conserve his marriage, surname a place he"ll go to.94COUNSELOR/THERAPIST50CHURCH36HOME6FLORIST2Name other a boss can tell his assistant come hold.93CALLS/THE PHONE80PAPERS/FILES9A MEETING2COFFEE/THE CREAM2Name a existing that cats lug to your owners.93MOUSE/ANIMAL79TOYS/BALL5HAIRBALL/PUKE5A LICK/LOVIN"4Besides a family member, surname someone you"d ask to borrow money from.93FRIEND67BANKER17BOY/GIRLFRIEND5NEIGHBOR4Name a well known rabbit that might be jealous of the Easter Bunny.93BUGS BUNNY64ROGER RABBIT19PETER/COTTONTAIL7THE TRIX RABBIT3It"s the first day of the new year. Name a reason you"re not acquiring out the bed.93DRUNK/HUNGOVER64HOLIDAY/DAY OFF13UP LATE/SLEEPING IN10TOO COLD/SNOWY6Fill in the blank: Kitty ________.93KITTY CAT62KITTY, KITTY15KITTY LITTER13KITTY HAWK3Name something the dog doesn"t want to see on her bed.93CAT52PEOPLE/MY LOVERS20ANOTHER DOG18ROLLED NEWSPAPER3Tell me something you"d love to be able to hypnotize your youngsters to do.93CLEAN UP/ROOM49LISTEN/BEHAVE27STUDY/GOOD GRADES14GO come BED/SLEEP3Name other that world do in ~ midnight on new Year"s Eve.93KISS/SLIP TONGUE48DRINK/TOAST31YELL/HAPPY new YEAR!11BLOW HORNS3Name other you could find in a swimming pool the morning after a wild party.93CLOTHES/SWIMSUIT40CAN/BOTTLE37CONDOM10PEOPLE6Name something the sticks the claws right into you.92CAT82CRAB/LOBSTER6BEAR2EX-WIFE/PERSON2Name miscellaneous people readjust on a constant basis.92THEIR CLOTHES78TV CHANNEL6MINDS/ATTITUDE5THEIR HAIR3Name a organization that can be really busy on Valentine"s Day.92FLORIST74RESTAURANT/SIZZLER6CANDY SHOP6CARD SHOP6What would you perform if someone insulted you?92WALK AWAY/IGNORE52INSULT BACK/YELL28FIGHT/HIT THEM8FORGIVE/PRAY FOR4Name something a man owns the he doesn"t choose his mam to use.92HIS RAZOR50HIS CAR/TRUCK24HIS TOOLS13HIS UNDERWEAR5Name other Scotch.92TAPE39WHISKEY38KILT11BUTTERSCOTCH4We inquiry 100 men...Name other you"d need to acquire if your new girlfriend want you to satisfy her folks.92NEW CLOTHES/SUIT39A HAIRCUT28GIFT/WINE/FLOWERS19A JOB6Name a public ar where mothers breast-feed babies.92RESTAURANT38MALL/STORE25PARK24AIRPORT5Name a nation a product is make in that would make you to trust it.91USA73GERMANY9SWITZERLAND5JAPAN4Name something world brag about being in mint condition.91CAR/PINTO73BASEBALL CARDS7COMICS/BATMAN NO.

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16COINS5Name something civilization chew that ends with words "ball."91GUMBALL62MEATBALL17POPCORN BALL6SPITBALL6If a juggler shed his balls, name something indigenous his kitchen he can juggle instead.91FRUIT/ORANGES56KNIVES24EGGS6DISHES/GLASSES5Name a word that rhymes with "zoom."91BOOM53ROOM19BROOM16DOOM3Name other that has links.91CHAIN/JEWELRY49WEBSITE/E-MAIL24FENCE/GATE10SAUSAGE8Name a pet you wouldn"t permit sleep on her bed.91DOG45CAT34SNAKE/PYTHON8PIG4Name other that could have a quick fuse.91PERSON/TEMPER44FIRECRACKER27DYNAMITE/BOMB16ANIMAL/MAMA BEAR4Name something girlfriend wouldn"t want to watch if you were scuba diving.90SHARK/EATING ME82CORPSE/SKELETON4STINGRAY2EEL2Name miscellaneous supermodels don"t do as lot as ordinary people.90EAT/COOK76WORK7HOUSEWORK/LAUNDRY5THEIR own MAKEUP2Name other a person could be rojo in.90DOUGH/CASH72"THE HAY"/BED8MUD7A CAR3Name a type of movie that men enjoy watching an ext than women do.90ACTION/WAR69HORROR/SCARY9PORNO8SCI-FI4Name one occupation wherein you"re enabled to be fifty percent naked on the job.90LIFEGUARD64STRIPPER/DANCER17MODEL5CONSTRUCT"N/ROOFER4Name miscellaneous grandpa can lose top top the roller coaster.90TEETH61GLASSES14HIS LUNCH8HAIR/TOUPEE7Name a factor a horse might not want you to ride him.90I"M A FATSO!58HE"S HURT/SORE15HE"S TIRED10WILD/UNTRAINED7We asked 100 married men...Tell me something your wife might do that you"d much better notice.90CHANGE HAIR56NEW OUTFIT/DRESS UP23LOSE WEIGHT8COOK/SPECIAL MEAL3Name a ar you"d dislike to be once you"re offered with a court summons.90WORK51CHURCH24BATHROOM/POOPING11VACAY SPOT/DISNEY4If you heard someone talking about "the boss," who would friend think they were discussing?90BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN43WORK SUPERVISOR32SPOUSE/MATE12TONY DANZA3Name something a female magician could pull a rabbit the end of.90HER HAT/FEDORA43HER PURSE/CLUTCH23HER CLEAVAGE/BRA21HER SHOE3Name other that seems to sleep a lot.90CAT41PERSON/BABY32DOG10BEAR7Name a ar most world dread going.89DENTIST/DOCTOR70FUNERAL/CEMETERY9WORK7CHURCH3Name something that offers a woman support.89HER BRA66HER FRIENDS11HER SPOUSE/BOO8HER HOSE/SOCKS4We inquiry 100 women...Name other you hate to do, yet you carry out it anyway.89CLEAN HOUSE65LAUNDRY/IRON11COOK9SHAVE/WAX4Name something particular a person can have that they won"t tell girlfriend is yes, really fake.89JEWELRY54MASSIVE MOUNDS22HAIR7TEETH6Name miscellaneous of her husband"s a wife might kick when she"s mad at him.89SHINS/BODY52CAR/TRUCK20GOLF CLUBS/BAG9SHOES/BOOTS8Name other a mrs sheds.89HAIR43POUNDS/WEIGHT21CLOTHES/SHOES13DEAD SKIN12Name a three-letter native that"s a child"s favorite thing.88TOY70MOM11DOG4CAR3Name something of which you have actually a right and also a left.88HAND60FOOT15EAR8TURN SIGNAL5Name miscellaneous some people just don"t seem to know how to close.88DOORS/CABINETS48THEIR MOUTHS33TOILET SEAT4PLASTIC CONTAINERS3It"s negative when you watch a rat. It"s worse if the rat is the dimension of a what?88CAT45DOG34HORSE5HOUSE4Name something that too much of have the right to be a negative thing.88ALCOHOL/BEER39FOOD/SWEETS35MONEY8DRUGS/CRACK6Name a little animal that"s together scary to human being as a big shark.88RAT/MOUSE36SPIDER/TARANTULA27SNAKE18SKUNK7Name a musical instrument you require a great set of lips to play.87TRUMPET47FLUTE20SAXOPHONE12TUBA8Name miscellaneous that human being are occasionally said to be under.87THE WEATHER42THE GUN/STRESS19THE INFLUENCE16A SPELL10Name something that starts v "chick."87CHICKEN36CHICK FLICK32CHICK MAGNET13CHICK-FIL-A6Besides shiver hands, surname another means people greet every other.86HUG53KISS14NOD HEAD10WAVE9If you criticize a chef"s cooking, name something he might hit girlfriend with.86POT/PAN46SPATULA17ROLLING PIN14FOOD/FRENCH BREAD9Name a food you leave the skin on as soon as eating it.86APPLE40CHICKEN20POTATO19PEACH7Name something world use come discreetly remove food from their teeth.86TOOTHPICK37FINGERNAIL25TONGUE15NAPKIN9Name something people try to talk their way out of.85TICKET70WORK/AT OFFICE8CHORES/CLEANING4A LIE3Name something world crack open.85NUTS/PEANUTS48ALCOHOL/BEER21EGGS11WINDOWS5Name other of her mate"s the you might sneak a emergence at.85WALLET/BANK ACCT.38BODY/SEXY TOES22E-MAIL/COMPUTER16CELL PHONE9Name something civilization rub for luck.84RABBIT"S FOOT40HEAD/BALD HEAD21COIN/PENNY14BELLY/BUDDHA"S9Name something you"d have to get used come if you to be reincarnated as a cow.84CHEWING CUD/GRASS39UDDER/GET MILKED39LIVING OUTSIDE/FARM3SLEEP stand UP3Name a location that world are awkward to recognize they haven"t been to in a lengthy time.83CHURCH/TEMPLE55DOCTOR/DENTIST18BATHROOM/SHOWER5HOME/PARENTS" HOME5Name a public location where you view husbands and also wives arguing.83MALL/STORE47RESTAURANT24BAR8COURTROOM4Fill in the blank: If a dog can talk, it can say "________ me."83FEED41PET/SCRATCH24WALK15LOVE3Name miscellaneous you can accidentally leave on all night.82LIGHTS/HEADLIGHTS47TV24COMPUTER8SOCKS3Name something that pops up.82TOAST/TOASTER39JACK-IN-THE-BOX25INTERNET ADS/SPAM14TURKEY TIMER4Fill in the blank: ns wouldn"t desire my ceo to say i was ________.72LAZY50LATE9FIRED8INCOMPETENT5Name miscellaneous a handsome guy might have that"s ugly.72FEET30PERSONALITY/"TUDE21CAR14WIFE/MATE7Name a factor a woman might say she isn"t worried the her husband would cheat on her.62IN LOVE/TRUSTS HIM31HE"S DEAD11HE"S UGLY11SHE"S gained MONEY9Back to index